Ladder ends next week

tbh its starting to feel like a joke, in PoE i can buy a pinky hat - they can update the entire system, make new content new randomization of areas…
Diablo i can pay 50 bucks and they can’t even make a patch right…

According to most forums ladder reset should be late august… And here we are LATE august and not even patch notes?`
There is probably no new content either, no new mechanics, mehh 50 buchs out the window for this crappy game that doesnt live up to standards of a 2020 game for sure…

Omg, I remember one Seks topic on visual enchancements… They will make unique monsters bigger. They need time to measure their sizes precisely :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. At last, so much needed. They are listening!!

You 100% damn right!!!

Well what about we have new community management for D2R?

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Always the same story, over and over since D2R comes out, we should have new season in next week but no, what about info after info after info

Uh sorry to correct you but D2R is the only Diablo game blizzard develops

This week announcements were about DiablWow3 and it’s spiritual sequel Diablwow4

Nothing to do with Diablo franchise

Oh that means you will not play D4? Thank you Satan! :grin:

No, that means from what they showed us so far Diablo 4 is a copy paste from Diablo 3, therefor not a Diablo game

The community has spoken

The majority don’t want Diablo 3 and especially it to have any influence on Diablo 4, but they clearly didn’t listen

And who are you to say what is a Diablo game what is not? I could say that D2 is not a real Diablo game, because it has nothing to do with D1, it’s much easyer, skills points suck, story is meh, runewords suck, and i could go on. Just as many D1 fans got upset with D2, like D2 fans with D3. Pull your head out of your a$$, and see the reality. Oh wait you can’t, beacuse you’re an over zelous fanatic, not a real fan.

It know that interview and that website misinterpreted his quote.
Also know the “box games quote”. Live service game could mean anything from just keeping servers online and reseting ladders every few months, to constantly adding new content like in Immortal and D4.

They advertise that hard btw for Immortal and D4, not just in a random quote.

And again - look at their website, the official infopage of the game, the place where you can buy D2R.
“Classic gameplay—the same Diablo II you know and love, preserved.”

You don´t find anything like this on the D3 webpage.

That’s not true. But I’m sure you find plenty of proof for this.

Might be a good advice for yourself, you made me defend seks and that tells a lot


where did they say that ladder ends next week?

Says a lot more than you think. But it still doesn’t matter. Blind follow the blind. :man_with_probing_cane::man_with_probing_cane:So funny to see this thrashing. :laughing:

Change paladin thorns aura this is a never used skill… Make it more interesting (masskiller)

Activate skell akt changing in classic mode like lod got it,

poisn dagger - change to masskiller

Think about poisn and explode potions its part of game but none plays it… Increase the dmg to make it workable, that would be fun,

you got a lot options and a large community with a lot ideas… Listen to the community or let the community help you…

Thorns is super easy to fix

It’s not longer returned damage

It’s now based on your default attack

This would be a great buff to the skill but also to the 2 handed weapons

Also super easy to change

Just make it spawn poisonous flying scimitars when you kill with poison dagger

Shares summon number with revives

Keep covering your ears and leave the blindfold on if you want. That tagline was marketing buzz, and doesn’t mean what you are trying to make it out to be. If you have not figured out that the devs are using the community response to update the game, then you’ve ignored every sign that has happened and have made excuses in your head to disregard anything that doesn’t follow that narrative you’ve built. Doesn’t mean that they are going to turn the game into podpd2, but if you hadn’t realized the track of 2.3, 2.4, and now 2.5 then that’s on you.

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No, thats simply a product description. Like the amount of kcal of my cheese.

Some random quote of an interview should be more important than that? While there there 10 time more quotes where they state the exact opposite?

While you might get something with 2.5 the end of those weird changes will come very soon anyway - D4 is gladly just around the corner.

HEY BLIZZARD!!! Give us a shared stash!!! -The Entire Classic Community!!!


This is why they don’t respond.
Because of spoiled kids like you where no matter what it’s never enough.

Grow the eff up or go touch grass.
Get triggered kid


Lalalalala…I can’t hear you! Dude, get a clue. Almost every article of interviews last year hinted updates, and said the exact same thing that they would listen to the community.