Season 3 ladder reset timing update

Pez plz roll back 2.3 FHR

Due to the FHR diminishing effect, caster became invincible and So many Barbs or Asns became garbage. I’m lying on the plains of despair 4 month ago…

Please roll back FHR to version 2.3. Please.


Wasn’t there an update for certain set bonuses?

How did you come to that conclusion?

Thank you Pez, any news about sunder charms going away next patch. They are awfull.


Awesome! Appreciate the info and excited to see what’s in store for the ptr!

Because I don’t want to switch to mule toons all the time because I don’t have enough space to collect materials properly.

Every ARPG has stacking materials these days.


BT has perfectly implemented it in his BTDiablo Mod, he actually has added many QoL changes, proving it is possible to implement.


stackable gems and runes pls next patch thx :wink:


i have 0 hope for the next seaon

already annonce the steamer business privilege too release the rune word :-1: this just show who run the game and have influence on all these change :-1: just incompetence in my book

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Alright, thanks for sharing.

I look forward to your arrival shortly before Season 4 for more of your Debbie Downing of the game and/or Blizzards decisions on handling their own IP.

We’re lucky they remastered the game, let alone continuing to (slowly) make improvements to D2:R. Are they doing a perfect job? Of course not… But it’s better than nothing at all.


Currency tab was suggested and acknowledged way back, hopefully they took it under advisement and have been working on it! Not holding breath though…


this is your opinion and i respect your opinion but i`m not agree , a lot of player dont share that opinion because they dont play this game anymore because all the mess this game have no tcp ip terrible bad change in the core table fhr terrible barbarian ww change also 2 hand weapon dead ect… add false advertising , how he suppose to feel lucky to have a game he dont play :roll_eyes: :-1: a useless remastered because he can not do anything without tci ip , if blizzard screw the game with dev that lack of knowlege , and only follow streamer advice


I think them taking the slow approach on changes is a good thing in the long run. Mistakes are made either way, but when things are rushed, the mistakes are often more drastic.

As far as the TCP/IP functionality, the OG is still there. I’ve heard there is work being done on mods to implement OG D2 along with the D2:R overlay assets (must own both games), so your wish for TCP/IP functionality with D2:R graphics may come true.

stop the excuse i dont buy a game for playing 7 year later , is just incompetence because the lack of knowlege , all excuse i have to wait after buying a producd lol , funny blizzard dont have to wait too cash out our money ,with all respect, you are a low expectations fan boy with 0 standard of gameplay expectations , is got nothing hard to do fixing this 22 old game ,sadly is fail ,and you are happy with this :roll_eyes: i think you fix your bar very low

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Oh really? Well news flash my friend, the game has been out for 23 years…

Stop thinking of D2:R as a “new” game, because it isn’t. It’s the original game with a new coat of paint.

If you are this unsatisfied with the game, maybe it’s time for you to move on.

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what QOL changes are gonna be made? desperately need a currency tap, we are tired of diablo tetris! we kinda wanna play the game instead of muling.

remove teleport or give it a long cooldown, all build goes towards tp, without tp you cannot farm effencienty, or make a new semi cheap tp item, make it even for all.

Give melee alot of love! melee need splash, 25% on 8 yard radius or semilar.

Sunder charms only really benefitted cold sorc, enamy resist needs a rework, it is super unballanced.

i never think and say d2r is a new game , you say this not me , this just show you dont have much to say , i say d2re dev break some core mechanic that work well for 22 year for no reason and also make terrible change , so what i`m saying is very far from your false claim is a new game lol

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As I said, I look forward to your return shortly before season 4 for more of your complaints.

Conversation terminated. Feel free to have the last word.

i hope your Conversation is terminated because earring what you have to say :joy: making false claim :rofl: is not too strong and show you dont have much too say , sure i will give it a try ,at least i give my opinion and feedback on something i try and experienece, idk make sense to me ,maybe not for you , but too be honest i dont have much hope, maybe because i have higher gaming standard of you and i m not satisfied with a little bread

Can you guys fix the bug where peoples items dissapear due to the save file limit size. Any items taking the save file over the 8kb or so limit makes the items poof

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