Please add Tombs as level 85 area

It was mentioned earlier that this could be considered.

I really wish each of the seven tombs out in the Canyon of the Magi would be level 85 areas. I feel like it would be a great spot for non-hammerdin, and maybe even non-enigma players. It just makes sense both thematically and logically considering the other ones that have been bumped up. I mean, come on, Underground Passage is 85, but not Tal Rasha’s tombs? What are your thoughts?


I agree with this. If tombs were lvl 85 that would be the most epic farming area in the game.


I agree - would be a fun place to do runs, like normal tomb runs


While I agree tombs would be awesome as an L85 area it appears the is a conscious effort to avoid making areas required to complete to get through the game lvl 85. I’d like to get dev. feedback on this as I think it would have already made the list if not a game completion req.

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I think having a mode where all area are lvl85 and leave super unique as hell lvl would be cool too since we don’t need to argue which area is to farm but will cow level be too good?


Idk dude, its not good place for anyone because of various immunities.

Also add Crypt to 85 level locations.
a)add guest monsters to acts 1-4 (as it was done with A5).
b)add random immunities to monsters in Hell difficulty - generated when monster pack spawned or even for monster type-i.e. dark stalker, quill rat etc.

They should just make all areas in hell level 85 honestly…

Once you hit level 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, any areas less than 83 or 84 arn’t even worth visiting anymore…

The whole mechanic is not good, so many locations and areas that just are not farmable anymore once you get to high level, because you get no XP, and the drops are trash…

If we are changing so many things in D2R, why not make all areas equal to farm? More fun, longer games, play with large clans or groups of friends, stay in games longer, spend less time waiting in loading screens, spend less time typing game names and passwords…

Why do we have low level areas that are not worth ever visiting again after you reach level 70-80?

There are over 120 different zones/areas in the game, and only 30 of them (historically it was 16) are worth ever visiting in the end-game?

Seems like a very large waste of content…

Blizzard should add a new feature to the game; once you complete Hell difficulty, all zones in games created by you become level 85? Wou’dnt this be a great solution?


So atm is lvl 80?
Is very low tbh. Should be at least lvl ,83. And yeah i agree to make it lvl 85. Is awesome place

If making all tals tombs 85 is unbalanced, could make only the true tomb level 85? If true tomb being 85 makes normal playthrough too difficult, could just make one false tomb 85?

Could have a fun mechanic where the players need to read the summoner’s symbols and follow a pattern to identify which “false tomb” is the leve 85 variant?

I really love all the little map reading easter eggs in D2, it’s fun and feels rewarding to invest time learning map patterns and how to gain an advantage from that knowledge…

On that note, if there were some other map-reading tricks to help us find other level 85 locations like stony tomb, maggot lair, ancient tunnels (I suppose the clue is it’s always next to buildings), etc. Drifter cavern and icy cellar can also be a bit tricky to find (but I don’t farm them much). Tricky in the sense that they are harder to find than the pit etc… Some map reading tricks would equalise these locations with other easy to find areas and encourage players to learn map reading tricks


i agree with this. would be cool if just the large false tomb was ilvl 85 tho

Since they mandate the quest make ALL the false tombs Lv 85 I think most people are not even close to being a Lv 85 when they first get there. You will already know which is the true one so the rest could be fair game.

I would love to see the false tombs as level 85 areas. It would add tomb runs to hell, which would be a great alternative to spamming chaos and baal constantly.

Group mf/leveling would be an awesome addition.


I’m almost all game for this with a slight tweak. I would say make all the “fake” tombs 85 areas so during playthroughs, you don’t get punished (way harder area than before) for magic finding areas we asked for. Other than that, gimme gimme gimme!

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Level 2 is 85, not the regular Underground passage. You can not make mandatory quest areas level 85 zones.

If they have a way to make the incorrect Tombs 85 without changing the correct tomb ok, but that’s the only way it works.


act3 sewer level 1+2 is now lvl 85 but I understand act1/2 is too soon.

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Count me in :+1:
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Maybe the devs could add some special mechanics that hell games created by characters who have killed Baal spawn as Level 85… So this way, areas like tombs stay low level on your first playthrough, but become 85 once you kill Baal?

I’ve personally never been able to notice that any areas are harder or easier than others based on monster level… All a regular player notices on a normal playthrough is “that area is hard because it’s full of immunes, and that area is easy because nothing is immune to me”

Never heard any low-level character say “I’m not going there, it’s level 85 its too hard” :man_shrugging:

I don’t think the average n00b even knows that different areas have different levels… They only discover that later if they decide to really commit and learn the mechanics of D2, and start watching some Llama videos or whatever…

Isnt A4 river and chaos that way though ? So it could be done

I would say even the Canyon of the Magi could be 85.

You absolutely dont need teleport to be better than teleporting character in that location.
Bump more unique pack density and its probably one of best locations in speed efficiency.