I always quit D2 for the same reason

And the reason is immunes. This is the dumbest game mechanic ever, I can’t play my character how I want, I’m forced to do some dog dual spec just in order to play the game at all.
Not to mention when Infector is dual-immune fire/cold, I just have to quit the game and start over and hope it won’t be next time.
I always level up excited when there’s a new ladder, go after gear, and always quit when I realize how dogsht immune mechanic is and how gimped my sorceress feels despite all the effort.
This game makes me feel weak and impotent, and I don’t play games to feel that way.


I feel the same. making enemies “omnipotent” is not a challenge, it’s unfair. the best thing they can do IMO is to make respec easier.


Waahhh… go play another game more your skill, and enjoyment level. Good bye.


If you enjoy immunes your bar for fun must be really low, I actually pity you.


I enjoy D2. My bar is perfect. Go find yours in a different game.


Now that’s a great idea, why haven’t I thought about just finding another game to play…? Or you can read my OP and realize that’s what I’m doing.


Do you take a bullhorn to the airport and announce your departure there as well?

No one cares, you dont like D2, for whatever reason, you want to go play another game, great, your choice.

No need to drag bunt on your way out.


Are you the forum police? This is the D2R forums, I’m allowed to post in here.
It’s called freedom of speech, and I have it.
Reason I post is maybe D4 devs would welcome the feedback/rant and not replicate this steaming pile of a mechanic in D4.


Well if immunities are such a downer for you then there are plenty of builds that can fit your liking, like an avenger or a bersker barb, hammerdins, bone necro, etc. where you can easily deal with no immunities to very little, easily manageable ones.

Of course you may sacrifice other things with those builds (clear speed, mf, etc.) but that is kind of the point of balance between builds.

If you any build you want to deal with any monster in the game at max speed this wont happen and imho it shouldnt.


Immunities have been in the game for years now why would you buy the remaster of a game you always quit because of something that has been in the game for years?


You’re not supposed to be able to kill everything with extreme efficiency and speed organically, either your build has to support that goal when it comes online or your build specializes in some other activities that may not include killing immune enemies. Most average players that rely solely on gear that they find on their own in solo private games are not going to be getting a lot of the stuff one would need, or have the know-how to plan for and counter certain immunities when fighting in particular areas. It’s fine to simply not fight those enemies and fight other enemies instead. There are no shortage of enemies in the game, nor is there a shortage of areas to find enemies that suit your build’s strengths.

That’s why you find a niche that your character is good at and grind it to get better gear - maybe that next rune will let you make a runeword that breaks an immunity, or maybe you’ll get a lucky equipment drop that gives you a huge powerspike, etc.

Immunes are an obstacle to overcome, mainly for the quest progression. Go for a build that can handle most immunity combinations in Hell difficulty in order to complete through the end of Hell difficulty. No the build will probably not bbqfacerollpwn, but it will get the job done.

After the quests are done, respec your character to do whatever areas you want, as your character will effectively be in “adventure mode”.


I don’t know what you’re talking about. As a cold sorc, I have blizzard maxxed and all it’s synergies maxxed as well. Yet I can easily kill cold immunes. How can this be!?!?! I got hyrda with the extra points after that. Merc takes care of them too. They are literally not a problem at all.

You’re playing in a group of people that all have the exact same element damage? Found your problem.


With any elemental build, a beefy and high damage physical damage merc is basically a requirement.

With a physical damage build, an elemental merc is handy, but often not required, since physical builds typically have an elemental/magic alternate skill integrated into their builds. There simply aren’t a lot of physical immune monsters in the game, but there are key areas where they are which can bring your quest progression to a grinding halt if you’re unprepared.

The introduction of “Immune” game mechanism force me to consider at least one of the following solution when planning a build :-

  • Include “Anti-Immune” skill or gear
  • Gears and skills combination should have more than 2 types of damage
  • 2 sets of weapons for switching between two sets of damage type

Somethings it’s a fun and somethings it’s a frustration to me, depend on how good are my gears.

People who complain about immunities have been spoonfed most of their life. I have beat the game solo with each character multiple times, every PvM build has ways to get around immunities…or you skip them and none of the actual bosses you need to kill are immune, life goes on… and how are you building your chars…? I hope you know in p1-3 it doesn’t really require you to max out all your synergies for just one type of attack like as if you’re playing against fully geared PKers…and if you’re playing with a group then this shouldn’t be a problem.

D3 has no immunities but depending on the elite pack’s combination of mods many of them are not worth fighting and people skip them to get through grifts more quickly yet no one is crying about that…smh…


So funny. Mostly one-element sorc players are complaining.
“Oh no, I cannot max out only 1 element and kill the entire game with one mous click”

a) If you want to go all in on ONE element, that is your choice only.
b) It is part of the game to find a solution for immunes. The game would be so easy without that.
c) Even as for instance a fire only sorc, you have TONS of other damage options. You have static field and a suuuuper strong might merc if you need to. Sure, you cannot kill hordes of fire immunes that way, but complaining about that is just…

Maybe you should quiet D2 then.

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Deck out your merc, problem solved. I solo ANY content as a blizzard sorce with no complaints, merc cleans up immunes.

Immunes make no sense, they should have way higher resistance to minimize elemental damage but not nullify it. It’s very poor game design. Game gate-kept again by items such as Infinity.

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