FohDin Question

I wanted to make sure my understanding of the Holy Shock skill synergy for the Fist of Heavens skill is correct. It is my understanding that Holy Shock only boosts the damage to the initial target since everything that emanates from that initial target are holybolts. Assuming that is the case I don’t see the point in putting points into Holy Shock. What am I missing or do I just misunderstand the synergy.

Holyshock synergy is for the lightning dmg componet for FOH. Unless you are going for gears like griffon, -5/+5 lightning jewels in gear and griffon then you max out holyshock synergy for FOH. If you are just only needing the holy dmg component of FOH then you can just put 1 point into holy shock. The rest of the point you can use for other purpose.
Depend on what you making. A pure FOHdin, a hybrid FOHdin?

Check out my hybrid build here:

Correct, unless you PVP and need that lightning dmg

someone made a pretty good guide.

Lol issnt the someone you? hahahha.
anyway just wanna check. from your build you need to pump in skills points for prayer to match merc prayer level. means
20 FOh
20 holy bolt
xx to prayer.

with that number of skills point calculation i am left with like maybe 40-50 skills point left for other skills. its abit difficult to create a good hybrid.

What i am experimenting is build a hybrid that can clear mobs fast as well as the boss.
therefore need to go for melee skills for bosses which i think required fanatism aura for the dmg and quickness boost. from my build i switch between fanatism and redemption. and i only need 1 point in redemption to have the effect of converting corpse to life and mana which help me in sustain.

with the build you recommend yes it may be godly in having prayer, meditation and cleansing. but how about efficient in clearing both mobs and boss? how fast would it be? is it good hybrid for ubers also?
and for you build you depend on FOH to clear crowd and holy bolt to clear bosses. I have tried it and seems like the boss part takes very long.
I would still think that a good hybrid is important. even if you build could become a hybrid with those extra points but without fanatism aura when you turn melee or a good weapon and build with crushing blow i would guess the boss part will be slower.

but never in doubt your build have good survivability. and again we need to weigh between which and what we want.

are you casting holybolts on the boss. only holybolt, not FoH? Holybolt will kill diablo very fast. yours should be doing around 6k magic damage per bolt and hell diablo should die within 6-7 seconds even without your merc touching him. 12 seconds on players 3. If you have any crushing blow on your merc, then it’s more like 4 seconds.

If you’re doing players 8, make sure your merc is wearing Guillaume’s Face and the kill takes about 20 seconds but i dont recommend this build for players 8. Players 3 fast clears are going to produce the most unique loot drops over time.

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Hmmmm yes my holy bolt is about that damage. but seems like killing diablo in chaos sanc even 1 player is slow. compare to my smiter FOHdin hybrid build now. and I have tried holybolt on Dclone. not saying uber. just Dclone i cannot even reduce 5% of his life. While a smiter can do those damage on these uber or clone bossess. Therefore what I meant is not only looking at Chaos sanc. I want my Fohdin to be of better use and to clear almost everything.

i wouldnt go FOH holybolt then, unless you’re ultra rich. just go hammerdin/smiter.

If you got mega wealth then make a god zealer and you can clear everything.
with dual dreams synergies
1 point into

I have tried these.
FOHdin with dream
FOHdin with hammerdin
FOHdin with zealer
FOHdin smiter

so far i feel FOHdin smiter suits me and what i want. plus not only talking about diablo in CS. even in baal if i going to just use holybolt it will take very long to kill him.

Thanks for your suggestion. I might go try around more and see which is best outcome.