PTR and things added?

Ive looked and cant find what they added into the PTR for the next patch.Can someone link me to it or tell me what stuff they added.Im curious thanks.

I was under the impression they will be adding new stuff as the ptr continues but at first it is just same as current. I would assume the reson the toons came geared and skills allocated the way they are to encourage people to test current items/skills that are buggy.

Miss Cheetah said something amongst the line its about testing new server architecture or so. She is not an employee though. it was in this thread:

ptr is running on a new database, that is designed to fix que issues and game creation timers when scaled up… but they need to test it small scale first

once they know its good they are going to push 2.4 to the ptr

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it’s a few rows up on the main forum O.O
it’s amazing how many people are like “Wut” when it’s clearly posted you know.

yeah the load-outs are whack - so the players log in and out a bunch of times ^.^

yeah clearly posted without a link or any actual information lol. it doesnt give you any info but just vague things and thats about it

The focus of the first PTR will revolve around fixing database issues and making the online environment more robust and flexible under high-volume conditions. This test will be imperative, as it will assist us in stabilizing the gameplay experience ahead of the implementation of Ladder rank play.

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