Phys charm doesnt help Melee

immunes sitting on top of 95% phys res dont make me wanna farm any TZ full of these


Phys charm is pure garbage. The few physical immune monsters in the game I just blow up with Berserk. The charm does nothing for me except make me permanently take 25% more damage from physical attacks. Oh, and takes up 3 inventory spots. Even if the 25% extra damage received was removed from the charm, I still wouldn’t use it, because much better charm options is easily available.


agreed the physicals charm should lower the res way more then to 95% its just silly as is.


Yeah, the physical charm needs to be reworked imo.


good bye barb and summon builds druid and necro
yes you just did a great job to insure the 3 classes that is already op just gets more up
sorc java and hammerdins


Summons do not receive charm bonuses and summoners use other ways for breaking immunes. Curses, cold wolfs, CE, merc.

Hammerdin… Is it a joke? How many magic immunes can you remember? Or where have you seen -% magic resist?

Well this charm is usefull only against something like stone skin flyes or bulls for strafe/GA-zon or wind dru. For other cases we still have AD and Decrepify.

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just tested
the charm works “like” convic
so summons/hirelings do benefit from these charms



Yup, that’s couple better but still useless for summones. 100% or 95%… there is no much differences for AD or Dec.

I created this topic for balancing purposes on charms, there is 1 reworking idea for phys too btw.

it will make easier to get the first body for CE to drop, but i agree, not that much for general gameplay

I’m getting the feeling that Blizzard devs play almost exclusively casters, and have no understanding of how physical damage builds work.


5% will not change how many pokes your merc has to do to kill the target.

seems pretty useless to me.

yes it will

with phys immunes already broken, amp has no penalty wich will reduce the number of hits a merc needs to kill the first monster

Yup, I guess the Physical Sunder charm does help Summon Necromancers.

Doesn’t help melee though.

amp can already break most immunes, and there are not that many phys immune. i guess your right, but the at the cost of -25%PDR you’d you really have to think twice before you put this on. i guess it might be useful if the TZ zone is filled with high HP phys immune like some spawns of WSK

A trow barb with Lacerator for amp proc with no penalty… that seems about the only "melee"buid i can think of that benefits from this charm. All real melee builds that go close combat will get some serious incomming dmg.

other non melee with a source of amp procs that can benefit from this charm to me seem: bowazon, necro, blade fury sin and fire druid

dunno if they devs thought about this when creating this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I think that with such penalty to taking dmg it should from the start break immunity down to around 70%. Otherwise as stated above, it’s useless considering phys dmg being usually low from the start compared to casters.

I am having in mind my bowazon and 95% immune ghost. I will be multipleshooting it for ages lol while every other phys dmg dealing monster will f^%$ me up : D In this case anyhow I would switch to magic arrow aand barbs to berserk making this charm useless


I completely agree, they need to lower the damage penalty and add minus target defense to help physical characters. In my opinion, the charm needs a rework as follows:

Bone Break

  • Monster Physical Immunity is Sundered
  • Target Defense -25%
  • Physical Damage Increased by 15% (down from 25%)
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but grief

-50% sounds better
Scharms are a game changing for elemental builds
and melee needs a buff as we all know

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Yeah even with that updated Phys charm, it’s still not worth using for a Barb. As long as the 1 point wonder Berserk is in the game, the charm will be garbage for a Barb.

I’m not sure what changes Blizz could do to it in terms of helping Barb, but phys immune has never been a problem. I know the charm can have some uses for other classes, which is great. But unfortunately there’s just nothing here to help out Barbs, while certain other classes/specs are getting massively buffed.