Kudos to D2R Team

Hi D2R Team,

I just would like to say, I appreciate that you have posted this detailed report.

I don’t want to post in Facebook since I am currently “working” and my colleagues would see that. LOL!

No one likes outages or any issues and these things are really not avoidable but could be minimized and I see that you are sincere and working hard to have this issues fixed and addressed. Please keep up the good work and I really appreciate what you have done so far. Thank you.


tl;dr “we didn’t know people liked Diablo 2 and didn’t have enough servers.”

This is the root of the whole problem really. They didn’t realize that there have been hundreds of thousands of people waiting a decade for a remaster, ready to start running Pindle and Baal 22 hours a day to gear up their PKers.


LOL not even close
They know EXACTLY how many copies have been sold.
They say they “expirienced an unexpected surge” so is that 1.35X the expected game creations is it 10x 100x?
They also said they were aware of some of these issues during development, and yet here we are.


It’s not always the case that the issue is simply related to there being not enough machines. As a dev myself, I understand that sometimes issues only manifest under certain conditions. The issue Blizzard mentions in that post where they found that their architecture for writing to the global database frequently didn’t work well is a good example of this.

That post was a great read. This amount of transparency exceeds my expectations. I’ll add my thanks to the devs here for working hard to improve the stability of the game.

I’ll save my snarky “if only we had TCP/IP multiplayer” comments for another time. :stuck_out_tongue:


They deserve no Kudos…

They tried to take shortcuts to save money using old systems for a new game…and you want to give them Kudos?

This topic has to be a sarcastic joke.


This is why they keep getting away with it. You are giving them kudos for doing less then the bare minumum. Their ‘‘servers’’ cant handle a game from 1999 and you are happy about it. Congratulations


To be fair, it is corporate that takes the shortcuts. Developers having to work around corporate scrooges do deserve commendations for navigating what they’re given.


I agree, thank you PezRadar/Team for taking the time to write out the detailed report, we really appreciate it. I was happy to read through it and see you mention that you are long time D2 players and want what’s best for the game. I really think the team did an amazing job on the graphics remaster. In fact so good that no one complained about it at all. Which is why a lot of us are passionate for this remaster and spend hours on this forum talking about it. Sorry if some of us (including myself) have been rude or frustrated in the past week(s). It’s easy to be disappointed these days in the gaming world (cyberpunk, reforged and all). I always refer to D2 as the Mona Lisa of the gaming world and I feel like D2R is the last chance to make the most of this masterpiece. Thanks again!


I thought this was huge. Detailing it out and saying where they’re going with this stuff is at least showing us there is some kind of progress. Not all companies would be that transparent. I can finally give them kudos for something since the launch, and this is it. Now they now the RCA, they have no excuse not to find a fix in due time.

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No need for the suck up. The outages should have been planned for its 2021. Its a 20yo game blah blah. Well hopefully D4 will be more of D2 and not that blasphemy that is D3.

It was huge but too little too late!

Number of copies sold is much more than number of concurrent players. It’s the latter metric that causes server issue, and there is no way to estimate it beforehand.

That leaves Blizzard with two choices: either (1) assume every person who bought the game will be online at the same time and allocate enough servers for that scenario, or (2) make a more conservative estimate and apply ad hoc fixes. They went with the more cost-saving option (2) and that’s what we’re dealing with now.

It’s still their fault for underestimating the player base. I just want to point out that number of copies sold doesn’t say much here.

Some of these people should be placed into a dev team just to experience how it works. I’d force them to work overtime to meet unrealistic deadlines in order to release an imperfect product “on time”. After that I’d force them to work overtime on the issues of the overloaded servers. They’d figure out quickly why the devs avoid forums like this. :joy:


Not to mention (oops, I guess I am mentioning) the sheer amount of crapoasting they need to filter through in order to get to the issues that need to be resolved, in which multiple variables could be the cause and effect.

“Buh but the Devs!!!” indeed.

Its failing so far… looks to be a terrible play over the weekend,

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^ Exactly this.

I am high level technical support (a step below development) and part of my job is to coordinate with development, online services, and our database folks. They all have to work in tandem to resolve performance issues with our product and I receive information on every aspect of it but cannot share it. To those in the industry this is shockingly transparent and thorough, the best you get where I come from is “we’re working on it”.

I have personally never seen a technical explanation available to the general public like this one. Overshadowing my frustration, I find their approach understandable and their dedication sincere. This is a huge breath of fresh air.

I work at an architect level for a large enterprise and we fix issues that have a significant impact on production within hours, not months. Our contract would get canceled and we would get fired if we weren’t able to resolve the issue within hours per the SLA’s.

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I have found that B2B vs. regular customer services are two entirely different worlds as far as expectations of timely solutions are concerned. I suppose that’s what happens when there’s no breach of contract or penalties to worry about.

It isnt hard to fix the server issues, it’s just blizzard are lazy. If we all REQUEST A REFUND OR CHARGE BACK they will lose MILLIONS. We need to DEMAND A CHANGE

I respect the developers but the company Blizzard on the other hand … Blizzard needs to expand their servers . Blizzard needs to resolve the new problems they’ve caused in Diablo 2 R. Their Public statement reminds me of A circus . They’re placing the blame on other reasons other then themselves . Months isn’t A realistic time frame to fix A product they’ve sold to over 1 million people .

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