Lag when using a Controller on PC

I have an Xbox controller connected via bluetooth to my pc. As long as this is turned off the game runs nice and smooth. If I turn on and try to use my controller the entire game suddenly begins to lag. It’s unplayable right now with my controller.


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Can you play with the controller? I am getting the “Please reconnect controller” message every 30 seconds.

I was actually getting that same error in Beta and resolved it by updating the firmware on my controller. Connect it to your PC using a usb cable, and download and run the Xbox Accessories app. It will update your firmware for you.

Exactly same problem for me.
I am using win10 and xbox one s controller. The game runs smoothly with keyboard and mouse mode. but once I switch it over to gamepad mode it starts to get laggy. It happens mostly when outside the town and during the battle.

I can confirm (and have captured video) this issue - I can reproduce this 100% of the time.

  • Xbox One controller connected via Bluetooth: FPS takes massive hit, maybe 25% or less of normal performance.
  • Xbox One controller connected via USB: Works without issue
  • No Xbox controller (just Keyboard/Mouse): Works without issue

I took a quick video, when I had the controller connected via Bluetooth - this is running in ‘high’ at 1440p, the FPS drops to 30fps and even lower, with severe stuttering. Mid video I take the batteries out of the Xbox One controller (you see the controller prompt for a split second), and my FPS returns to it’s normal ~110fps with no stutters:
(Can’t post URL links - it’s a video on streamable, streamable-dot-com/91g4hm)

It’s actually slow just moving around the main menu also.

Turn off vibration in the D2R game play menu (under controller) it fixed the issue for me.

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I’ve been having this exact issue! I noticed my FPS drops a decent amount (10+) once the controller is connected and the UI changes to the controller layout. I’m using a wireless Xbox One controller VIA bluetooth. I’ll try that suggestion to turn off vibration and see if that resolves it.

Hey there,

I cannot confirm a specific issue with controllers but I can say we have seen a few reports specific to bluetooth being used for the controller connection. Enough that if you haven’t already done so, I recommend posting the issue in the bug report forums to help our QA teams investigate.

I also recognize some players with this issue have been able to solve the issue either through updating firmware, software, disabling some advanced controller functions with the game or by direct connection. All this information is helpful to include both here for other players to see as well as part of an official bug report on the bug report forums to help both other players encountering the issue find a work around and to help our investigation as well. Thank you all for contributing information to this thread.

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You’re brilliant! Turning off vibration resolved my issue! FPS is back to normal. Previously I was seeing 60-65 FPS and under 50% GPU utilization. With the vibration option turned off my FPS is typically in the 90s and GPU utilization is 90%+! Thank you for the recommendation!

Hi Kershew,

A friend did this using mouse and keyboard (no controller) and noted a significant fps improvement.

I’ll post all these details in the bug forum.