Please Expand Runeword Bases

I would like to propose to the development team to consider expanding runeword bases to further fuel build diversity as follows…


  • Can now be made in Spears
    • This runeword adds options for mid-game spearzon or used on Act 2 merc

Crescent Moon

  • Can now be made in Claws, Daggers & Orbs
    • This runeword is a perfect candidate to be made in claws and opens up build diversity for assassins. Don’t forget about dagger barbs. Lastly, should be possible to create Crescent Moon in sorceress orbs as well to start out without infinity


  • Can now be made in Polearms & Spears
    • This adds another solid option for polearms and spears

Destruction / Doom

  • Can now be made in Maces
    • These runewords add more options for pursuing mace mastery as a barb


  • Can now be made in Flails
    • This runeword adds more choice between DPS (hoto) or speed (harmony on flail)


  • Can now be made in Bows & Crossbows
    • This adds an option for 5os bows and xbows outside of high runes for early game bowazons


  • Can now be made in Spears
    • This runeword should be allowed in spears since allowed in polearms


  • Can now be made in Claws
    • This runeword gives more variety for the bladesin to use decrepify and sanctuary aura in claws while getting claw mastery benefits


  • Can now be made in Wands & Orbs
    • Sorceresses more likely to use in a staff for staff mods, but Leaf would be useful in a wand for a low-level Fire Druid, and even potentially useful for a full Fire Necromancer (e.g Full Trang’s running Fire Golem). Lastly, should be possible to create Leaf in sorceress orbs as well


  • Can now be made in Shields
    • This runeword would be a good option for stat boosting and resistance for mid-level defensive-oriented characters


  • Can now be made in Wands & Orbs
    • This runeword would offer an alternative to “White” on wands and a fun choice in sorceress orbs as well


  • Can now be made in Claws & Daggers
    • This runeword is another low-level option for claws and daggers


  • Can now be made in Shields
    • This runeword could be an interesting choice for defensive-oriented characters

Unbending Will

  • Can now be made in Hammers
    • This runeword has a huge boost to enhanced damage, expanding to hammers would be a great addition (available to ogre mauls/thunder mauls and their exceptional variants)


  • Can now be made in Helms
    • This runeword allows option for significant gold find and magic find bonus on helmet

I would also like it if they add it to spears so melee amazon and act2 merc can use it

I totally agree with this post. Build diversity created by a relatively small change.

I would also add insight for swords in addition to spears. (even limiting to 2H swords would work if we’re worried about a merc dual wielding an aura item). On any mana-hungry builds I like the idea of having a tanky barb merc as a mana battery.

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I agree 100%.
The floodgates should be opened to allow many many more options.
This is Step 1 in creating build diversity.
All Polearms should have always been Spears as well from the get-go. Heck even the A2 Merc tooltip states: Jab - Spears and Javelins. Yet we’re always forced to use a Polearm haha.
Orbs, Claws, “All Melee”, “All 2h” etc. Would be excellent.

It’s always so disappointing when you get an amazing base and check the RW List and go - Aww… I can’t use this for ANYTHING!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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A barb merc dual wielding insight swords, that’s a lot of mana:D

Maybe they should also allow infinity in 2H swords, to allow barbarians to compete with A2 mercs. Cant think of any obvious balance issues with this, A2 would probably still be better with their auras.

More excellent suggestions!

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Good changes +1

I’ll pass on

More weapon swaps are not needed imo

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I don’t think anyone means - “We should be able to make Everything in Anything”

(*Edit: OOPS I didn’t see - Barb “MERC!” Just sipping my coffee and yea…totally took what you said out of context!)

What I personally meant was:
2h Polearms → Spears.
1h Melee Weapons Weapon Class Specific → all Melee Weapons.
I highly doubt anyone is saying: Let’s Make Infinity in a 4 Socket PB or Enigma in a 3os Shield, Faith in a Berserker Axe…
Some might be but I’m also not requesting Grief in a Pole/Spear for example.

I think what’s flagged for Polarms → Spears. All Melee → Remains as is. Weapons → Remains as is. Item Specific → All Melee outside of Poles/Spears(unless y’all want to open it all up).

Coming from humble means with my limited in-game currency and having a love for non meta builds, items and ethereal items(Which I’ll often make for the sake of making).

  • I find a 4 Socket Sup Legendary Mallet: Maybe I want to make a Kingslayer in it. I can’t because it’s restricted to Swords & Axes only.
  • I found an ETHEREAL 15% Sup 5os Thunder Maul!! You realize just how disappointed I was when I checked the RW list and saw there was 1 single item that could be made with it - due to its being Ethereal!?
    Eternity. Amn Ber ist Sol Sur. Yea no thanks.
    Why can’t I make a Death in this T-Maul!!? It’s the only other 5os Indestructible RW. Its price range is that sweet spot too. Middle of Low cost and ridiculous cost.

Oath cannot be made in Legendary Mallets or Hammer class - Mace only.

Over the years I’ve found amazing Ethereal Spears of various OS and ed% = largely useless.
Now we can use Spears for a few RWs = HUGE Step in the right direction!
They still need to allow Insight access to Spear Class.
Found an eth Mancatcher - noOs - cubed and got 5sox. So for fun I made an Obedience for Merc. He actually does quite well with it.

I think Beast being able to be made in a sword is a pretty necessary change. I think there should be a Might in armor runeword/unique, just to eclipse the Iron wolves.

I still think there are lots of usability fixes to be made in Runewords, period. Plague should cast Lower Resist on striking, for example. That was a big missed change.

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Agreed, this would be an easy way for the developers to expand build diversity.

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I have to say that this is one of my biggest hopes for this(any) Patch.

Various weapon Values will likely increase - but not skyrocket, as there will always be tried and true, min/max “Meta” Weapons.
I mean who would’ve though that Mancatchers would be worth so much? That had me cubing every Eth Mancatcher I found.
Anyway, it’s always a downer - I finally collect X runes for something and now I have to buy a 5os Ezerk for example. Boring same old bases. Nothing new, nothing exciting to build around AND they’re not cheap - 1. Rarity and 2. Yep, they’re Meta and the only viable Base item.

p.s. as an aside: I think the Cube should be Updated: Superior % Items can now be CUBED. Never did like Sup items being locked into Larzuk and hence Max Sockets only. Arbitrary layer of rng - understandable I suppose when the games population was as massive as it was back in the stone age.

Here’s to hoping!

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Enigma helm Enigma armor
Jah-Ith-Ber Jah-Ith-Ber
+2 To All Skills +2 To All Skills
+45% Faster Run/Walk +45% Faster Run/Walk
+1 To Teleport +1 To Teleport
+20-25 IAS +750-775 Defense
+(0.75*Clvl) To Energy +(0.75*Clvl) To Strength
Increase Maximum Life 5% Increase Maximum Life 5%
Damage Reduced By 8% Damage Reduced By 8%
+14 Life After Each Kill +14 Life After Each Kill
15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana 15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
(1*Clvl)% Attack Rating (1*Clvl)% Magic Find
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I would like to be able to make Obedience in an axe, this would open up a cheap weapon choice for fire elemental druid and fire claw druid


Agree, However, at least, Obedience should be a two-hand weapon.


That sounds like a solid change to me.


I like this idea… less restrictions on runewords would be a nice change.


Agreed, expanding runeword bases would be a relatively easy way for the devs to add more build diversity.

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I Really hope that they see this and add it.

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I also think - single element resistance on a Merc weapon should count for the player as well. Would open up a new way of gearing your Merc.

Grief - add bows as a base.