Now that's what I'm talking about

Ehhh… you missed some there:

  1. The patch, along with unprecedented spike demand, above launch day, caused the issue

  2. They then undid the patch on the server and the demand hit a new high causing another crash

It appears while the patch might not have helped it wasn’t the root cause of the crashing in subsequent days

Yeh I was getting a bit aggravated by that too mostly because it happened within 15 mins of me sitting down to play three days in a row :confused:

But at least we know sort of what’s going on now. That blue post helps a lot at least for me anyhow I expect quite a few people will still go crazy every time the servers go down though no matter what the reason for it is.

Some of the threads people made really made me laugh though, the guy who’s supposedly reported blizzard to the FTC or whatever it was lol was my favourite

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That’s the statement that was probably approved, they can’t say anything that doesn’t have a stamp on it especially when its a persistent issue that affects their shareholders. I’m not even disagreeing that it sucks, because it does, but nobody should be surprised unless they’re 10 years old, new to gaming, or have been living under a rock the last 15 years.

Yeah I agree. It’s just a bad situation though and you would think they would have learned their lesson by not communicating to WoW players the last decade plus.

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And knowing the issue at least, for me, helps to have some understanding. I can still be disappointed in the issues but I can think through them rationally now that we know more which is a +


While that is true, the issue is not about server bandwidth.

It is about the database infrastructure and architecture being able to handle that amount of data for that many players at once on a global level. It was old code and not scaled for that.

The limits they are testing are not for bandwidth either, it is to reduce strain on the database.

I really appreciate that they went into detail, a lot more than I expected them to publicly say!


I bet about 50% of people actually read the entire post :smiley:

I understand and appreciate the explanation. It’s a 20 year old game with a new coat of paint. Well this is my all time favorite game and I would appreciate Blizzard tell us what to expect with ladder and if there will be any other online only content. If not I would be happy just playing offline since ladder runewords are already available.

The problem is that every single time they release anything they have these issues. This isn’t exclusive to D2R, and what people who are complaining about this truly want is for Blizzard to stop acting like they aren’t a fortune 500 company and plan for this crap ahead of time.

Please explain to me how this is acceptable for one of the biggest names in gaming when other companies who experience much more online traffic per hour have no issues keeping their hardware working properly. I will wait.

Then why this level of surprise?

They are, publicly traded too, that’s why the response was so delayed which is my whole point.

Never said it was, just explaining why it took so long to get communication.

Yes, you will, with the rest of us, all morning.

i sometimes wonder if some of the devs come to these forums and post incognito to let us know what the deal is. had a feeling a few times in the past already.

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I wouldn’t doubt that. Its got to be frustrating being blamed for a slow corporate response when its entirely out of your control. I’m sure the devs love Diablo just as much as we do, probably play it themselves, and share our frustration 100%. Bottom line and budget sucks at my job sometimes, and people forget they are just men and women doing a job not masters of the universe.

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And I’d bet about 50% of the people who actually read it dismissed what they read and continue to demonstrate their willful ignorance on the forums by continuing to complain regardless of what they read.


To be fair, game down, for any reason, is frustrating and people certainly are going to complain. I don’t blame anyone for that. They paid for a game that does not work when they want it to work. Not just one day or two, but many in a row.

It is also frustrating though to watch folks rightfully demand an explanation and plan forward, then ignore it when provided. I guess it is wishfull thinking that people will instead discuss the issues in context of the explanation and plans.

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The problem for me lies in the fact that I did not pay 40 euros (twice since I also bought it for a friend) just for a graphics overhaul, but for a remaster that was meant to work. OF COURSE, the 20-year-old architecture would not hold up for 2021 when MMOs are now mainstream. Add to that the fact that I never played battlenet back in the day. All I and many people wanted was LAN multiplayer so we could single-player and MAYBE play with a couple of friends/family. They shoehorned a lot of players onto their servers knowingly. Their decisions made us pay for a product that does not fulfill our needs and I have every right to moan about it or ask for a refund. And no, while I appreciate their honest ( I truly do), I paid for a product and demand to have it in a working state. Its not like most of us can tell our customers we f-up deal with it.

I don’t blame anyone for complaining. It’s not about blame.

It’s about people not setting their own expectations when Blizzard has already clearly set the expectations for them. If they’ve read the thread, they will have all the “answers” they need- but those who continue to demonstrate willful ignorance are choosing to complain regardless because they disagree with the solution Blizzard has chosen.

Now, sure they have a right to continue to complain. But what does that really accomplish? How is that going to decrease the amount of time it takes to resolve issues? It’s not “incentivizing” Blizzard to do anything, they’re already well aware it’s going on.

Not all criticism is constructive. Sometimes, it’s just plain destructive. And sometimes, there really are people who just want to watch the world burn. Just as there’s people out there who live on “concessions” and everything being handed to them because all they ever do is complain. Then there’s some who continue to conflate “connection issues” with their apparent inability to accept that D2R wasn’t what they had set their own expectations for- they clearly didn’t pay attention to what Blizzard told them from the first announcement and decided to purchase it anyway. So they brigade in other issues to get attention instead of accepting they purchased the wrong product.

Yeah, it’s frustrating. And sometimes, people are just going to keep throwing tantrums because that’s how they’ve gotten their way their entire lives.

I mostly agree, which is why this the only post I made in years on the forums. However, I have to wonder if and ever blizzard will understand that they are driving their cash generating truck off a cliff. I have been a blizzard fan boy since Warcraft 2 and purchased almost every game. I will let you guess when I started not buying their products. Having as any expectation the ability to access the product you bought is more important than realizing the content is now lousy or the game is not what it once was (WOW I am looking at you). The latter was my fault when I bought yet another lousy expansion. The former is not. I never payed for a services that was predetermined to be unavailable. Destructive criticism and boycotting future products does work I am afraid however since it seems its the only thing making them listen. Bad press and worse bottom lines. There is a difference however with throwing tantrums (I will report them to the authorities LOL) and massively posting our displeasure on the forums and social media. We ARE the client base and most of us are pissed

Is this an admission, then?

Admission of what? Perhaps I should have the last tantrum in brackets to make it clear. Some of us are just saying very loudly to both the company and other potential buyers beware. Not every complain is a tantrum. And as a client base we have the right to complain repeatedly and demand a stable product. Destructive for the game maybe in the short term. But if they understand their errors maybe better for the company in the long run. Blizzard has shown so far that they at least try to listen (for a while) to what the community says.

And while I would hope that would be the case, I don’t expect everyone to be a novelist in eloquently phrasing said complaints.