Obsidian Facet - Physical Element

I would like to suggest to the developers to add a Rainbow Facet-equivalent unique jewel for the physical element, and named the “Obsidian Facet.” The obsidian jet-black color seems fitting for the physical element.

Just like the facets for the elements of fire, cold, lightning and poison, this facet would have bonus physical damage, bonus damage to physical skills, and reduction to enemy physical resistance as shown below…

Obsidian Facet
Required Level: 49
100% Chance To Cast Level 45 War Cry When You Level-Up / Die
Adds 10-25 Physical Damage
+3-5% To Physical Skill Damage
-3-5% To Enemy Physical Resistance

The goal of the Obsidian Facet is to add more options for lowering enemy physical resistance while closing the gap between casters and melee/ranged physical builds.


Anything that provides AMP skill prock will brake physical immunes. But i guess more dmg can’t hurt melee and ranged physical builds. So one up from me!


When we are started with that, why don’t make one with magic damage as well, hammerdin is getting left behind nowadays?


good idea for pvm if they could somehow make it pvm only it wouldn’t be out of balance
but would suck in pvp there aren’t that many sources of dr
and ele druid is strong af


Not a good idea, makes Enhanced Damage jewels worthless.

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I honestly think this would be kinda decent. But it does conflict strangely with ED jewels. I feel like we should be able to add “facet only slots” to all gear that currently can’t slot.

the problem is that melee already starves for sockets

having my frenzy barb in mind, except for the armor, i dont know where i would put these, losing enigma/fort/CoH in the process

my helm is a Chamed Aface, i would need to swap it to a [3] white base or be lucky enough to actually find a good [2] rare barb helm

Another thing to consider is the same issue with elemental resistances. These negative resistance stats are QUITE powerful.

Not that physical builds would suddenly be OP but the problem is the way it might even compete with just regular gear. Potentially enough skill charms, and just white gear with Physical facets might be better than current options. Which would be kinda cringe more than anything. Just bad design.

The developers could make Obsidian Facets exceptionally rare items as compared to Rainbow Facets. This should alleviate any concerns. Heck, melee characters could use a decent power spike given that casters have been dominating this game for decades.

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Frankly, I think they should just make damage gained from Synergies piece immunity. Wont need the charms, and facets can be a nice addition for elemental damage.

Also can we do away with the On Death chance stuff. Its never any good. Only On Death Chance I would be interested in is XX% Chance to revive Merc on death or something.

Imo, the on death chance effects need to be changed to something else because “When you die lol, cast spell” has always been trash imo.

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Yes, please, this shoukd have been in game long time ago already. I will use your idea in my mod btw is thats ok :smiley:


Why are you all so worried about physical chars?
Like I’d be fine if they got cleave. But do you really face that many immunities???
Maybe they should just flat out make the charm stronger, but really you’re acting like this is all a curse to melee in PvM.

Heres a hint, most melee will always suck in PvM.
Horkers will still be god tier MFers
Uber killers will still just do ubers.

But I don’t care if the facet gave +100 and -100 most melee would still suck in PvM.

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Here’s a hint, it doesn’t have to stay that way. With a few changes from the developers, melee could be stronger characters.


Hers a hint that you missed. A facet will not change the fact that melee sucks in PvM. Even if they get rid of phsyical immunites from the game. Melee chars will still suck in PvM.

I respectfully disagree. With a handful of changes, such as adding this new facet, doubling the base damage of all weapons, and changing strength to give 3% bonus damage to 2H weapons (instead of 1%) and now melee characters are strong in PvM. This discussion is about one of those elements.

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Even with all those changes. Class will still suck PvM except WW maybe. The lack of AOE is what sucks about melee. Hork makes up for melee being bad in clear speed. You can disagree, but you can just go character edit the very best top teir gear, give yourself all the boosts you mentioned by making custom gear and you’ll still have a slow clear speed.

Agree that it will not fix the problem entirely that melee is underperforming, but I would like to think these changes would atleast move the needle in the right direction.

Cool idea. But most melees need splash damage to be viable.

And shapeshifters need access to enigma teleport to be farm viable vs. even other melees as their mobility issues triple the length of farming on that class, say vs. A barb with leap or access to enigma tp


Good idea but far too op.

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Melee characters OP, you must be joking. :stuck_out_tongue: But in all seriousness, what makes it too OP?

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