[Druid] Bear form broken IAS

This doesnt change the fact that no matter how much ias gear u put on wb or whatever weapon u use the speed stays pretty much the same so this doesnt really explain it at all

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As I mentioned before tested a fireclaw build with a Grief.
Also changing a Grief with Phase Blade x6 sockets with shaels there is no difference at all.
For the moment this build is entirely ruined! Again bear it’s not usable.
Has to be fixed ASAP.
We need to stack IAS from gear.

I know it’s bad. But they want the two forms fantasy to feel different bear is going to be slower but it’s dmg is huge and uninteruptable attacks and casting. Imagine if you’d also get insane speed? No one would play ww anymore.

Bears are faster than wolves, eh? Come on now. I’ve seen my dog try to play with my cat with his paws. Slow af. Find a video of a bear hacking at something. Fast af. So give werewolves run speed to make it different and give bears their fast attack speed back

Ok so if it’s bugged, then some one should write a bugreport or someting

I don’t understand your reasoning. Why is anyone playing anything different than top tier?
I play WB because I love WB. I’ve been playing it all these years even though WW is better.

And why are they changing the “fantasy” when the fantasy of a fast hitting WB with Claws of Fire was created by the game. It doesn’t make sense.

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I don’t know i just want it to work. So can we write a bugreport then or what? Some one who tested it properly and can write a good report.

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I started a thread in the bug report section. I didn’t go scientist on it though. I’m sure more comments are needed for tractions. Druid Bear Form

this still doesnt change the fact that its not as they wrote in patch notes. they wrote increased the ias cap from 75% to 150% and use the new attack speed calculation that was originally introduced in the first ptr and this is simply not the case here. If u go back and compare the current attack speed to the first ptr attackspeed where the cap was 75% u will see that its pretty much the same as it is now so something is definitly wrong. Its supposed to be 150% now but nothing changed

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Than it’s time for a bugreport!

I made a video.

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almost identical with the first ptr attackspeed with the 75% :slight_smile:

Yeah but the uninterruptable attacks aren’t very useful when they come as the cost of 50% of your dps and clear speed. It now takes more than twice as long to clear anything since you’re hitting less times per second and less hits also means a huge damage nerf. They would need to buff Werebear through the roof with damage to compensate and even then the bear is still clearing at half it’s speed on live right now.

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It’s unbearably slow.

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You test has flaw…

What you show casting could be explained by “39 ias and 100 IAS” doesn’t provide big enough numbers to reach the next breakpoint. Sound sad, but we have had people did the calculation saying if you want to reach max 6f under werebear in the new formula you may need a total of 1080 IAS. If that’s the case than while it sounds crazy and unbelievable, but 60 IAS difference couldn’t bring you enough IAS for next breakpoint is possible…this not necessary a bug, just super tough love for bear in term of ias.

And that’s also mean maul is now a necessary skill to warm up the engine just for it’s 3% IAS per charge to fill up that 150%…

No amount of damage can compensate for the loss of attack speed when it comes to clearing since u will be oneshotting most trash mobs anyway with a decent weapon it will still be just as slow except for bosses

Yeah and really only clear speed matters lets be honest lol. They could add a splash or adjacent attack effect to bear attacks. If they did that they could keep a slow bear lol.

Yup clear speed is key if u want the build to be competitive at all. Dont think they will add splash though

For the people here that argue blizzard trys to make the wolf fast but bear slow but strong attacks…

Have you ever played a melee class in diablo 2?
You cant compensate attackspeed with just stronger attacks - most melee builds rely on crushing blow and deathstrike - espacially CB. They would need to add INSANE amounts od damage to bear to compensate more CB proccs of the wolf.

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Ok. Something definetly not right. I used a 6 Shael PB, Treachery, Highlord’s and Laying of Hands i get to 160% IAS and it seems nice but it’s nowhere near Wolf form. Only thing made it going was Maul whit 51% IAS whit 17 stacks. Though Wolf form gets 73% IAS from lvl28 skill. But i don’t it’s right, something is odd whit the calculation maybe.