Life leech item does not give Act I merc health on hit

D2R: I equipped my Act I Rogue merc with a “7% life stolen per hit” bow. Whenever she hits a monster, I can see a red aura around her that indicates life steal. However, when she is injured, her health bar doesn’t incrementally fill per hit, not even one pixel. Are life leech weapons no longer supposed to provide mercs with health?

They do work. Make sure to do ENOUGH damage (per second) to sustain health.

a) higher weapon damage helps
b) higher base or additional attack speed helps too

I never tested this with an Act 1 merc, though. My experiences are based on Act 2 mercs.

Yeah it doesn’t work for Act 1 merc. The bow is a pretty powerful and fast socketed bow with a single AMN rune for 7% life leech. I’m watching her hitting monsters who can provide health (not skeletons) at a fast pace, and her health bar doesn’t fill up one bit. This used to work great back in the day with noticeable visual results.

The bow does have two TAL runes (75 poison damage over 5 seconds) in the other sockets, so maybe these runes interfere with life leech, which is still a bug.

Okay, I had the merc panel open to watch the current life / max life numerical values while she was hitting monsters, and her current life value did not increment at all. So it’s not a health bar visual issue but a deeper, more serious issue.

For kicks-and-giggles, I then equipped my merc with a helm that has 5% life stolen per hit, and exact same issue. So it appears that any life leech item doesn’t work for the Act I archer merc.

Um, if she has 5% LL on hat, and she hits enemy with her arrows … say she does 10 damage as she hits and gets back 5%, that’s 1/2 a point, all the while she is taking 5 damage at the same time … you won’t see any incrementals showing up that small …

Never see this probol, my act 1 mercenary recover life in atacks.
Can you say your setup item?