Queue lines - what is going on

they dont give a cains behind, they should at least send us updates on whats happening. maybe theyre busy partying with all our money.

I’m sorry to hear it is so many people experiencing this. Second day it has happened to me as well. Been patiently waiting for 110 minutes and experienced the same thing. My Queue time is now 200 higher than it was this morning when I started it, so perhaps around 1 or 2pm Eastern I’ll get in, barring it doesn’t happen again.

Seems like most people have been sympathetic to the server issues/ problems, but how is this getting worse?

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I can play this game i am so disappointed from Bliz…:frowning:

I’ve been in and out of queues for over 3 hours. I first started my morning being in position 506, waited until I was able to play, to try to create a game that had already existed (whoops, no biggie, I’ll just change it), to get the communication error message suggesting I should check my internet connection, cause that’s the issue…waited out the minute or so to be denied from joining any game period. I reloaded the game to be welcomed by another 200+ queue position, to be thrown into offline mode after the wait was over. This is beyond ridiculous. Can’t play a game that I paid for? And the blame is on the “modern player behavior?” I know bugs happen at launch, but this?? Should have been anticipated, I think.

It took me 1 hour and 37 minutes to join a game I HAVE PAID FOR.

WHY IS YOUR 2.3 BILLION DOLLARS OF PROFIT not enough to provide servers for players? Do you understand that you are killing you player base? Is that the goal? Is Activision trying to just kill Blizzard completely? I cant even play solo play while I wait. Because for some stupid reason you WANT US TO WAIT IN QUE. ITS SO STUPID.

Please use small words in your explanation, So we simple players can understand.

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Hello everyone,

We appreciate the continued reports and feedback regarding the queue system that has been implemented in Diablo II: Resurrected. More information regarding this change can be found in this post:

The best way to provide feedback regarding changes is to do so through the General Discussion forums. You can also find updates in the Pinned Topics.

So… I may be dense. But Blizzard had to know that this was going to have a large population of people coming back. You have also known that your servers are struggling for A MONTH. Now… I still cant quite see how you setting 60 second lockouts for misspelled/full games. or not allowing people waiting in que to play solo play. or literally ANYTHING USEFUL. other than “Sorry” “we are monitoring it”… We want to keep populations at a reasonable level… So we dont have to install PROPER INFRASTRUCTURE that would allow you to all play at the same time! But dont worry. You will only wait 1.5 hours… and then… When your game crashes. FOR NO REASON. You get to do it again!

Yippie. So fun. All you had to do was bring a 20 year old game up to the standards of 2021. And in true Blizzard/Activision fashion You did it. It feels “Harassed”. It feels cheated. And it feels like instead of putting money into keeping your players. Your CEO’s need another hedge fund.

You have killed the most loyal player base ive ever seen. Touche.


These replies are tiresome, annoying, and are pretty much just a slap in the face to customers.

“peak times causing problems”
“different playstyle than original launch causing problems”
“console players causing problems”
“too many people trying to log in”
“old coding causing problems”
“unexpected volume”

It’s been a month of the team struggling to hotfix a system that needs a complete rebuild. Everyone knows that is the elephant in the room but it will seemingly never be addressed, and considering you use the WoW server failures as an example of why this is happening means it’s a KNOWN REOCCURING PROBLEM that is continually neglected with each game and expansion launched.

This company has been refusing to address server infrastructure issues for well over a decade and for some reason, we just keep accepting that as being okay. It is not unreasonable to expect better of a company like Blizzard/Activision and I’m tired of hearing it is.

Props to Vicarious Visions for a great remaster, unfortunately it was released by a company that does not care to provide a reliable way to play it and was hoping to save money by running it on legacy infrastructure. Also props to the engineers who are stuck trying their best to apply band-aid fixes when I’m sure they are just as eager as the players to have the ancient system upgraded, they are working way harder than should be required to run a game in 2021.

-1 paying customer achieved. Congrats, that seems like the goal.

problem with many player on the server, Is this 1999?

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I have been playing D2 since its release 20+ years ago… The queue is one of the worst things that has been done to this game. I spent this entire weekend not playing because I couldn’t even get through the queue. I honestly wish there was more I could do to get word through to Blizzard, but the bottom line is that this is unacceptable and needs to be fixed.

it wouldn’t be nearly as bad if the queue system/connection actually worked properly. i’m now having to queue for the THIRD time due to connection errors. beyond frustrating

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If I have to wait 3-4 hours to log-in in the mornings might as well bring back to morning server crashes because nothing is different. This is just insane.

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Ridiculus! What do you mean “like in World of Warcraft”? At least world of warcraft doesnt crash! This has nothing in common! We wait more that we play! Also… its been 3 weeks, not a day or two - 3 weeks! Is this ever gonna end or we should just quit trying? Cuz i honestly feel tired of this bull*!)@! I know 40 bucks isnt that much but we pay them to play, not to wait on q or getting errors all the time!

153 in que, closed game, logged back in thinking maybe bugged as the que didnt move, now im at 193 still waiting. Not to mention since I linked my battlenet account cant find anyone to play with, let alone my characters are gone after I linked my account. If you are going to allow sync, why in the Biden did you not have the option built into playstation to link your account from there? Not to mention you are robbing us by forcing us to buy another copy to play on pc. Activision destroyed Blizzard, this is ridiculous.

Launched to play a bit during my lunch hour. Position in queue: 17. ok, i’ll just heat up my food, come back i’m in spot #3, then “failed to connect to server”. re-queue, position 30. cancel. re-queue, position 37. cancel. re-queue, position 9. Hot garbage blizzard. steaming, rank, awful and unacceptable.


My topic was merged with this one and I was looking for technical support while this thread offers no technical support. Thanks for not doing your job.

My position in que isn’t moving, is anyone else experiencing this issue?


even worse finally get it get disconnected back to 200 in Q for the next 2 hours if your lucky finally get back in nope we are going to DC you again back to 260 in Q freaking ridicules its even worse then the severs going down every day… pretty sure there just sitting back laughing at all of us that even bought the game doing nothing to fix it at this point should have known better know blizz does crap for games anymore was really hoping they would get this game right cause i loved it but welp here we are

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They made their money off of all of us, especially those that were forced to buy 2 copies of the game to play on PC and Console with friends. 2.3 billion in profit, cant afford enough servers for us, que times are shared between console and pc, no wonder I cant find anyone to join.


What a joke of an explanation… Why can games with many more times the player base keep their servers stable and without queue times? Why do I disconnect randomly? Why do textures not load properly when teleporting quickly to new areas? Why do certain hotkeys randomly stop working? why does it take 5-30 seconds to go through a tp or wp?