Shared stash contents deleted after new patch

Was unable to join games for forever. Three weeks later, the patch rolls out and my entire shared stash(and basically everything valuable) is gone.

This is on hardcore. Eliminated content of both non ladder hardcore and hardcore ladder

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Same here, on Softcore. Even the gold is gone haha.

Whatever they’re doing in the background means has made it so my characters can’t enter games again. Get failed to join or black screen

Same stuff happened to me: here is what i know (SEND IN A TICKET!!!):

From the forums… Lethal Bug Report

"시체전문가212 posts
Lethal Bug Report (All items in a shared item stash disappear)

Bug Acting Conditions

Put items in a shared item stash as a ladder extension character
Put items in a item stash as a ladder original character
When you check the shared item stash with the ladder extension character, all items evaporate"

Also check Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.5.2 - Release Notes (11/1) - #5 by PezRadar1

My guess is there going to be an “oops lol sorry” apolgy, but since most of everything value was in my shared stash i’m hoping its fixed somehow.

They are ‘looking into it’… Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.5.2 - Release Notes (11/1) - General Discussion - Diablo 2 Resurrected Forums (

Does anyone know if we get our stash back, or is it considered to be an act of the RNG Gods?

I made two tickets a couple of days ago: no responce… Dare not to play, in case they do a roll back…

Me 2 brother. Havent played in hopes that they roll back my stash somehow.

This vicious error has been happening for several days
not a single case
Without explaining how to deal with this error
No confidence in executing this game

agree. Its been a week, and NO acknowledgement that this is still an issue? Are they going to attempt to fix it or not?


I decided to swap over to EU. didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary outside of reroll a spirit sword once before swapping… and now i’m back to blackscreen/cannot join games again. There are clearly other issues relating to the shared stash fiasco that aren’t resolved.

Character’s things disappear. I put things in a chest or inventory, and after re-entering the game with this character, some of the things disappear