Position in Queue!

I’m on 329 :slight_smile: funny game
run the game, wait 30-60 min, and even if it starts it will crash , then wait again
Blizzard are you crazy ?


So yeah …

Basically …

I waited about an hour in the FIRST queue in a row, from position 280 …

I waited more than an hour in the SECOND queue in a row, from position 316 …

This got me to the OFFLINE screen, I clicked ONLINE and BOOM … oh yeah … the THIRD queue in a row, at position 364 …

We all paid money to Blizzard, in order to use this product !


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Im finally in guys, its not just bad.
Its just 2 hours and 32 mins.
Time it guys.

Blizzard, why you can’t make autoscaling for servers, when people are waiting more than [number] time? For example, 30 minutes?

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   Blizzard...did we take a ride in the way back machine to 1999 with Server que's this is the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a long time. People pay money to play this game not to wait in line at the DMV. I want my money back been sitting here for 30 minutes waiting on this damn game to let me in. its 3 Am here this isn't peak hours WTF?
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An interesting read, since you are all just waiting anyways :slight_smile:

Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward

I waited in queue for over an hour, when my position was 2, the game crashed.
Now I’m in line again, my position is 446.
While waiting for the first time, I wrote a post on battle.net complaining about long queues, but it was deleted.
Blizzard clears complaints.

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been waiting for close to 45 min, was 199 for over 30 min. got an error no 276… what a joke

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I mean if no one can see complaints, then there cant be anything wrong.
blizzard could spend half the time and payroll on fixing the problem but they would have to do real work

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Ive just logged on to queue position 556… judging by the length of time others are taking in the queue I’ll have just enough time to go and compelte a masters in computer science, apply for a position at Blizzard, work my way up the ranks and then fix the problem… wish me luck :yum:


pfft all of you have weak que positions…917 here, I have time to undo my vasectomy…have 1 more kid, raise him/her to 18, and earn enough money to send him/her to college and be back at my computer before I reach #1 in position.


if legacy is a big issue… temporarily remove that or create a separate server. just like with COD and battle field, be a better fix than queues

Now my position is 156 … :grimacing:

I don’t know what position I am now. 917 was on my screen so long it imprinted into my monitor now that’s all it shows

317 Here, I hope I still want to play by time I make it in. smh…

But legacy is engine. DR is only cover. I don’t think it possible to remove it.

684 here…

594, why did I even pay for this game?

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The original works fine, if it can’t handle the amount of players you could always make more realm and thus run it more often on different servers.
Friends could still join each others games over realm (which can be done now aswell apparantly so np).
Only thing you would need then is enough server space…oh so you mean money…yes why?..won’t happen, Bobby needs a new watch, servers already costing an almost noticable part of the earnings of D2r go away and leave Bobby alone

I sat an hour and a half in a queue in the mid 200s this morning, only for it to ‘fail to authenticate’
Now i’m at 518, since i had to re-enter the queue. I guess i’m not playing this morning.

I started Sunday the 24th of October 2021 at 122, got in and was kicked out, now out 325 Monday July 12th 2022. Just shoot me…