FOH Chaos Sanc runner. You need to evolve

So i’m tired of seeing these terrible FOH builds with conviction and Redemption and you name it, it’s bad compared to what i’m about to spit in your ear. You need to optimize, you need to git gud, you need to dominate.

So rather than explain to you how bad your build is and waste my own time, i’m going to give you my build and tell you how it is.

There’s two options here, the po boy build, and the royal grandeur de pallett.

Let’s start off with the po boy, which requires nothing more than an insight polearm. That’s right, anything and everything you decide to wear is just icing on the cake. What you’re going to do here is put that insight on an act 2 normal prayer merc. k good job, im proud of you. Now you’re going to want to respec. Respec like this:
20 holy bolt
20 FOH
20 prayer
20 Cleansing
1 holy shield
whatever else.
that’s it, set Cleansing as your main aura and go clear chaos sanctuary hell as if you were a javazon in normal cows. Use holy bolt on single targets, set it as a quickfire on your right click with cleansing.

Ok now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the best in show.
You’re going to dress your pally with the best, this isnt your mother’s wedding, this is time to step it up and meet the challenge. Now this isn’t cheap, but this isnt an infinity either. You’re going to need an insight and a Cham and an Um. Whew boy elon musk wealth i know. Also it’s nice to have some form of teleport to get across the river fast, those stupid baby bugs… i just want to squash them all.

k now, you’re going to stick that insight on your prayer merc, and then you’re going to make that Plague and equip it into your right hand. Good job, now go respec. Respec like this:
20 holy bolt
20 FOH
XX prayer <–come back to this after equiping gear and merc geared
holy shield
whatever else.

So put on your gear, dress your merc (hey why were you both naked?? :heart:) and take a look at your mercs stat page. Check his total prayer aura after gear +1 to skills. Is it 18? is it 20? So that’s our goal, we want to match our prayer equal to his prayer. So keep an eye on your gear + to skills and keep it equal to his. Plus skills is good for the merc, but not essential. If he levels up, check his prayer total and add a point to your own if you need to. If you’re leveling up, you’re not ready for this, you’ll be fighting to keep your prayer equal all the time, stop it. this is for like 85+. Okay so why do we do this. This is why.
You’re going to run prayer this time, and guess what, you’re going to like it. or else :facepunch:

I mean it’s obvious we’re running prayer merc for the regen. But this isnt your momma’s regen. this is regen on crack. This is the regen the energizer bunny lives on. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? Well that’s you now, you’re even literally using Plague.

So prayer stacks when the same skill level, and prayer in it’s synergy form stacks through it’s synergistic auras. it double stacks. it stacks on stacks. It’s like Pimp my Ride with Xzibit, but instead with Hazade.

Why is this good? Because you get meditation, you get cleansing to wipe curses off in seconds and i mean they go poof quick. And what kills people the most? Curses. Literally every hardcore death in history is some story about triple cursed amp damage ect, and you can dang well bet Lord De Sies is going to amp curse you both. Everything in hell chaos sanctuary curses. It’s like every enemy in there is someone on social media and curses are their political agenda. CLEANSING IS AMAZING. Get it on your po boy, or run it with plague. And when you do, your prayer healing is going to tick for a billion. it just spams. You and Hazade can’t take damage. SAY GOODBYE to potions. You might as well stick scrolls in those belt pockets.

okay you’re welcome. stop running conviction, dont let those selfish sorcs use you and tell you how special you are and then dump you anytime you need something yourself. THEY ARE LIARS. Conviction is trash for chaos running. Redemption is a waste of time. Evolve and git gud.


They need a LOL button for posts like ^^


Are you sure these auras stack on merc and you? How much are you getting hp per second?

I mean i frequently use prayer merc with insight on my merc with fo es sorc and it heals like 46.

I even tried to experiment with it and didnt get more like 60 when i was using paladin. But yeah i didnt have plague in hand and prayer on same levels.

So again, considering that you are right, it should heal how much per second?

yes they stack, anyone who says otherwise is a GIANT LIAR.

It took me a while to take enough damage to see what my character was ticking for to confirm my data, it took like 30 minutes surrounded by the infector of souls horde, but i eventually took enough damage to do a decent data analysis and the results are so.

There is a lot of variables that change the amounts per tick, so in order to save time i will give specific situations and results.

So an insight merc witth +4 skills that is not overwritten by a higher prayer with heal for 58 per tick.
If you match his prayer at lvl 22 and run with Plague you will receive 4 auras of prayer healing and heal for a tick total of 116 per tick. It’s like a Meditation aura for your health literally.

I decided to play around and just add some plus defensive aura skillers to my pally and just overwrite the prayer merc with my own lvl 44 prayer and i receive 207 health per tick total. I have so many points left over i put 10 into each resist for the passive since i also like to use Guardian Angel, so i’m sitting at 95% resist F/C/L and 90% poison. My holy shield is lvl 22, my FOH 38, holy bolt 38 and heals for 375-770. I’m kinda a god really.

For Chaos Sanctuary p1-3 full clears nothing is faster or much safer.


Seems a bit under powered and can only clear demon/undead areas

20 foh
20 holy bolt
1 holy shield
1 conc
20 hammers
rest into hammer synergies

Why do you need cleansing/heal in CS? you don’t even take damage in there. No aura is needed in CS, foh/teleport all you need, fast moving, fast clear. If you have the need to clear uber/dclone then put 1 in fana and smite them

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i’ve defeated better trolls, what makes you think you could take me down?

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I am not trolling, it’s the build I use and it clears fine on 8p CS

slower than mine in players 1-3 and slower than a basic hammerdin in p8.

looks like jack of no trades, master of bad.

if i wanted a hammerdin, i’d just make one, not a failed 1 conc hammerdin.
if i wanted a CS clearer i’d make the one i posted, there’s nothing better for p1-3 CS.

what you made was a cold potato.

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Why would my
20 foh
20 holy bolt
be slower than your
20 foh
20 holy bolt

You sound more like a troll more than anything else

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simple, mine is optimized for this job. there’s no threat of curses or merc dying and losing meditation. mine doesnt need pots. my build has a huge constant refilling tick of health and mana. it’s just go go go no micromanagement.

you’re is just a worse version of mine with wasted points and no aura.
what do you do if your merc dies? going to pretend it never does?
does you merc use insight, or do you mash pots all day long? swap to redemption every pack? k, i dont have to on my build.

i guess you’d have an argument if someone doesnt want to respec ever, but i still wouldnt use your build as a hybrid, it’s kind pointless to have 40 points into FoH/HB unless you’re specifically doing pure undead/demon areas, and then if not, it’d just be smarter to just go full hammerdin at that point instead of mediocre at several things.

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why would I need pots? I use Insight merc and I teleport, merc don’t die i dont need any kind of pots. I don;t need prayer since my health don’t drop

I do the same damage as you since we both have 40 foh/bolt, except I teleport and you run with prayer or cleansing which there is no need for it at all in CS since it does not slow my cast rate down.

The other difference is I can clear all areas and you cannot

oh i thought we were being honest, my bad.

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I am being honest, what kind of gear are you working with?

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Forgive me as I played HC for years but if you’re dying on a pala in chaos then you aren’t doing something right.

FOH dins issue is NOT survivability all palas have this.
The damage doesn’t keep up with Hammerdin over P5.

I have both with end game gear and Hdin is superior to clear speeds.

FOH is a blast to play though.

Conviction allows newer players to run through areas like Flayer jungle.

everyone says that and then they also say “wow this game is broken i died to a bug” and the screenshot shows them dead next to a “Fast Fire Enchanted Cursed Ect” whatever. Pretty sure there was even a lvl 97? hc pally streamer that died to De Seis a little while back.

My cleanseboy pretty much nullifies debuffs.
Running conviction in it’s place is just wasting potential. Single target FoH damage is slow and you dont need it for anything in CS.
If you’re in a group then none of that is relevant, there’s a million other options to be a support for sorcs… run conviction is you’re a support.

hammerdin is slower in p1-3, faster in 5-8. i think we covered that already.

p5+ is kinda silly to even discuss, you basically would be seal popping and boss killing, but if you’re full clearing then pally is a bad choice overall and not worth discussing for p5+ full clears.

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I don’t know about all that bugged stuff homie but I havent died in hc in years outside of pvp. D2r is actually pretty easy if you know how to group and when to group until you’re geared.

Most streamers playing D2r are scrubs, almost all of em tbh. The ones I have seen anyways.

No sir I treat P5 exactly like P1 on the Hdin and the clear speed is still fast. P8 even you clear champ packs out fast.

You think P5+ clear is a bad choice with literally the best toon in the entire game for clearing stuff out lol. What are you even talking about??? Hdin is broken OP in this game you have to be a literal potato to die on a geared Hdin.

hammerdin is slow for p1-3 full clears. hammers are clunky and their pathing is bad. FoH holy bolts literally kill the whole screen on accident. They auto-target and you couldn’t even miss everything if you tried. At p1-3 holy bolts kill just as fast as hammers, except they actually dont need to be aimed and have such a small and terrible aoe pathing.

not to say that hammerdin is bad for the job, of course it isnt, but in a race my build will probably do close to 2 CS full clear runs for every 1 hammerdin run.

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I have literally already said that P1 FOH is a little bit faster than Hdin.

Maybe you should learn how to build and play an HDIN before commented because hammers has NO issues clearing anything on any player count with good gear.

Nobody that knows how to play does full clears lol

You pop seals or champs you don’t full clear P1 lol you will literally never find anything that way.

FOH is superb start of ladder tho for chaos runs. You can almost run naked into chaos as FOH

literally the point of the build.

i mean that’s just goofy. why even play a hammerdin at all then? what is even your point? by that logic anything that isnt a zerker hoarker is just a waste of time. and even that is logically dumb, because just hack in some items on single player because magic finding is inefficient in itself. Ladder only? just pay2win through d2jsp. why waste any time “finding” items.

chaos sanctuary full clears hah what was i thinking. not like prime white bases and runes and the occasional item doesnt drop. you only get those from seal guardians, right? right?

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statistically anything not a horker is wasting time if you’re 100% after high end drops.

Popping seals does do a full clear for you. Do you even play this game?