Ladder ends next week

I would say stuff like more than 20 characters, in game runeword list, etc more along the life of a quality of life feature as opposed to an actual gameplay one. Besides, I doubt it’d require much extra work to increase an account’s character cap.

Lower your expectations, D2R is not a live service game, every content you get after the release you get for free.


Except that it is a Live Service Game. It’s just not supported by a monetization model, hence that live service will be restricted to what can be done with the game.

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Unlike Resurrected’s existing tweaks to the original Diablo II, which can be toggled on or off in the game’s settings, patch 2.4 won’t be optional. Everyone playing Diablo II: Resurrected will receive the patch and all the balance changes that come with it. That’s because, as Gallerani described it, Diablo II: Resurrected is a live-service game. For those who want a classic Diablo II experience, Gallerani points to the fact that the original Diablo II is still playable and won’t be going away.

“If you love Diablo II, unchanged, as it was, that game is still there,” he said. “We are not taking that away from players.”


That’s so nitpicking.

D2R is the same way a Live Service Game as Starcraft2 is.

And please always remember how the officially advertise the game - on their website, visible for everyone:

“Classic gameplay—the same Diablo II you know and love, preserved.”

If they would think differently, they would change that within a few minutes.
But they don´t.

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Yes thats what D2R is, It’s a box game that get patches whenver they want, same as old D2 before blizz north end. I only expect some QoL and balance changes. I hope I’m wrong.

That quote is directly from the article, from direct contact with the lead dev. I can’t find the other article (thought I had it bookmarked), but Gallerani has also been quoted “We don’t really make out of the box games anymore, it’s a live service…” which was a shortly before launch article.

D2R will be like D3 is right now, with a PTR system in place for incremental updates, patch goes live, new season, mid season patch for as long as they decide to keep the game live service. This is the undeniable facts of where D2R currently is, and will have at least one more of these beyond Ladder Season 2 before Diablo 4 launches, then we’ll see.

From there we’ll see what the community wants. We don’t really make a boxed product anymore, where we give it to you and we’re done with it. It’s a live game, a live service. We’ll continue to have that relationship between us and the community as they start playing it.

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Hm yea a bit out of time, lots of players planned that there is a new ladder end of august :confused: (whould have been 4 monthe afaik)

But what u think about fixing some real big bugs in the game first instead of bringing new stuff which u have to fix again ? And make the end game XP grind better for team players. There´s a huge xp confusion when killing baal, so not a whole group can progress together, the race will be won by some guys which have a huge community + support. Also there is still this old wave 2 bug. I wonder if the devs ever tried making a 99 in a team.

Also the chat still is buggy, u always get interupted by trade channel, + all these spam bots in lobby. What about banning bots and cheaters more often as they are set up new in a few days.

Still there are no proper ingame lobbys where u could organize with players.

And please please dont make it to an any kind of pay to play, that whould destroy the whole game !

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Have you guys decided that Diablo 2 Resurrected and Legacy Diablo 2 aren’t the same thing; and Diablo 2 Non-Expansion Characters should have a shared stash because it’s a Diablo 2 Ressurected feature, not a Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction feature? If you’re concerned about Diablo 2 being preserved…. You still sell the legacy game. It’s preserved.

Classic Players want the shared stash. We also paid for the game, we are the ones who actually play that mode, and we would like a big ol’ shared stash!

There are Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction features like Act 5, Runes, Runewords, Elite Items, Elite Sets, etc.

Then there are Diablo 2 Patch features like Synergies, and bug fixes.

And then there are Diablo 2 Resurrected features, like a Shared Stash, improved graphics, auto gold pick up, and the “more stats” tab.

Shared stash came out with D2R, not LoD, and so it only makes sense that we get a shared stash too. Please don’t be stubborn about this.

God Speed!

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Please don’t break things like you guys did with FHR, WW, Werebear.


Why do we need a PTR for next ladder? Just launch next ladder like a week after the first one. Don’t wait 3 months before it launches.

We need a ptr for the changes. The changes will be implemented before ladder, so you know what they screwed up and play pala and blizzard sorc again

Do we really need any changes though? I’m not sure what they are proposing but I don’t think it’s needed imo


Yes we need changes. No not every change is good.

They messed up fhr WW werebear and they should fix those issues. Also they should work on qol features like shared stash for our classic friends.


What ladder??? The 4 month bot-fest?? You call THAT a ladder season??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Get real!

The only peeps making out are D2 stores. Standard real players … well … you get a a Timberland sized 13 boot tread across your face and you WILL like it!!!

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the limited amount of builds people actually play makes alot of cool items worthless, they have made some progress but there is still lot that can be done to remedy the situation.

summon druid is a fun meme build, it should be a real build. the martial art sin still isnt being uses. I hope they get around to “fixing” this, even if people feel its unnecessary.

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turbo bear will never return. He was replaced by speedy wolf

Big patch needs to test before they release ladder =)) big patch, must mean something like items balance, or new runewords to test?


Make it optional so the grumpy old people and gloom and doom guys will not get a stroke as soon as they see it.


Roll back FHR and FBR. Don’t make the FHR and FBR option meaningless


Implement a larger stash for the classic community!!!

We are just 50.000 players but still!