New PTR, How do we get it?

i just would like to say thank you for all that u do here. I’m sure you don’t get it enough. You have always been extremely helpful here. and I’m sorry u need to deal with people like him.

Blizzard doesn’t deserve you. <3
( yes i know you don’t work for blizzard, they still don’t deserve you)

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The only thing Miss Cheetah does is white knight. When the people are most irritated and at the ends of their temper, that is when Miss Cheetah pokes. Today, is not that day. I kindly asked her to stop responding to me and it worked for a long time.

I have no clue who you are. None. I reply to posts that I can answer a question on, or have an opinion on. Replying to someone is not “antagonizing” them. Particularly when the information is dry gaming info.

You not liking that is your problem. If you can’t handle seeing a post by someone, use Ignore. If you feel a post breaks the forum rules, use Report.


I’ve seen how much crap you get for having the green text. I’ll bet you wish you could turn it off at times. :grimacing:

I am used to it. I should not HAVE to be, but I am. Some people really need to have some sort of focus for their anger I guess, or maybe they just hate the color green?

No idea, if someone really gets that upset, or dislikes a poster so much, they have the Ignore feature on the forums. They should use it.

Anyway, on the subject of the PTR we should see a news post of some sort this afternoon on it, or at least an update if QA has to delay it for some reason.


I don’t hate your color. I hate your blind devotion. The last time we argued we had to have a blue step in to give us an update on missing characters. So, they finally responded. It still didn’t change the fact you were poking every person who had lost 30 hrs or more of game time. You were not popular at all that day.

The dude is starting unnecesary conflict by entitlement. We use to pat these kind of people, whit a chair to the face, and throw them out of the pub. They would pick up a fight whit a bus, and then play victim when it runs over them.

Calls MissCheetah out for (allegedly) antagonizing (see:not true) you.
Proceeds to antagonize her.
The pot calling the kettle black.

Oh shoot, now I’m antagonizing. :<
If you don’t like well researched and well spoken responses to your posts, I will reiterate what she has said several times now - use the ignore function and get on with your life instead of responding to her each time she says something, further upsetting yourself for no reason other than to use her responses as a guise in which to flame post her.

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I’m hoping it’s ready by the time I’m home. I’d like to see these server-side improvements and praying it includes changes or improvements to the refresh query of the game list.


Yesterday PezRadar said on Twitter that there would be a post as well. So I would wait for that instead of checking the client.

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Check launcher, it’s there now.

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Test as much as you can folks, BREAK THE PTR!!!11!11 (well, try to)

Bust out them Pindle runz!!

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Yep. Notes are up

Works exactly like Jedi and I said.

Everyone who has D2R has access. use the drop down over the play button to select the PTR. If it is not there, restart launcher to force an update.

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Mine wasn’t showing up after I saw the blue post. I force Exited bnet launcher by right clicking on it in the system tray and exiting. When I loaded up the launcher it was there and i started the download.

This may help some of you that dont see it yet.

You’re just being baited. The best way to deal with people who antagonize and only gain value out of their lives by trolling others is to put them on ignore.

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OK, choose the dropdown, then install client.

PTR is up

yet blizz never gives whats new in the ptr or a hint at the runewords yet?

select from your launcher , but nothing to test other then entering and exiting games literally a PTR where the expect you to log in and out of games to test server stability yet there will not be enough traffic on the PTR to test this properly.

i got D2 ressurected but when i use the popdown menu at the game i get no such option to add the PTR realm for D2R

That’s no surpirise since PTR is over, and new patch is already live.