Paying GUL rune for every 10x magic vampireBone glove

Guys . I am paying GUL rune for every 10x magic vampireBone gloves .

I don’t care where it from or stats . These can be found from vendor .

Need these for crafting .

Go make your easy runes NOW!!

NON Ladder only

I got 10 for you.


Awesome ! Add me

Teemo#13816 .

I’ll trade you in a bit when I’m back at the computer . Hopefully you can get more :slight_smile:

bump folks, come on this is easy trade!!

Found a black—only 1 socket :frowning:

Will be looking for this too-/act5 as well?

You must be talking about warcries swords . Yes do not need 1os

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could it be heavy or sharkskin gloves or it has to be vampire ?

I doubt he’ll be paying a Gul for 10 sharkskin gloves, as they are easily shopped for in nightmare :slight_smile:


Vamp only . Too much crafting investment in for shark/heavy

I spent like 3m and got 4 gloves so far, and you can get 10m for Ist, easy profit like Teemo said :stuck_out_tongue:, no luck with getting from mobs tho.

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If you guys tell me it cost more to get the gloves then let me know and I can increase my offer . I want to make this work for both parties but I need them gloves

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It is about 15 to 25 gambles to get vampirebones. I think it would be pretty easy to do this for 6 million or 14 million, so some may make the profit, some might break even. Technically a no lose, potential profit, but time investment where you have to go turn around and get your gold back for anywhere from Mal+Pul profit or just to break even. :person_shrugging:

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you guys can run some trials and give me some data. I’m willing to work with pricing. no issues

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gul is still overprice. gamble is not only way to get them.

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Well, it depends on character level. You want me to hard math it?

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Run some trials and let me know. I’ll reimburse you for the trials .

I’m not here to make profit or have anyone lose here . I want the gloves for this R&D project


As long as ILvL of base item doesn’t matter for any of the crafts, then these are best gambled around level 60 (for half the cost of being say, level 95). When crafting amulets, what Clvl you have determines the Ilvl of the amulet you will use in crafting, and it matters if you want certain mods. You can cut the price of gambling in about half by doing it at the lowest possible level to get vampirebones. IDK, :person_shrugging: , 20 years of poor documentation and nomenclatures on dozens of websites makes my head hurt.

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Gul for 10 is actually a fair price IMO. People buying 10m for Ist doesn’t come by often, but then the opportunity cost of not gambling for circlets is fair IMO.

The probability of the gloves spawning as Vampirebone Gloves for a level 60 character is very very small (0.3% chance) compared to a level 99 character (12.7%).

The higher price tag for gambling with a higher level character is far worth it when you’re trying to hunt for exceptional/elite item bases.


Share your formula for gamble calculating elite vs normal quality items if you would, and dumb it down for me (aka don’t copy and paste it). Would be much appreciated.

I don’t have the formula on hand right now, but this can be looked up at Diablo 2 Resurrected D2 Drop Calculator -

Just change the character level input to see the chances change.

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