Have anyone tried dragon-zealot build?

Was exploring work on this and see how it work out in hell. If you do care to share your built with stats, skills distribution, items that you put on for this build?

Thanks im advance

I made one when my character was lvl85-ish… maybe 82-ish… don’t recall exactly. Certainly in the 80’s.
Maxed fire resist, salvation… conviction, holy shield and zeal, sacrifice were heavily invested into… and I always run some cleansing and redemption.
No points in holy fire, as, I had Dragon armor/shield and Hand of Justice.

I tested him out in acts 4 and 5.
Now, I like to smash monsters, so that is how I was playing… maybe avoiding monsters and running around in circles would have been better, but, why have zeal if that’s what you’re going to do?
I didn’t find the damage output impressive (for the investment), and, he really liked health/mana/rejuv’s… It was a lot of farming/trading and a few gifts invested into something that was, to me… meh.
So I respec’d as best I could to run fire and lightening, (dual dreams, dragon armor and HoJ) but, just didn’t have enough points to max anything, and then, zeal/sacrifice/holy shield really suffered in the points allocation department.
Even with that he was stronger than the fire only version… but still lacked raw damage and defense and he too was addicted to the health/mana/rejuv.
I sold/traded all my fire stuff and went back to dual dream-zeal. With that I was able to run decent fortitude and low rolled grief. This guy was a lot tougher/meaner than either the full fire build, or the fire/lightening build.
The dual dream guy works pretty good, everywhere, if I’m soloing… even up to 3 or 4 players he functions well… but in full games he’s just a Zealer with a nifty Helm/Shield. He gets Fanta from Act1 merc running a Faith bow.
In full games my pure Zeal/Fanta Character (Fortitude) is a better help/participant for the group.

I guess you could sum it up as, Grief+Fortitude trumps lvl44 holy fire.
Maybe if I didn’t already have those 2 items for my sounding board I’d have found the build more impressive.

Based on my experimenting, the fire build was the least desirable of the 3 zeal builds I tried.
I mean, it was certainly the most impressive show… I can’t deny that… and it didn’t suck by any means…

bit of a ramble.
hope it helps.


Thanks for sharing your experience on this. I did a test on as well witb act 1 fana on my fire build pala and it turn up the same as yours.

Didn’t really kill stuff faster than my previous dragondin with FOH as second elemental dmg.

Will respect my build on dream-zealot having fort, grief and gore riders, like your build it would smack and kill faster with fana and infinity merc.