Need Refund didn't buy Queue Simulator

Sitting at que position 120 for several minutes now… its 7am on sunday… who the frick is clogging the que?? What is this crap… billion? dollar company and cant buy servers???

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Agree I want a refund now, and they’re thinking this is a permanent solution wtf


Imagine paying for a game, then being told you’re not allowed to play it unless you stand in a line every time you want to use it. Oh, and you’ll be sitting in that queue every time the game crashes, which is ALL the time. It’s not small wonder Blizz is coming apart at the seams.


sounds like any theme park to me

I have yet to see a que to login until this morning - is this new or an internal issue with the server?

all i am reading is crying i live in the us. I was in a que at 200ppl was in que for 20 min or so. game crashes occasionally. nothing to complain about here just a bunch of people crying
“omg there is a que im refunding” or “i payed for a service i want a refund or im getting the bbb involved”. stop crying (vicarious visions) blizzard is trying if you read there post here: Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward please actually read this and understand what the issue is and stop crying like babys. if you are getting a refund good for you nobody cares go on with your life and stop crying.

180 in queue :sleepy: Wen server resurrection?

224 in Queue for 20 minutes now have not moved up a single digit. This is an absolute disaster and I will refund if it becomes available.

if they banned IPs that spam the .coms we would be sitting a little it better…


Well I have been at 253 for well over 10 minutes so it makes me feel better I’m not the only one stuck like this. I think it would even be better if your queue actually updates when your position moved rather than just sit forever. Even the ability to play single player while waiting in the queue would be a big help. but this is simply putting a band aide on a gunshot at this point. It’s useless and the fanbase is getting more agitated every day.

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awesome game but when you can not play makes it worthless :frowning:

My Queue is currently 506 and it’s not going down waiting 1 hour. WTF is wrong with Blizzard they are worst company ever!!! REFUND ASAP!!!

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how can there be a queue that doesn’t move at this time on a sunday???
How can you be this amateurs.

Looks like its moving finally. I was at 214 and now at 125.

This is the last time I’m spending money on a blizzard game. How can it be this unplayable? From day one server issues, problems joining games, crashes and now queing issues?


Really? Because my que went UP.

Let me repeat that in case you didn’t see it properly.

My que went from 210 to 231. No, I didn’t restart the game. People actually skipped me in line.

This whole thing is a dumpster fire joke.

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OMG!!! I’m tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootally getting enough for getting queued for 1 hour and getting disconnected often!!!


This is either sarcasm or your bar for humor is so far underground, moles are tripping over it.

It’s just a late April Fools joke, servers will be up and running in January


They fundamentally changed the game. I try to log in on a sunday morning and get an 1+ hour queue??? Ya, definitely getting my money back. They will either give it to me on appeal or as someone else said, the CC company will investigate and pull it.

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