Diablo II: Resurrected PTR 2.6—New Rune Words - Has Ended

Hehehe the last one xD. Got a few others in mind too.

I like the runewords and I like that they are only a part of the content coming. I’m really hoping we’ll get offline TZ & Sunder Charms.

Any chance we could have a roadmap for the year or at least some Q&A session?


Just wondering how many people will play the ptr to test these runewords … lol

İmho the new rw doesnt really need testing

The druid one could use some testing. It’s not really mechanic that we have somewhere

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the most crap patch ever see in d2 … for now. I hope that they add more things in patch but i think that ptr is only for test new runewords.


items are trash, i dont get how a team of pro could think of such bad items, why is it so hard to just add a weapon for example that adds 6 to holy freeze so that people can finally enjoy new viable builds, way to hard right


I love how they point to us these level 35 crap helms are to be paired 40 levels later when you can use your sunder…how troll are these interns?

Blizz STOP releasing crap items. Even if we get 1 update per year, please use the yearly allowance of $3.50 to go towards developing QoL additions, lobby improvements & bug fixes, please stop wasting your time on balance of items and spells, we are now going to be 3 major patches in and it has all been disappointing, stop trying…


This PTR just showed us that they are trying D4 stuff in D2R, instead of actually fixing the existing issues in D2R!!!
It is just hard to believe that for months of work, this is the outcome!

  1. If you want to have new items, just fix the hundreds useless runewords and unique (even magic/rare) items… We have so many of them, do not give us more!
  2. Adding items with the idea to be used to pre-buff is just disgusting… it is NOT fun!
  3. If you want to fix classes/builds which no one is playing, just fix the skills (similar to how it was done for throw mastery).
    I do not understand why instead of adding CB to the bear skills itself we have useless pre-buff item?
    I do not understand why instead charge-up skill/finisher to have the chance to NOT consume charge, we have useless claws?

Requires each buff for Finish Move or Claw Mastery. 1% chance for each skill to not consume charged charge when Finish Move is activated.

Dragon claw 0.5%->claw mastery 0.5%

Talon -1 skill lv per 1%
Tail -1 skill lv per 1%
Dragon flight -1skill lv per 1%

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Agree with grandma…prebuffing sucks. It’s a hassle and doesn’t add any fun aspect to the game imo.


Love you post man. !!

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When i read these runewords i thought that someone maybe have put a vacuum cleaner hose under their noses and slurped out their last lonely brain cell

Useless rune words! Who will ever use any of this?

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If you think they are useless you’re not very knowledgeable at the game :slight_smile:

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The main feature of patch 2.6 is a timed and randomized 56 - 213 character captcha to create or join a game.

You thought Runewords was all? Shame on you!


I agree 100%. This is really important for D2R. All the fancy skill stuff should be in skills not in the items.


They are useless. 20 characters.

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A new class - bard. He has 3 trees:

  • swashbuckler
  • anthems of glory
  • hymns of doom

Swashbuckler is a tree with combat skills/commands for summons and 3 summoning skills: Summon Flying Scimitar (max 3) (they deal phisical dmg), Summon Flying Shamshir (max 2) (they deal phisical dmg and has chance to open wounds) and Summon Flying Phase Blade (max 1)(it deals random elemental dmg and has chance to cast random curse).
Anthems of glory are offensive and defensive buffs and also passive skills.
Hymns of doom are curses and ranged magic/elemental damaging spells.

Special items: bard’s guitars/lutes as two handed ranged item (shots unlimited magic tunes like arrows)

Bard is something between necromancer, elemental/summoner druid, enchanter sorc, caster paladin or elemental bowazon. He is very unique and important. Please think about this class and add it in 2.6 or 3.0

imgur. com/a/DD6nAAy

A new class?
A friend of mine had the idea to pick 3 skill trees to use. :smiley:
I just figured it would be broken as hell to give a sorc conviction for example.

But maybe there would be room for some combinations that doesn’t break the game. Multiclassing! Perhaps it’s a new tree for each character, putting some of their skills together in a new fashion. So you can switch out up to 2 skill trees for multiclass trees of the other characters.
Perhaps it’s just boring if you can’t use the OP skills… :smiley:
And perhaps they max out at a lower level than 20.
I’m sure someone has already made this idea in a more complete form. :wink:

Will current ladder only runewords be available for single player once season 3 begins?

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