Season 3 ladder reset timing update

Other things you might have thought to included but are not limited to. A time frame for release? As in time of day? Day of week? Will we get the new runewords we didn’t get with this last ladder? What’s the ladder theme? Why do we keep interchanging the words season and ladder? Could we please pick one (ladder) and stick to it? Will there be balance changes? Will there be new items instead of sunder charms that apply to more than just a cold sorc?

Posted this on Ginger Gaming Mentor on the next hopeful patch that comes along with the ladder reset… As always the community including myself generally wants more of everything. However within reason i agree do something to the melee characters, whether its tweaking the skills, better weapons or even better charms that can drop with higher attack rating. Adding more rune words along with a currency tab would be most welcomed. Adding an element of surprise to terror zones would be welcomed…this could be adding random bosses to increasing the density to adding more of a variety of enemies too from all 5 acts. Work further on the mercs too, also adding merc specific weapons or rune words would be cool. I think those are all within reason as the code already exists in the game in a way they just need add to it. Adding another act or character i think is way out of the question, way too much to do especially with D4 on the horizon.

Yeah totally with you there.

While I’m quite hesitant against changes in general (we have seen what it usually leads to), Terror Zones aren’t a bad idea as an ALTERNATIVE.

Sadly they went way over the line, making it a better place to farm equipment AND exp.

The 99 grind got a joke. My god, lvl 99 was never necessary, but it was rare and prestigious thing for those who were comitted.

Now its basically nothing.

“If everyone is special, nobody is”

i think TZ could be great, if they weren’t one hour and switch, and 5x more xp.

TZ could be FUNNEST implementation in diablo 2 if they just made the TZ switch in game to a new zone so we’re not forced to be making games every 5 minutes. my average game time is 20-30 minutes depending on how many areas i want to clear. TZ turns it into another baal, or chaos run, and i just don’t like doing things that way. i don’t see why others do it that way.

hell my barb bo usually lasts 10+ mins so i’d like to at least stay in a game that long.


Great. Looking forward to another month of D2 fun before hanging it up until D4.
Really hope that your additional info soon will be telling us about our increased storage space, better ground item display/filtering, runewords, and stackable gems/runes.


It still takes a considerable amount of time. I’m not saying it isn’t way easier but I did still have to put like 300 hours in over 6 weeks doing pub games to hit #542 or something on leaderboard. I’d have to play like a mad man and ruin my wrist again if I wanted another 99 before season 3.
Most of the 99’s weren’t done by human players so your achievement was watered down anyway.
99 wasn’t always a trophy in D2 - legend goes it was pretty easy with cows way back when. Getting 99 was basically grandfathered unless you botted or destroyed your health.
You don’t get enough out of lvl 94-99 for it to be a justifiable time investment.

hi Pez…hopefully you guys pick some of my ideas for 2.6 XD

i got so much to suggest in regard to balance, QoL, and some things i’d like to see implement(hope the ptr wont be too limited with feedback like 2.5 was XD)

EDIT: IsAware…lvling is now fine with TZ…i did grind up to 98 back in og D2 legitly and back then it was definetly too much work(even as a no-life)…with D2R TZ make it more reasonnable to reach…just…dont twiddle your thumbs in town for 93+ onward awaiting that baal throne tp…your best off doing TZ if they’re up(especially leet if you can solo since you hog all the exp for yourself and dont share with pt members(although some lvl 98 ppl still rage when they get 93-97 farming the tz with them despite it being much less painfull than it was b4 tz)(feel entitled that tz is their alone :S)

exp distribution is weird but 1-3 ppl being together net more exp than if you farm alone or that if your with the full group…something like this for P8 room
1P alone 7 players elsewhere…150% exp(for the lone player)
2P together 6 players elsewhere…160% exp(for the 2 peeps together)
3P together 5 players elsewhere…170% exp(for the 3 peeps together)…the 5P group get 145% exp approx(less than if alone)
here the weird shift
4p together…4 players elsewhere…150% exp(both team get 150%
8p together…0 players elsewhere…135% exp
NOTE AHEAD…these % are just to get an idea of how the distribution work…
they aren’t the very exact %

you can view that weird shift for exp on maxroll(not sure how the formula work but
best that a p8 room split in 3 man + 5 man cells to farm an area
5 in the throne…3 in the tz for best exp

edit 2: not all tz farmers want to stick to other tz farmers(for mfing purpose + exp)
more nice to get solid exp + loot for self when ur mf high if the other 2 tz runners have
low mf %
goes like this when 2-3 ppl farm the same tz XD(example of the scenario that will occur)
tz farmer 1: i want pure exp ! lets stick together
tz farmer 2: i want loot and exp ! leave me alone, you take hall of dead 3, i take hall of dead 1, and dont follow me in hall of dead 2
tz farmer 3: i’am lvl 98 get out of here, exp all mine i’am the priority here(no knowledge of how exp distribution work XD)

Ha ha… how could drop rates would not be increased if it takes 8x times longer to kill him?

guess its a luck thing. i found shako and mara’s and built my hoto and found a couple HRs but not a single sundercharm.

someone did drop a free one in my “act1 start fresh” game when i started the season tho :wink:

If you are listening to us… allow us to purchase these temporary tabs (from past ladders/seasons. Countless of us long to diminish the headaches from having so little storage / losing character slots due to not being able to properly juggle items. Without a spreadsheet (disruptive to our gameplay), it’s nearly impossible to enjoy the game without frequent stops. Thank you for pondering the benefits of offering this option (in a loot-oriented game)! We know that buying accounts is now - sometimes - super cheap, but I’m sure you can make it reasonable to do this instead. We can’t have more than 1x D2R account per email and that also begs the question…? Do you know what this game is about? Thank you for considering it! All the content creators that spoke about D2R said something about this culprit and we all wish it were addressed.

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I really hope the dev team is planning on moving Cain next to the stash in Act 5… It’s such a simple change, there’s very little if any opposition from the community on this.

Please Pez… The community has been calling for this since D2:R was released! You are the community manager, make our calls for this heard!

:metal: :smile: :+1:


Blizz must love you. Love you hard, from behind.

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any general comments on changes/updates coming with season 3, or should we just expect a ladder wipe?

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Pez, can you work out 10 character slots for the new ladder?


Thanks for the update!

hello I am a gamer in Korea thank you so much for the update Are there any plans to update the storage size of the D2R Classic version? Too small compared to Exp. It’s good even if you don’t have a shared warehouse function, but I think you need to expand the size. Please review once. thank you.

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Hope they will bring full tz instead of 1h random tz area. That would be perfect to farm areas we like. Remove the need to constantly create new game and move up opportunities to exchange with other players (by not being in constant rush)

You treat Terror Zones as a “noob band aid” and then you get mad when someone suggests to not use them if you don’t like them. You’ve been a real legit true hard gamer all of these years, why are you using Terror Zones then, are you a noob?

This season I got runes for an enigma and I rarely got into terror zones (I mostly horked on the Arcane Sanctuary). It’s called self control, mate.

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I think two or three terror zones active at the same time would be a nice addition.

Why not just get rid of the bad ones?