Season 3 ladder reset timing update

Excellent news, there is a holiday on the 17th of February in my corner of the world :wink: :wink:

Thanks for the Update. One question: will S3 again be a “Cold sorc only” ladder?


Does it really mean the start of new Season 3 or just end of Season 2, or Start of PTR? :slight_smile:

Shared Stash in classic for season 3?


Thank you for the update.

This means S3 will start around Februar 16th(Thursday).
If no PTR, then pls some good qol changes, rune stacking, cain act 5 near to stash & new some runewords.
And if Sunder charms stays, nerf cold mastery and lower the drop rates from Sunder a bit.
Terror Zones some areas more density, put Tristam + Stony Field, Pits + Tamo-Highland etc. together for more juicy elite packs hunting ^^


Also about the Terror zones in act 5. If one of the open areas is Terror Zoned, then it would be good if the red portals are terrorized as well.


打開赫拉迪姆方塊後 以前按alt就能顯示地上的物品 現在卻不能 很不方便 希望能修改一下

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New runewords, balance change and QoL please this time
Most importantly, bring FHR back to this game


Just wondering if you are able to comment on whether or not there are plans or discussions about adding terror zones and/or sunder charms to single player?

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you mean something that should just be completely removed from the game?? LOL.


If sunder charms won’t be coming back then I need to make a ladder character and get at least one of each. I would like to know what will be returning in Season 3.

(But why haven’t you made a ladder character by now?)

A: The early ladder GC debacle, and Naraka.

You aren’t required to use the charms…

Just don’t use them if you don’t like them.


oh man, never heard that one before, how about i just play like a complete moron not using the best tools available… good suggestion, big brain there.

maybe we can remove the noob bandaid and get back to what diablo 2 really is. an endless grind of boring content. (tz’s don’t make the content any more fun to do, just makes the game 5x easier)


You are so incredibly angry about a 20+ year old game.

Legit stand up. Take a breath. Look in a mirror and reevaluate what’s really important. My god.


i’m not THAT mad. sorry for voicing my opinion on things. you’re right. i should just be happy with all their terrible changes. LOL


Player 8 command or rework to player count such that EXP and drop rates are not effected by it??

QOL, currency tab, loot filter and it is kinda hopeless if we ask for more stash tab since hardcore its not your favorite. lol, i still have high hope since 20+years ago for these QOL. Creating 20 mules is more storage space than given 20 stash tabs.

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That’s it!

And that is why we love the game the way it is!

(and no, I don’t wanna go back to D2LOD, I enjoy the graphical update)


honestly that’s all diablo 2 is. a massive time sink, and those who put in the effort get the reward, now any casual with 2-4 hours play time a day can hit 99 within a few weeks, the change is so drastic…

i’d say if they do keep TZ, make them half as good as they are now, so they are only slightly better than baal . chaos nihl runs…

like i do have solutions for the problems they created. but lots of people, and the devs themselves just don’t see it the same way… the drastic change is a lot.