(PTR PvP Feedback) About fast hit recovery, wanna roll-back this changes

Fast hit recovery is one of core options for PvP match up.
Player who wanna fight with opponent need to adjust their value what is important for specific match up

For example, versus for Assassin, Many characters are prepare for (high frame rate of) fast hit recovery values due to *‘mind blast lock’
(*mind blast lock is important/common skills for Assassin users, Using any kind of trap + Mind blast could make fast hit recovery motion of opponent)

It is one of strategic/tricky play of Assassin users.

But, This time, I wanna talk about strange update in PTR 2.4 ver.

Now, Mind blast or any kind of skills (even though smite + fist or others) no longer make fast hit recovery motion anymore
It seems like a shooting game.

Imagine that… Fighting game (ex : SF5, TK7…) does not have any motion for blocking or hitting

Do you think it is funny game for each others?
No… I think not…

So many match up in PvP will be affect for this changes and lot of users in Korea (who is enjoying PvP) worried about it.
Some of characters which has advantage for fast hit recovery making cannot play PvP anymore.

As I told you above, Assassin player cannot consider tricky or strategic play in their match up.
They just use their trap and just wait for others, We cannot sustatin our match up if Assassin does not have ‘mind blast lock’

Dear. Blizzard, Please, reconsider update for fast hit recovery and roll-back this change as current release.

I hope it is just small happening or bug in a PTR 2.4.
Please do not adjust PvP core balance and leave it as previous one.


I agree with this very much.
Why do you lower the overall difficulty of old games? What’s the intention?
In which part can we have more improved fun?


I agree 100%

why they are messing with the core mechanics of the game? Just put wsg back that was the perfect solution for stunlock in pvp. removing fhr because you removed wsg is lazy and prideful.


I have an idea maybe it would work.
The problem seems to be that after FHR 11 frame immunity kicks in.

How about we do it based on FHR and immunity is lowest frame rate - your current.
Example for necromancer 0% FHR → 13frames FHR and → 13-13 =0 frame immunity (the last breakpoint) but lets take 86% FHR → 6frame FHR → and (13-6) = 7 frame immunity.

Idea would be that higher FHR breakpoint allows longer immunity duration instead of perma 11 frame one.

But maybe it would still be bad and we should get back WSG. What do you think ?


Yes make wsg into an actual feature.


I like the current ptr implementation better than the live version:
I prefer being able to react after taking one hit, instead of being locked down completely.
But the ideal solution would be neither of those 2.


Here is my suggestion:

  • Add a default active skill for all classes that resets hit recovery when spammed (like wsg)
  • Use stamina as a resource for the skill: Every time you hit the button stamina decreases. Allowing you to only break free for limited time
  • This gives the stamina stat finally some importance
  • Stamina then should only be increased by +stamina gear, as well as by the barb talent giving both finally some meaning (no increase by vitality anymore - running can either be unlimited, as it is anyway in later game; or draining stamina too just like now, as it probably won’t matter)

Using stamina is pretty creative, there should be a middle ground somewhere. You shouldn’t be trapped in stunlock perpetually but also you shouldn’t dumb down existing game mechanics. There should be a way that you can escape stun with skill and reaction not the dumb down fix they’ve implemented.


Let’s be honnest, everyone cried about wsg and they were right, and Blizzard listened and tried to do something about it at least.
But I must agree with all this : this FHR - stun immunity is a problem for almost every matchup in PvP. People are always talking about mindblast or leap, like its the only way to stun/fhr someone tho.
Actually, stunlock also happens when you deal enough damage to ennemies, so now on PTR, you can just press " teleport " and escape out of any situations you commited in at frame 1 after fhr anim. Also, if an ennemy has low life and still catch you with spells that should have chain stunned you, you can just now outtank him and ruins his move easy.

For instance, the barbs who needs to do short whirls (which are broken but its another story) to chain stun a running caster, it means now the caster just has to hold teleport/ or attack and escape/kill you after first shot, because the next whirls wont trigger stun anymore.
Imagine now ES sorc with that mecanic, LOL you wont ever be able to kill them as you wont never stun them long enough. It sounds ridiculous and it’s going to give reasons to play defensive character or burst-damage one like hammer or blizz.
Should we also speak about team vs team ? This system delete the control you have to protect or harass efficiently, since you cant even know when someone is still immune to stun or not.

If it’s technically doable, give us back WSG. If not well … :
The stamina idea sounds interesting, really. I imagined something more simple tho : we could keep the same system of immunity frames, but it would need to be triggered after 3 seconds of chainstun. Why ? Because 3 sec let the time for assassin to actually lay trap and deal damage before ennemy runs, it gives also time for any risky, agressive and well executed move to be rewarded with chainstuns on ennemy, and still gives enough control on team vs team


Stun immunity breaks pvp, We don’t need 90% of players playing ES sorceresses.

Locking an enemy down due to their mistake should be rewarded and is an important part of the D2 PVP experience. Without it, the game will become a DPS check in which the enemy with more life and burst damage wins every time.


blizzard has to pay attention to pvp players


At least reduce the immunity duration compared to what it currently is in PTR. At the moment it just seems a little game breaking.

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Pvp purists : we need WSG because stuns are big issue
Blizzard removing WSG
PvP purists crying and demanding WSG back because of stuns
Blizzard introducing nerf to stuns
PvP purists complaining about stuns not stunning enough.

Kind of funny to watch.


I think it’s when immunity kicks in is the problem, it activates after the first hit. It makes it so it’s actually impossible to stun some one. It should only activate after you’re continuously stunned for 3 seconds or what ever number that is balanced.

Reduce the immunity duration

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That’s what balance is. Do you preform surgery with a hatchet?

perfect solution in my mind

So they first removed something which was working perfectly fine to introduce something that’s gamebreaking. Can you explain what is funny about that?

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Vouch with all the statements above.

I like the fact that blizzard now listen about pvp players and try to make changes in order to make the game sustain and make changes that actually matters for pvpers.
Sadly, the fhr was not one of them, or it was because of the loss of Weapon Switch Glitch (WSG) but not like this.
What we had on D2R right now was quite almost the good balance, fhr was already pretty good, and stuns were effective but not OP.
Eventually as it seems we can’t bring up WSG, there could be a slight upgrade for the fhr and the way your character can answer when being stunned , but being immune after any spell that would bring you in fhr for about 1sec in PTR, is literally too much and it’s gonna kill the game, as it will just become a clown fiesta, everyone will be immune and characters that have big abilities to play defensive will just be king.
An interesting change would had been, both for 1 vs 1 and Team vs Team (TvT), when you have been under control / stun / struck / unable to move / been hit for X (3 seconds would be ideal) you have a immune timing of 0.5 seconds where you can teleport or run away and actually escap, this timing would actually matter and helps player, but also rely on skills as you gotta take the right timing of when you are immune to escap out off troubles.
This immune 1 time on 2 is unskilled, just making it casual and pvpers will fade away if you apply this change…


absolutely agree with that… remove this fhr immunity, as it is is pvp bracking

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