[Druid] Bear form broken IAS


I just test it the Druid in Bear form and seems no matter how much IAS you have the speed is the same which is extremely bad.
Am I sharing only these thoughts or ?


Let others have time to test before giving you thoughts. I don’t know how you tested it, what is the gear and skill build.

What do you mean?
Phase Blade with x6 shaels and Grief has no difference is this more clear ?

I’ve been testing with my bear sorc. Confirmed trash. No amount of IAS stacking has made a difference. It feels like the IAS cap change isn’t there.


Maybe it’s a bug? It could be.

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Yes - it’s trash.
Seeing Dbrunskis WW with reaper’s toll is just wow.
And here we are living up to the town dump name with WB…

Kind of ironic that they boost FC and then just pull away the attack speed - the only delivery method for all that fire damage. How much DPS are we losing? 20k? 40k? …

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Oh no… I haven’t tested shapeshifting yet. I am hearing the wolf seems good, but I was maybe more excited to finally rock a bear. If the wolf is being brought back on par, or possibly even better than previous, why not keep the bear at least at the same speed it was? I’ll have to test later, please others share some stats and items if you are testing. This honestly could be a bug, and let’s get that ironed out!

Yea I tested out my offline bear sorc and it lost a ton of dps she lost over 100k dps with her current set up. I’ll test some other gear setups with IAS on gear later on to see if it makes a difference. Even giving a fast bear uninterruptable attack is pointless since you’re attacking 5 times per second and a slow bear with 3 attacks per second with the same gear is pretty painful to play since the clear speed was basically reduced by 40%. That’s basically like reducing a Pallys hammer damage by 40% lol.

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I think the problem lies with the EIAS cap, for bear druid it feels like maul is now an requirement to rav up the engine and get it going. Any other classes that has no way to fill the EIAS cap will be doing horribly, especially if that caster was originally a caster that already hitting slow with weapons.

In the past bear has its own attack speed chart so char like sorc and Necro could benefit from it to perform attack at a faster rate. With the new calculation all attack speed is based off the human form. That’s what makes it bad.

I think the solution for bear sorc right now maybe using beast as main weapon, allowing that lv 9 fana to provide some EIAS so she can attack at a faster speed.

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She’s using a 6 Shael’d Phase blade so 120IAS beast is way slower than that and the bear sorcs damage all comes from dual dream +lightning mastery as well as enchant +fire mastery +very fast attack. It’s just like you said that the sorcs frames kinda suck for melee under this new calculation.

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Bear does seem slower, I haven’t tried a 6sock phase blade though. Hopefully it will get adjusted so it can get back to the super fast frames it hd before.

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Bear has been nerfed.Weapons cannot reach 4F speed, they are slow
120 ias Phase Blade ,Weapons cannot reach 4F speed, they are slow,Hope the authorities correct it!! :joy:


Bear has been nerfed.Weapons cannot reach 4F speed, they are slow
120 ias Phase Blade ,Weapons Weapons cannot reach 4F speed, they are slow,Hope the authorities correct it!!

@filthierich @Hooley someone of you can pass-trough this to the developers?

Why can ww reach the IAS cap easyer than wb, when both based off of human form AS rateing?

This is sad. Bear sorc is one of the only ways sorc have to beat ubers without spending 20 minutes dropping meteors on Mephisto. I really hope the current ias for bear changes back to how it was, or my zeal / bear sorc build is wrecked, and I won’t have any reason to play.

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Wolf is awesome but Bear seems to be missing the new ias cap

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That’s what I am talking about!

Must be a bug cause it seems like bear has same speed as the first ptr

It’s because ww skill grants AS increas per level! So they reach the cap mire easily, because wb has no IAS from skill, that’s why they added IAS bonus to Maul per stack.