Fixes for the over powered runeword spirit

Lets make changes to this over powered easy to make runeword that is destroying the game. Especially if they allow more 4 os shields. I know its a game changer and a few of you are so adamant about not letting it be used at lvl 25 for 6 of the 7 classes.
The runes Tal Thul Ort Amn are simple to find and some complain that the runeword would be way to power at lvl 25. So powerful it might blow up your character.
Any ways lets tone it down where it should be for a lvl 25 runeword. This is how i can see it with the changes that need to be made so everyone can enjoy this at lvl 25 and until they end up with their end game weapon and shield. No +2 to all skills…

Spirit Shield

Spirit shield would look like this
+1 or +2 skill to a class – varies
10% to 20% fcr – varies
20% fhr
10-15 vit – varies
40-80 mana – varies
+250 defense vs missile
+3 to +8 magic asorb
+35 All resist

Spirit Sword

+1 or +2 skill to a class – varies
10% to 20% FCR – varies
20% FHR
10-15 vit – varies
40-80 mana – varies
75 poison damage over 5 secs
3-14 cold damage over 3 secs
1-50 lightning damage
7% life steal
+3 to +8 Magic absorb

I think replacing the +2 to all skills with the +1 or +2 class skill could be interesting and if they would make more 4 os shields that could be used by lvl 25 would make this a fun runeword.
By toning this down it just becomes a mid lvl runeword that people will use to bridge starting gear to end gear but still will make it useful. Imagine being a Druid and rolling a +2 to necro skills. you can still use it but just dont get the + skill benefit.

Make this happen…


This is literally worse than whatever you’re trying to “fix.” All you’ve done here is make Spirit more annoying by adding rng to it for no reason at all. >.>





Dumb post. Kinda frustrating to see these pop up from time to time.


Haha! You do realize spirit shield is not + all res right? It gets the res strictly from its runes much like ancients pledge. It already has variables with fcr and mana, nothing to fix except adding either a skill tab or elemental mastery imo. Make it stronger not weaker please.

okay but do you think its fair to get best in slot caster shield for Tal thul ort amn?

without runes these are the stat bonuses

+2 To All Skills (absurd) ?? why is this even here with such low req runes?
+25-35% Faster cast rate(varies) 10-20 would have been pretty sufficient
+55% fhr (w t f) ( when maxing out 5 fhr is considered 20 life since it is compared to a small charm) so pretty much ~220 life
+250 def vs missile (because why not??)
+22 To vitality (more life?) (atleast 44 more life)
+89-112 To mana ( nah lets just give it absurd amount of mana as well)
+3-8 magic absorb

The game needs more mid tier runewords like Spirit, not less. The existing gaps between early and end game are already massive, and making them worse will make the game worse.


what?? making end game gear easier to obtain will pretty much kill the replayability of this game.

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They’ve been on a campaign against Spirit on this forum as well as PTR and in multiple posts.
Idk what the Spirit RW did the them but it appears to have been traumatizing.
At least it’s a break from nurf teh nigma & tehleprot.

If you’d been there around what? 20 years ago shouting against this addition and passionately advocating for a nerf at least once a year since then - I’d get it.
This is nothing more than newpatchitis and bandwagoneer syndrome seeking soapboxes.


Spirt swerds and targets make me jelly of upstart wizards and evil Druids Julius Caesar killed on site.

That why I don’t PvP with op cheater magic users.

Need a +2 skill melee damage cheap weapon and cheap armor too. Replace Myth hel rune with an Eth and that would be fair for Barbarians. Then make a cool + 2 skill weapon that increases hitting Dps so it be better than kings Grace and cheap too.

In the Marines I had a +2 skill weapon called a bayonet that made me faster and stronger when I opened MREs with it it also gave a buff to my ewww rahhhh ohhh pahhhh orahhhhhhh stupid motivating fake shout that I used before getting into battles to make party members angry at me and everyone else as they didn’t like hard core pvp

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Perfect. Everyone is complaining about a BoS buff that doesnt even make melee OP, so lets nerf spirit and insight

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Spirit is bad since it invalidates 90% of caster weapons… from level 25… How this is thought to be a good item I will never understand. Casters already fly through NM because of the lore/spirit/insight combination. 2 skills is too high, 1 is enough. Shield for non paladins is fine due to forcing you to have 156 str and lvl 60+. Only way to restrict it for paladins would be to increase the cost of it to lets say a mal rune. However probably better to just remove spirit from shield and add a bit of fcr to ‘Splendor’ so that Paladins could reach 125 break point but at a cost.

I would be fine with not 90% of casters using spirit shields.

the only nerf spirit needs its on the runes required
so add a mid rune to it and we are good to go

the same goes for insight

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Make both need a Ko rune :wink:

No you cant do that without destroying Low level dueling (30 lvl cap).

Ko is not considered a mid rune

i think the last FHR changes already demonstrated how the devs feel about the pvp
anyway, if this pass through (which i highly doubt) pvp should adapt the same way gear progression will have to adapt in pve

Players will always adopt to new changes, the same I can say they destroyed lld in 1.10 by adding Spirit :]

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Had me in the first half, where you make an accurate point about the resistances. Spirit shield is fine as-is and doesn’t need a buff.

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What really bothers me about Spirit isn’t its caster bonuses. It’s the incredible defensive bonuses you get for free on top of all that.

Faster Hit Recovery, Vitality, Defense vs Missile, Magic Absorb. Why does it get such incredible defensive stats for just a Tal/Thul/Ort/Amn? Then on the shield you get tri-res, which I know is unavoidable thanks to the runes.

Taken together it’s just all too much and it takes away from all the other low-mid level options out there.

Low cost items that have incredible offensive modifiers should not also come with incredible defensive modifiers. The weapon version of the Spirit runeword is the very definition of overpowered for its cost and ease of acquisition.

Ko feels too unrelated. You would be giving it +10 dexterity which it didn’t have. I would rather replace the Amn rune with Io or Lum and then get rid of either the Vitality or Mana modifiers depending on which one you used. No one would cry over losing Amn as it does nothing useful for the runeword.

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Why would anyone thrash an affordable, early game stepping stone item? If your complaint is its shield use well, you need to be a high lvl to invest that 156 str unless you are a pally. Sorc still has the advantage for start of Ladder, but I might roll an Amazon because its not nearly as boring as a squishy sorc or op hdin. The amazon makes the pvm aspect tolerable. Mavs frostmaiden ftw!

Spirit for sure isn’t the most OP runeword. It is BiS for most situations for casters, but it’s high str requirement means it cannot outpace enigma/insight/infinity/hoto/fort. But if people would gladly drop off the spirit and switch to splendor or lidless to save those other runewords.

It is hella cheap for being a BiS runeword though, it is a bit balanced out by the fact that the main modifier has fairly decent variance and usually needs to be perfectly rolled for maximum effectiveness.