NL, GG Rare Sorc Coronet (DONE)

2 all
20 fcr
7 max
26 str
35 lres
2 soc


price for this coronet?

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If i could know). I would like to see if there is interest in it and wait for offers

let me start with a Ber


but for fire Flickering gives 3 skills and -15%fr
and for lightning Griphons eye is way better
and for cold there’s Nightwings vale which gives +15% and -5% and cold likes + damage more.

so i dont see much use for that coronet unless you dont have any of the above.

i cant seem to imagine it would be worth a ber, is this some kind of price fixing scheme? i was going to offer a mal at most.

you’re funny, but don’t think narrowly


GG headgear bud, its niche but pretty sick and rolled with 2 OS !! i hope you can get the most out of it for a nice price :slight_smile:


Dude…. You wanted to sell demon machine for a Jah rune and you think this head piece is worth a Mal???

Plz explain


In fact, plz don’t …… just go back to general discussion side.


ignore him dude. feeding troll just makes them go worse


Thank you, bro! ) I would like it to be like that too.)


i think you just forget how good a shako really is.

now please explain to me what class would wear this helm and also not be wearing enigma? it rolled str not dex, so my pally couldnt use it. i mean it’s nice and all but it’s not a shako. no sorc could use it. necro? probably your best bet but no mf on there so far from bis. if it had like 3 to nado or something then now we’re talkin.

You have to answer my question first about you trying to sell a demon machine and selling it for a Jah rune….You do that, and I will tell you why this is a good circlet

I don’t think you will answer my question tho

If you tell me that, I will tell you about this circlet and why Rusty wants it

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i’m sorry but i do not reveal contract details of my clients. privacy is proper etiquette.

I knew you would come at me with some turd response—that is what happens when you have no honor, nor integrity

Well, guess you will never know about This circlet

One thing is for certain tho……you have no idea about this game

Clients…… more like victims it seems

Also, you understand that you post on a public forum so it’s ironic/moronic that you hide behind privacy.

whoa whoa whoa relax.

why are you even interfering with the negotiation between myself and the op? it isnt your helm to sell, and as far this this helm goes i’ve yet to be sold. Do you want this mal or not, op?

if it’s worth more than a mal, then i literally am bringing that to the attention of other potential customers by inquiring as to why.

Playing the, “I am as dumb as a fox card”
God, you reek Bravata

Now I am involved —mainly because I feel bad for strato and Rusty is my boy, whom I will gift the helm too

2 ber for the helm here
Strato, pretty sure we are friends already
If you have final price in mind, just dm me dude


“i just found an amazing 3ele/20fcr all res life diadem but it dawned on me that even though it rolled godly, it’s not a pelt, and a 5 skiller pelt with similar stats would be better right? why isnt the player in the video using a pelt? do pelts not come with fcr?” -Bravata