If all players abided by the EULA, we wouldn't be having these problems

Keep this in mind before directing all of your rage @ Blizzard.

Edit: Some light into what is going on:


its so true, sad that people cant play and enjoy a game without having to try and break it to benefit from it.


like they don’t have resources to deal with any of it

they just don’t care, it’s all about revenue, profits and statistics


If it turns out to be their fault I wouldn’t be surprised.

Why haven’t blizzard told us what’s going on though. If it is somehow related to people cheating or trying to cheat…

Experiencing emotions like anger and directing rage on a forum because of a game, might warrant reevaluating the place you’re in


Of course you have evidence this is caused by external entities and would not make unfounded accusations, right? I look forward to you posting it.


They’re being secretive to not tip off EULA violators.

what you really hate is capitalism


hm, Well I trust your feelings on the matter since your a jedi :smiley:

Imagine you live in a crappy country. Imagine you have Internet access. Imagine you are half starving to death. Imagine you can play a video game for 12 hours a day and sell what you make to rich users in rich nations that have more money than sense.

Would you do it?

I sure as hell would.


Search the decades old popular “e”-commerce website for “Diablo 2 resurrected”. There is your evidence of some EULA violations.

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EULA is good for toilet paper not reading.

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If you release a game, and users exploit that game and you don’t fix the exploit that’s on you not the users.


If I had to guess, it’s because they don’t know how to fix the duping issue that was present even in early access. Perhaps it’s too many furry foreigners(CaddyShack reference), who are spam ult-f4’ing/rejoining the server causing it to crash? There are plenty of videos of the dupe glitch from early access.

there is a difference between “you hate capitialism” and “you want a good service delivered”

if i’d hire a building company for one of my projects and they’d have 7hrs daily downtime in a span of 7 days, they’d be bankrupt next week

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Items being for sale on jsp does not prove anything other than people like money and fools waste it.

I am not even saying what you claim isn’t happening, but without proof it’s just a claim.


Look at ebay, not JSP.

Wrong, I hate socialism. Capitalism has nothing to do with Blizzard being absurdly incompetent.


you can’t be legally compelled to support end-of-line software but after the games industry wanted to flip everything to ‘games as a service’ then it might be arguable the service disruption is partially the fault of the owner via neglect and a 3rd parties malicious behavior.

Diablo’s from the one and done era of games tho so your argument would be very tough.

idk were fine during Americas’ peak hours, its Asia peak hours hitting hard.

blizz couldve prevented this for Americas/Europe by not linking everything together :wink: