Make Bold Move, Nerf Hammerdin

The community feedback was TZ content was too easy for Hammerdins. Adding Sundered Charms does not address that specific problem, and at best, is a bandaid solution. Instead of addressing the problem with a simple, and effective solution, they take a convoluted haphazard approach.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the concept of the new charms expanding build options for end-game farming, but that does not address the issue of Hammerdins dominating TZ’s.

I strongly urge the developers to reconsider removing the effect of Concentration from Blessed Hammers. Nerfed hammers at 5-6K is still one of the best skills in the game and allows you to run different auras- Salvation, Meditation, etc. This opens up build diversity.

Nerfing with a measured hand is good for the longevity of the game and is the best path forward. Thanks for re-consideration.


Then they should nerf javzon & Sorcs too. Which both clear faster than a hammer pally. Also they know if they nerf hammerdins it would kill the game. They aren’t that stupid…


They need to transform half hammer damage into fire .) Easy fix.

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Eh I think jav/sorc are not as good as hammerdins. Hammerdins kind of need enigma but jav/sorc need infinity.

Hammerdin is Better with less gear. Jav/sorc definitely top tier, but hammerdins are better

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When I was a single player, I need hammerdin to solo, so nerf it is not a good idea for offline.

Hammerdins need more areas where there are magic immunes, just like most other classes/builds have to deal with.

Some of the popular farming areas need to have magic immunes rolled into their guest monster lists.

It might prompt Hammerdins to improvise and diversify their builds in order to handle them, just like most other classes/builds have to do.

The Sunder charms would then be a way for Hammerdins to rock the hammernados again like old times, instead of magic Sunder charms just being a buff for the Hammerdin to handle Baal throneroom wave 2 more easily.


Yeah, monsters need more immunity, lets give them sunder charms to change it to no immune monsters instead.

Then lets go on the forums and clamor for more immune monsters to magic damage to make bonespear 100% trash spear. You know because its so fun to not use bonespear and just spam a huge aoe corpse explosion that is level 1, and if not, its on a poison necro that has it maxed for more AOE PHYSICAL DAMAGE, you know what, lets get rid of amp while were at it. Get rid of lower resist and infinity, in fact, just make every monster immune to every attack, then we can finally play the game like we were supposed to, with our thumbs up our rectum.

God this is beyond comprehensible ignorance.

It wouldn’t be “hell” otherwise… So yeah, agreed.


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Fix Concentration aura to not interact with hammers and give it a 50% buff.
Doing so would free up the hammerdins aura so it can use salvation for safety, redemption for mana/life or a holy damage one to help on killing magic immunes and speedclear.
No needs for charms and TZs would be great and difficult.


Balancing a single overtuned build will kill the entire game? I doubt it.

What would happen is some meta-chasers would throw a temper-tantrum on social media for 2 weeks. Probably a few dramatic and tear-filled posts about how they’re going back to LoD. Then life would continue as usual.

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Agreed. Nerfing the hammerdin would be good for the game, and within a few months, people would simply adjust their builds and move on talking about nerfing the jav/sorc next and rightfully so. Within a few cycles of this, the game would achieve closer balance between all the classes. But, this starts with the developers willing to take bolder moves.

nerfing hammerdins so they do 10k instead of like 19k would not be game breaking.

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Agreed. Why do so many people complain about hammer nerf? Nerfed hammers would still be one of the best skills in the game. They just need to be taken down a notch.

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right? and they would still be one of the best classes in the game. their dmg is actually insane. it’s not balanced one bit. especially with no immunes…

even if a hammerdin did about 5k in hell mode, they would be RIPPING it up. but at about the rate of other classes… lol. the 15-20k hammer pallies are such a snooze fest. i’m actually surprised people like playing it, it’s so boring.

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The thing with magic immunes or resists is other classes like bone necro are okay now, but you can’t destroy them to fix hammerdins.
They are pretty weak as is so more magic immunes hurts them or nerfing magic damage

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Well they could always add “ignores resistances” to the necro spells… Just like they did to Hammers back with patch 1.10. (removed in 1.13)

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Oh yeah okay. As long as they don’t destroy other builds to fix hammerdins.
Hammerdins are the only build class I think does need a nerf. I’d leave everything else like sorc/javs. They are fine there will always be a top tier of builds. I just think hammerdins having no immunes to deal with are really op

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Agreed. Hope the devs are listening.