My actions leading up to "character already in game" bug happening

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So as the title implies, I am experiencing the same issue as many others. Most of the posts I’m seeing are more of complaints than anything else so, I thought I’d add a post that gives context to the time/actions taken when the bug appeared.

Account name: WolfSlayer #1199
Directly affected character: Javy_Baby
Indirectly affected character(s): Toasty_Toes (and any I create new)

First off, I left a game which I had made myself. (~45mins spent in that game)
About 1-3 mins spent in lobby looking for Myphisto runs.
Game found and successfully entered.
Took wp from A4 to A3. Did recon and found out boss just got finished off (people were leaving, saw tp to boss room disappear), sent in game message to others joining to let them know, then immediate save&quit once message appeared in chat. Time spent in game <1 min.
Found and tried to join another game as it filled. 3 in game when “join” was started. Went into loading screen briefly but got booted for reason “Game Full.”
Time spent in lobby prior to join attempt: ~30 seconds.
All Following join and game creation attempts on this character began to be met with the “character already in a game” message. Including attempts at manually and automatically created games.

Tested other character (Toasty_Toes)
Result: All join/creation attempts met with “An issue occurred communicating with game surver” message.

Hard reset game. Waited ~10 mins. Tested both characters.
Result: same messages for respective characters.
Closed out game.

Started looking for answers. Nothing useful found. Began writing this.

After roughly an hour since last try, attempted logging in with characters again.
Started with Toasty_Toes
Result: Now receives “character already in a game” message.
Tried Javvy_Baby
Result: Now receives “Issue occurred Communicating with game server” message

Current Status: Now able to get the respective error messages to swap between the two characters if reattempting in reverse order.
Steps to achieve this effect:
1.) Try game creation with one character.
2a.) If “already in game” message received; try other character.
2b.) If “Issue occurred communicating” message is displayed; immediately attempt again with same character.
3.) Wait roughly 45 sec-90 sec. (noticed this timing seems similar to my Average wait time when normally creating/entering games.)
4.)The messages should now be switched.

The above process appears infinitely repeatable.