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People gotta be patient and understand how corporations work. It seems like such an easy thing to be like “Hey this is what’s happening” but its not that simple. It has to go through all these different chains of command, get approved, etc. They can’t just off the cuff make statements or divulge information without express authorization. I think the devs at most companies would love to be more communicative but it just doesn’t work that way because they aren’t friends its a business and they answer to more than the customer’s frustrations at the end of the day.


I’m just massively confused at to why their spikes were happening early morning. Makes close to 0 sense as far as the general game population is concerned.

Could be bots, could be ineptitude, there are a lot of different ways it could have shook out. But at the end of the day the spikes occurred and affected the whole pbase and they’re working to correct it. But you’re right tho its pretty weird that it was in the morning not a peak times at night.

  1. they never specify anything about these “spikes”
  2. they say their patch “exacerbated the problems caused by the spike”

one way to interpret this is they had a significant surge that would have been ok except some flaw with the patch
another is that the top X% of players really started hitting their farming stride and it broke this frail game, and Blizz scrambled to fix it then immediately made it way more worser,

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I’m actually impressed with the detail they listed off in the post. that would have required lots of teamwork to organize into that kind of list. hence why it takes a while to respond.

this is actually good stuff. you know of course if it’s all accurate and everything. Can’t blame the consumers for being hesitant with what they’re told sometimes.

good work

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Cant ask for anything more than that really I wonder if it will calm people down… probably not :smiley:

Because the Earth is round and the time zones change as you travel around said Earth. What is early morning US West coast is afternoon EU and evening Asia.

The GLOBAL database takes data from the entire world and everyone playing D2R. So when the GLOBAL population peak is hit there is an issue with the database.


Now if only we could get patch notes/change log…

No. This is the problem with some people, they’ve been screwed for so long, that they just learn to accept mediocrity and see this as the norm. Blizzard used to stand for something, they were the pinnacle of gaming at one point, you knew they loved the games they were making, they played the games they were making. Now, it feels like they want to rush everything, no passion, just pre-written scripts and quotes, what happened to the passion? D2R looks great and plays well, but you go almost a week without saying anything after several days of issues, issues that’ve been there since the launch… they’re just speaking? This isn’t acceptable. All we’ve gotten for weeks was, “We apologize for the issue, we appreciate your patience.” Then like a day or so ago, you implement the worst thing you could add… a 60-second lockout for creating and joining fails. Say nothing for 2 days and think that’s okay. It’s not. Everyone should be getting the game for free at this point.


Game companies used to be A LOT more independent as well and didn’t have complex corporate structures to contend with. If you want to have a “Burn the corporations, eat the rich!” conversation I’m all for it, but understanding the reality we live in isn’t complacency, its wisdom.

The problem is this has become the reality, Blizzard used to be great. Blizzard now… not a good company. They’ve become nothing more than EA… is soulless business that doesn’t care about their games. WC3 reforged? D2R and it’s issues? Is D4 even gonna be worth any anticipation? In WOW they kept going against the players and adding the same stuff everyone complains about… I understand change happens. But there is nothing wrong with expressing sadness and frustration for the downfall of a once beloved company.


Blizzard having an open communication with its player base is the first step in restoring the reputation of their company back to the glory days. I am happy that they decided to start working on that today.


You definitely have a problem with how the world works now, and I get it. Sure. You’re right. But that IS how it works, that’s not Blizzards fault, its not like they created the soulless corporate machine we all find ourselves in. They’re just being a business, staying competitive, and that means some things. You want to change the world, that’s great, me too. I’m with you. But it is what it is, corporate structures exist, saying its not fair or you deserve more doesn’t fix the problem and like I said, I’m sure the devs and the employees would enjoy more transparency instead of being flamed but its not in the cards. This isn’t the year 2000, its certainly not 1996, its 2021, welcome to it. We are sometimes beholden to circumstances that are beyond our control.

it’s nice to see them start to communicate a bit more.

hope they keep that going!



I don’t really know what to say to that, it was so… non-sensical. You want a great example? Grinding Gear Games. It’s not hard to care. That’s all we’ve ever wanted. You’re making this a world view issue… and not a game company issue. My dude, what?

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Grinding Gear was acquired by tencent in 2018, give it time that corporatism will sink in just the same. I don’t think you know how that all works so you just sit on the outside and complain about it. That’s ok.

Well, good thing these forums make it easy to add someone to ignore… you’re trying to twist this to suit your agenda. Good luck with that bud.

Thing is they were putting out a horrible, repetitive nothingburger of a statement on twitter every day. Even just saying they don’t have a statement ready but are preparing one would go a long way.


It’s hard for Blizzard to predict exactly how much server bandwidth they’re going to need. Buy too much and they’re wasting money. And the issues are more complex than just bandwidth.