PoE has zero full immunities and

Clearly we have a case of "you think you do, but you don’t" superiority issues. You don’t get to decide for others what their idea of fun is. Some enjoy things that you don’t, as much as it might come as a shock to you.

For the record, that quote I used is from the World of Warcraft Q&A panel when they had the audacity to assume that the millions of people that wanted WoW Classic in fact didn’t want it because they assumed, rather than being informed, which is what you’re doing.

What you can claim is that immunities are bad game design based on informed and factual information. What that information is, I will leave that up to you do deduce.

Congratulations, you’ve made a clear point. Immunities are a feature, old or otherwise. They bring variety to break up monster packs into different categories.
Some people find this fun, you just happen to not and are projecting your personal interests and agenda to try and force something on others because you refuse to accept differing opinions.

Sure. Maybe better to you, but not to others. Sadly, not very many people post here, so we can’t have a good idea of the amount of people for and against this update… but I promise you, there are many people that don’t like this - and on the other side of that token, a lot of people that love it.

Great, let it happen. I’m all for defeating stagnation, but don’t confuse your own agenda for fact over opinion.


Did you all skip over the line you “can opt out” in the patch notes, ever one acting like just cus some thing was added you have to use it, this is just like enigma. Yha it is really op buy not everyone uses it do thay personal i dont like teleport, so guess what i dont use it is my enjoyment of the game less because i choose not to use the teleport available to me. No it isn’t also i hate the way shako ond circlets make my necro look like a crack head, spirit monarchs look like absolute trash so homunculus and lore on my level 95 bone necro and guess what i can skill solo baal in hell assuming the second wave behaves. Last my buddy killed Uber d with just his merc.

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It’s apples to oranges. just because both are arpgs doesn’t mean concepts freely move between them identically .
You are comparing a modern aprg in Poe to a game from decades earlier that created the features it copied. Not having immunes in Poe doesn’t mean it fits into d2 by slapping a minus resistance charm into the game.

The game is old argument and stuck in the past we can say go back to d3 or wait for zoomer d4 edition.

The issue is over your head I think. Let the adults talk it over for you. It’s not immunities it’s how to change a complicated system with minimal side effects

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wow a f2p game has more players than a $40 game??

and it’s been out for 8 years longer than d2r?? wow how in the world could it have achieved more players?

I try to be open minded for new changes, let’s see how the new ladder will be with the new charms, nothing is set in stone yet they can still change or remove it.

PoE will always be better at “being” PoE than d2

Full immunities are meant to encourage multiplayer, however, blizzard has not nerfed d2r- they have neutered it.
Multiplayer is a thing that can happen, sometimes.
Now that party finder got removed and a proper game list was implemented, it’s gotten better, but the most I’ve ever seen open is half the page (maybe 12 games at a time).

It’s time to take a look at the features that only ever existed to encourage multiplayer and remove them, because it does nothing but punish people playing on single player by choice, or those playing on the new and somehow improved version of single player they’re calling online Ladder (sarcasm emoji).

This same argument would be like saying bosses in Dark Souls are too hard, unlike how nice they are in Zelda: Breath of the Wilds, therefore, Dark Souls should nerf its bosses.

No. Go play BotW, not change DS, go play that other game.

FIFA and Prince also have no immunes.
The have one thing in commen with P&E . its a different game then D2R.
Who would have thought.

Poe does have some full immunes though, and they attempted to add them several times with varying monster affixes. People whined and got them removed…

Is this a POE forum?

There’s no way we’re gonna get that, even though it’s sorely needed.

All this gibberish about PoE is just irrelevant; immunities are just antiquated design from 20 years ago that was just isn’t good gameplay. Brick walls are not fun unless you teleport over them.

But that is a separate, but linked, issue.

it is more popular among homosexuals like you
if you like it so much go play that one
why complain here?

I play both games but I had to quit POE HC - just impossible to get to end game content. You will DIE on Poe - I sometimes go Seasons not dying on D2… Its totally different but I like both games and will continue to play them both…

ol boy just tabbed over from twitter. Probably calling everyone a nawzi on their as well.

PoE became what it swore to destroy.

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As long as they add participation ribbon achievements too so that everyone is a winner

Go flamedash and shield charge until your hands hurt then.

Immunities can be fun, if there are multiple ways to break or circumvent those immunities.

Rather than Sunder Charms, I’d prefer it if they just allowed all minus Resistance gear and skills to break Immunities.

Allow Cold Mastery to break Immunities. Let -Fire Resistance on equipment break fire Immunes, etc. That way there are multiple equipment choices that you can choose between. You are not limited to a single “must have” item like a Sunder charm

It’s not that I don’t support changes or ways to break Immunities. It’s that these charms are boring and lazy.

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Go play your light vomit then