PTR tomorrow (Jan 12 22)

Now waiting for the patch notes to drop. Hopefully the forum wins over Twitter this time.

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I actually got the news from a youtube notification lol.

so is the acually time of event some forbiden knowledge?

Why not test the server and the new content at the same time?

What’s the incentive to play on PTR if nothing is different than the live version we have now?

If you want to test the server load, you bait the players with something. shrug

It’s taking way too long to get ladder out.

For the database stuff you would want to refer to the previous posts on it.

The old database structure was built for regional application in 2000. They tried to use it for a global scope in 2021 across all platforms. Some portions of the architecture had single process bottlenecks.

It could not handle the volume of data thrown at it. Resulting in crashes, being down all day, lost progress, lost characters, etc.

They had to put in some temporary measures to keep it stable, like a login queue and game creation timers.

They said they would be working on the architecture programming to improve things - but you don’t want to touch a Live database like that. It could really mess things up. The changed database programming is to be tested on the PTR first. If it works, it may get us to the point where those temp restrictions can be removed. Would be rather nice to have before ladder.

That means people can, and should, try to break the database testing PTR!

Changing the database structure that runs the game is a rather big deal. You don’t want to be trying to test too many things at once. They need to make sure the database is reasonable stable before doing the content testing. I would guess the content testing will build on the initial database PTR testing.


There could be problems caused by the 2.4 changes, which could then be confused with issues with the new server database changes. They’re taking the scientific method approach.


Well it would be nice if they let us upload characters or use existing ones to legit try to overwhelm it. There is only so much you can do with a brand new character, depending on the length of the PTR.

Allow us to do high speed pindle runs or full baal runs, cow runs, ect at rate, and then you get a realistic test that they even admitted they werent prepared for.

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I’m going to log onto the ptr and if it’s a clean start just start creating and leaving games over and over. Thats the true way to test the stability. Although, assuming we can use this char when the new content drops in the ptr, it might be beneficial to level up…

It wouldn’t even matter. The volume or people logging in won’t even cause the server to hiccup. Don’t forget, the D2R HAD a PTR that didn’t catch any of the problems with the D2R servers. Which is why I take issue with this:

Because doing these separately doesn’t encourage anyone to test anything, really. It has to be the same PTR. It’s reasonable to try ~2-3 days of server stability before putting in the 2.4 changes, but if it’s different PTRs I believe it is largely pointless. Same PTR but staggered does make sense, but it can’t be too staggered because no one will want to test and they won’t get a half decent data.

Personally, I’d just throw it all into the hopper, on a PTR, together at once. That way if the server is gonna catch fire, it’ll catch fire, but they’ll get a decent test. Be very stressful for the database guys to fix, though.

i don’t know why they removed the pin from this before the ptr/patch but these posts talk about the changes they are doing to the server/db backend

of note is rewriting the server code to work as multiple micro services instead of 1 huge machine that can break at any point and take everything down.

as well as changing how the db handles character saves and how frequently they back up to the global server.

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I was hoping to see patch 2.4 with the new multithreaded server/database code on PTR launch.
But hopefully we will get the patch very soon after launch tomorrow

  • Database/Server Update PTR

Hopefully we see a massive improvement to the game-list tomorrow, that would be perfect.


a step in the right directions i welcome all change :+1:

We gotta do this right. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SUMMON PATCH NOTES ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


lol yup, PezRadar says they will be summoned tomorrow.

Nice, give patch notes, can’t wait for druid changes.

did the mention the time it comes out? Im so excited :grin:

Normally early afternoon Pacific time. They rarely give times for PTRs. It is “when the QA team gets it stable and available”. heh. It can also go right back down if things go poorly.

Such is the nature of a test environment.

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