Paying GUL rune for every 10x magic vampireBone glove

Thanks, the formulas I was using were whack. So at level 95, assuming reduced vendor costs of 54k per gamble, I was looking at about a 63% chance of getting ten with 5.3M gold. My earlier numbers were way off. My bad.

Edit for clarity, you will achieve a less expensive result about 18.5% of the time, and a more expensive one the other 18.5% of the time. But you will probably be sorta close usually, since the sample size, while not big, is going to be around 100.

You can get around 10 gloves gambling 10-11m gold so Ist would be the fair price as (imo) Gul is a little bit overpay, but it is up to Teemo how much he want to pay for 10 gloves.
You can easily get lot of runes/wealth out of this especially if you have a gf barb …

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I think the idea is that it is supposed to be overpay, otherwise why bother? The question is, is it enough overpay for the amount of work? IMO depends on if you have a GF Trav Barb, or just tons of gold you don’t know what to do with. I can do 10M in Trav in slightly less than an hour, and maybe get lucky with some drops while doing it. Then it takes 5-10 minutes to gamble, and shuffle stuff around to save. Then it means meeting up for a trade. The only thing that makes it worth it is you are getting supplemented from Trav farming. This jury is still out on worth, but it is still a decent deal, maybe not OMG lets do this, but decent enough.

When Impreza started to offer Ist for 10m gold then he set a standard on the forum with this, but if he started to offer Mal then people still would gladly sell him their gold for a Mal, believe me … if Teemo started to offer Ist then people would still gladly sell their gloves to him for the easy rune.

As an incentive for people to get the things he needs rather than just sell their gold?

It’s a steady and low risk way of accumulating runes, but in the long run it’s not a high wealth generating activity as you’re robbing yourself of the chance of gambling for circlets which can really fetch a lot. Consider:

  • +2 class/+3 skilltab with 20 FCR or 30 FRW magic circlets that can be 2 socketed
  • Artisan/Jeweller’s circlets with 20 FCR or 30 FRW that come with 3 sockets which are BiS for a faith bowazon
  • Griffon’s
  • Rare circlets that are BiS for a WF bowazon and other characters

Where as for gloves, almost all casters will use some kind of FCR glove, which the options are quite widely available from uniques/sets.

BiS melee characters will most likely go for laying of hands, lava gout, steelrends, dracs. Again, quite widely available.

You might be able to gamble a 3/20 pair of gloves, but they’re not all that hard to get anyway and while they fetch something, it’s not a huge amount.

Sure, you can gamble some GG gloves, but the odds of doing so are astronomically low compared to the circlets above.

Also, note that gambling for vamp gloves requires a high enough character level to make this a meaningful exercise. Selling 10m gold can be done by anybody starting out and doesn’t require time to gamble (12 minutes or there abouts).

12 minutes is the time it takes to farm about 3 million more gold.


You don’t have to supply Teemo if you don’t want to and yes it is more effort than just sell your 10-11m gold for Ist, but in order to do so you need a heavy gambler in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:. I was once a supplier of a heavy crafter and I got a Lo out of it in every 2-3-4 days depending on how much I played and he used to pay Ist for 10 vampirebone gloves, wyrmhide boots, armets.
Imo Ist is a fair offer, period.

Yes, it is a low risk way of getting runes though you have very minimal chances of gambling GG rare circlets so it is up to you which path you take. Again if you feel you wanna gamble for GG circlets then do so, you don’t have to supply Teemo with his crafting quest. :wink:

It depends on the market. 20 P amethysts used to be the market rate, now it’s closer to 13 as many people hopped onto the caster ammy crafting strategy over the last 2 months.

As margins are wearing thin in caster ammy’s now, more people are shifting to ruby based crafting. I know another guy that’s buying 8 vamp gloves for Ist but the economy is catching up on this now, much like rubies are going up in cost at the moment.

Yeah exactly. I’m simply providing the rationale of why Gul for 10 vamp gloves is a fair rate. Even then, I’m not doing this as a long term exercise but as a way to help Teemo out a bit for now and will return to circlet gambling again soon.

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I like how when people state their opinion, and then spell out the word “period”, it feels to them their opinion has become an irrefutable fact. It reminds me of “nanny nanny boo boo” " I know you are but what am I" “Are SO! Am NOT!” “Sticks and stones” “You’re rubber I am glue” etc etc etc.

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I achieved in D2 lod what I have with hard work and with lof farming so I know from experience that supplying a heavy crafter with items is a low hanging fruit and I don’t expect to Teemo to overpay for my efforts.
There are players like Teemo, Wally who gave a lot to the community here so when they need something it is the minimum that I try to support them at a reasonable price and I don’t expect overpaying from them (which they usually do anyway as they wanna buy in bulk spending less time with trades). :stuck_out_tongue:

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They overpay for effort, not value. You want incentive to wake up the real dormant GF Barbs? It is probably 2 Ist for 10… that puts them all on a boring grind of Trav for seven to 8 hours to flop out 100 Vampirebone gloves, maybe a decent rune or two, and maybe some charms to go with it. When they buy items that cannot be improved, they do not always overpay. It would be naivete to think that. I doubt they would disagree with that assessment either.

My opinion is that Ist is fair for 10 gloves, Onadroig thinks Gul is fair while you think 2 Ist is fair which shows that we are different in thinking and in expectations.
By the way if I wanted to craft heavily and needed lot of vamp gloves then I would come to the forum and offer Ist for 10 without asking the sellers whether my price was fair so no debates and meaningless discussions.

I don’t think 2 Ist is fair, I think it would wake up people with big boy GF Barbs (the only way to do this reasonably) and have them say “Too good to pass up”. I would have wasted 5-6 hours today. I don’t know how many gloves he wants. I also know 1 Ist or 1 Gul or 2 Ist means almost nothing to Teemo. Apparently to some, it does.

I hardly see an issue here if we’re quibbling over +/- Mal rune in value. That’s the thing about economies: nothing is set in stone as I’ve tried to explain.

But this goes beyond economies as well, it also depends on how badly someone wants those items. Teemo could change his offer to Ist tomorrow and still a few people can supply him with gloves, but it won’t be as many. Or he could offer Gul like he is now to ensure he gets some velocity on his crafting. In crafting, there’s a distinct advantage in being a first mover before the market gets flooded with the very GG things you’re trying to craft.

Besides, 4 months ago, Teemo was offering a Vex for 10, though I imagine he later learnt that was overpaying.

So, thought I’d give this a shot. Lvl 89.
Gambled 4 m in 15 mins (then ran out of cash) with walking back to chest to pick up cash and drop some semi-decent stuff. Got 2x Vampirebone.
Other semi-neat stuff:
Heavy Gloves/lvl 37: Not sure if these are useful for anything

  • 5% Bonus to attack rating
  • 12 to AR
  • 8 Strength
  • 14 Mana
  • 12% MF
  • 5 to Light Radius

Heavy gloves lvl 35:
+1 to Jav
20% IAS

  • 10 AR
    +4 Strength
    15% MF

Heavy lvl. 35:
20% IAS
43% E Def.
27% FR
11% PR
lvl5 Fire Arrow (32)

Heavy lvl 35: 20% IAS, 10% LR
Heavy lvl. 47: +3 bow, lvl 3 power strike (27 charges)
Sharkskin lvl. 45: +3 bow
Sharkskin lvl. 35: 20% IAS 16% PR
Sharkskin lvl. 30: +2 Martial 12% MF
Sharkskin lvl. 45: +3 Bow, rep. dura.
Heavy lvl. 35: 20% IAS

So have 2 gloves for you Teemo.

2 other pair I forgot about:
Heavy: +3 Jav, +3 replenish life
20% IAS
39% ED
15 Dex
7% FR
14% MF

Deathhusk is right with awakening the dormant thing.

At Ist for 10, its a good price for the players still building towards key items.

The higher the offer, the more players will interrupt their routine to find these gloves.

I imagine that Gul for 10 is enough to draw in a pretty large farming crowd.

Tip to help the farmers. If you get a vampirebone glove drop of any rarity, farm the rest of the map. Drops are seeded, so you’re more likely to drop another pair in the same spot.


Magic gloves: it must have +3 java skills/20% ias
Rare gloves: it must have +2 java skills/20% ias (other useful mods are #1 mana leech followed by life leech and/or resists

If you find such gloves then you can make extra profit selling them on top of the ones you gamble for Teemo.

I don’t have one so no idea what mods should be on the gloves.

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A lot of people are trying to judge whether the price is fair, but I think that will be decided by the market. If Teemo gets his gloves then the price was fair. The only thing that is clear to me is that Teemo is trying to BE fair (it seems to be his standard behavior.) Here are my thoughts, though.

People who might do this will probably be people with low wealth - like me. :stuck_out_tongue: Rich people probably will be off doing their rich people stuff. :slight_smile:

From my standpoint,

  1. My highest character is 87, so my results won’t be as good as those with level 95 characters.
  2. Getting 10 items will take a long time, and probably require even more time to farm gold (I don’t have a gold find barbarian.)

All that means that I won’t be farming for his gloves, and instead will be continuing my long-term effort to farm enough to trade for a Ber. :slight_smile:

That being said, I hope he gets his gloves, and if I find any, I will save them for him.