D3 S28 Patch is insane!

Low bar or not, the quality and volume of content added is far above anything previously added. There is also the fact the D3 3rd expansion was broken down and its content was given out for free in future patches. So to me having a game placed in “Classic games” support mode has very little impact as long as its getting tangeable attention,


Wait what? Can you provide a source for that?

Rod Fergusson – Executive Producer, Head of Diablo Franchise
D2r Team:

Andre Abrahamian – Game Designer

Chris Amaral – Lead Artist

Matthew Cederquist – Game Producer

Rob Gallerani – Principal Designer

Chris Lena – Lead Producer

Maxine Virtue – Game Producer

As for D4, its worked on by Team 3.

Well hopefully the Vicarious Visions part of the team has the most influence over Diablo 4.

And why is that, exactly? The adoration VV gets on this forum is a little hard for me to understand. They were in change in the technical remastering of the game. Why should VV be in change of designing all aspects, not just technical, of Diablo 4?

Blizzard already had a ton of work into D4 and presumably tools and expertise VV does not (or did not) have.

I do not doubt for a second VV was moved to work on Diablo 4, but putting them in charge is frankly…well, it’s idiotic. Its an insult to people have have done years of work on D4, and it’s overwhelming for the VV guys to overload them with new tech, new roles, new leadership, and new team mates.

Honestly, for the simple reason that they have more experience with Diablo 2 dynamics so it would probably influence them more. The other side of the team is probably much more D3 and Immortal focused.

I’m not suggesting the people that have been working on Diablo aren’t good at what they do. They just have a set direction and I’m not so certain that direction is the best way to go. New blood with a Diablo 2 influence sounds like the better way.

I mean no disrespect to them. And maybe I’m completely wrong and they are coming up with an incredibly great game. I’m just going by the probabilities I guess.

You think having technical mastery/great graphics is the key to a game’s success? You don’t think story, itemization, challenge, systems, multiplayer - anything like that is important?

Personally, I would rate technical/graphics are the least important factor to a game’s success and the technical part is what VV did. I’m still not getting the VV idealization here.

I mean, I’m hearing “I like Diablo 2 more than I like Diablo 3, so I want D4 like that”, but that argument has nothing to do with Vicarious Visions. They were in charge of making D2 run on modern graphics/technology. Isn’t that what VV did?

Also, that ship has sailed. D4 is Diablo 3 combined with the lessons learned from all along the Diablo franchise - which includes both D2 and Diablo 3. Multiplayer Bnet, patches, new content, this was all under Blizzard’s direction, not Vicarious’. Seems unfair to hold Blizzard responsible for stuff you don’t like and VV for stuff you do.

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Well, I didn’t say that at all. I said the reason that I prefer them in charge is because they are more influenced by the project they worked on, potentially. Like you say, they were in charge of D2 and making it run better. So their understanding of Diablo is much more likely related to how D2 works, than rather D3. It’s certainly just speculation but it’s not baseless.

If my job was to look at Diablo 2 all day, and I was tasked with making another Diablo, don’t you think it’s probably likely that I would be influenced by Diablo 2?

I would give you that point; we do what we know. It’s the nature of things.

This I can’t give you. They have a technical understanding. They didn’t do itemization, system, class , loot or multiplayer design. To me, it’s like saying the people who designed the marketing of Diablo 2’s box are responsible for the game. It’s…incongruent.

Well like I said, all they would have had to do is watch Diablo 2 all day for their job. They wouldn’t have to have a technical background in it at all. Watching Diablo 2 everyday would give one an understanding of what Diablo is like. And if somebody who just watches, not technically develops it, but just watches the game all day, they may be more inclined to create a Diablo that is suited to Diablo 2 rather than 3, if given creative control.

All it would take is day in to out observation every day for your job. Somebody without any programming skills, that sees Diablo 2 day in and day out at work, would be more apt to theoretically think of Diablo in terms of Diablo 2 rather than Diablo 3.

Seems like a good gamble.

Cite your sources or don’t make random crap up

It’s true. 1.1 was Finished by the last guy standing on the D2 team before he went to another studio. I googled it, his name was Peter Hu.

D3 sucks who cares. Get that crap outta D2 forums

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Nothing is hard to beat in D3, really high tiers still needs some work, but killing the “übers” is basically first week after reaching 70 if your a casual, so <10 days from start or a lot earlier if your highly active, I usually entered endgame after about 2-3 days (and often was so bored I quit before the end of the week :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Just follow the season journey and you’ll get free set parts and sets are so OP in D3 that you’ll crush the ubers, usually on highest diff without any trouble.

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