D3 S28 Patch is insane!

Love it! Same thing happens to me w D3 and even D2. Looking at a loaded stash and knowing mules are pretty full, knowing there’s “work” to be done in-game… :zzz:
I call it Video Game Narcolepsy. Since way back in og StarCraft. I played way too much. The crunch crunch sound of the Zerg Drones mining crystal would just be a lullaby and send my overtaxed brain and body right to sleep.

Exactly. Nothing truly ever changed.
Just power creep.
I only stuck with the game because friends I made. I also do somewhat like the gameplay and it’s a familiar and easy game.
Rat runs, frenetic 150’s, gogogogo “Town is Lava” - nah. Never ever subscribed to that style of playing. It’s too PoE.
I go as far as I can and am 99% SSF.

The Meta: One major issue that made me leave for a while, was the Dev’s - They became Overlords and Dictators of what was hot and what was not. It was a major turn-off that content was gated behind Archon for example. I want to play a Wiz and I’m 40+ GR behind because I’m not using Archon. Bleh.
GR’s being a false progression model after all. The give us candy in the form of another 1,000% x dps on a set and we “think” we’re stronger because GR 130 becomes 135.
Diablo series and def D3 is quite an odd social experiment. From GAH/RMAH thru the present.

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Demon hunters rain of vengance build got completely reworked, image is the assassin MA build received a similar rework🥹

I want this so bad…

I think that is the general consensus. I hope they remove these two requirements. But yea, you are right :+1:

I humbly disagree. D3 team have been rocking it with the past few seasons.

What? D3 gets more support than any other diablo franchise.

If you dont like change just play non season.

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If they haven’t add more character slots, no thanks.

Which is just a 2x increase, from the previous 1000%

Let’s look at UE set buff: 350% 1700% and tell me again if 2x buff is a lot compared to this

Grim dawn, last epoch, even titan quest are all 1 time purchase, and their patch notes, are infinitely better than d3 patch notes. Just have a look and see how many things are changed in 1 patch note for a game in maintenance mode:


But I don’t say d3 team did a bad job, it’s pretty good chunk there inside the patch note, just that some other games do it too well which make the effort of d3 team pale in comparison

It is sadly, but I heard from people that drop rate is not bad

Yeah, eff that staff in particular

As if d2 is any different, cow level below 4min, chaos run below 2min, trav run below 30s, sounds familiar?

That’s some secret boasting right there I can spot hehe. Just kidding, my 5800x3d and 3070 can handle 144Hz just fine.

I don’t care that it’s a 2x buff. I don’t care about anything related to Diablo 3 as I don’t play D3 anymore. I am talking about the fact that waste set gives rend a 10,000% bonus to damage. Frenzy gets a 2000% damage bonus per stack. The point is there should never be any reason ANYTHING gives you 10,000% increase. That’s such a bad power creep it’s not even funny.

oh im well aware
d2 is even worse
its the same mobs and the same maps

it doesnt matter if its 350% or 75000%
its easy to nitpick big numbers and forget about the humongous difficulty scale d3 has
again, you can solo the hardest content in d2 with 24h of play time
try to do the same in d3

That’s a low bar. D3 went almost immediately into maintenance mode on the release of RoS. This is the last scheduled major patch for D2R as well. But apparently this very lackluster PTR is only a small amount of changes slated for this patch; the rest didn’t make it into the PTR, probably because they weren’t able to be completed in the last 5 (FIVE!) months, unless you have another theory why other changes were delayed?

Sure, the D3 servers are still up. Somebody spends maybe week or two (if that…?) working on the game itemization between seasons. I think the majority of the one or two guys still working on this game’s time is the coding on the seasonal theme, which is probably a big part of the season, but overall a small part of the game’s longevity.

if you mean just increasing their hp and damage values, while adding all the modifiers to champ/boss packs exponentially each GR you go up, sure. I guess you could call it difficult.

its the same here in d2 buddy, just look around

oh no, yeah its a simple mechanic
my point is, you are used to do ubers in d2 as the hardest content to do,
gr 150 in d3 is a another lvl if compared


This game required to kill the Blizzard North version of D3 which was going to be an open world MMoesque game to be created

Then it released as a flop that required a brick load of upgrade and a total rework of the game

It got seasonal themes and patches for years despite being a garbage game

Not really what I call abandonned lol

D2 1.10 was created by a single guy in like 2 months

d3 and D2R devs have no excuse lol

Something people need to be aware of is that the current PTR for D2R is a focus PTR designed to gather input on just the runewords. There is more that is coming in patch 2.6 than we’ve seen. We’ll get more info on that other content after the PTR is finished.

Blizzard was at least nice enough to stagger the D2R and D3 PTRs such that D3’s PTR starts when D2R’s ends. That way players that play both games won’t be too crunched when it comes to putting in test time for both games.

that’s just spin. This happened before, remember? The first season’s changes were so universally disappointing the devs admitted they needed to extend the PTR and do more.

The reason this PTR is shortened is due to D3’s PTR. They can’t realistically have both up at once without compromising the amount of testing time either would receive. Better to have two slightly shorter PTRs than PTRs that overlap.

Also, players are seriously setting their expectations way too high with this game. There is only so much that the devs can realistically do during a season, especially now that the same team is tasked with all three Diablo games.

Reworking uniques would have been much better than 8 random runewords

Is that confirmed? I didn’t know (but suspected) this.

Say this is part of the reason. I can see that, but how much testing data do they get or even need with 4 (and really, three) runewords? Hustle, Metamorph, Mosiac. Maybe Hearth needs CBF, but that’s the work of a moment.

Ironically, the fix to Metamorph is something the community has been asked for for YEARS. Casting spells (particularly teleport) while shifted.

what i dont understand is the need for secret
i mean…do they really need this extra time to see IF the rest of the patch is gonna make it? or is it just to produce some hype and disappointment if not delivered/good enough?

do you have any reference for that? not doubting just asking

I think it has more to do with Blizzard wanting us to focus solely on the runewords for now. There’s no nefarious design scheme being implemented, just practicality given the current assigned dates for the various PTRs (they’re still running two PTRs for WoW for instance - one for 10.0.7 and one for 10.0.5 so they can do regression testing for 10.0.5’s bugfix pushes).

MissCheetah would probably have the more concrete reference since I don’t have the particulars saved for easy quoting and she likely does (she’s a packrat, which is a good thing when it comes to support!). It used to be that the Classic team handled D3 and then-Vicarious Visions handled D2R. The Classic team has since been retooled and handles everything but WoW, which is still taken care of by its own distinct team. The formerly Vicarious Visions team works on Diablo 4 but also handles D2R as well. It makes sense to have a single team for this singular franchise to be honest. That way they’re all under the same umbrella and thus the same direction ultimately headed by Rob Ferguson if I’m not mistaken.

Hopefully MissCheetah has the missing links (no pun intended) and can more properly fill in any blanks I may have or any inaccuracies if they exist.

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1st, ty for taking time to answer this

but now im a little confuse

ok, one team for all “three”

who does immoral?

ok, everything but wow
does this means d3 is still with them?

and now VV does both d2r and d4?

my conclusion

  • d3 still is with classic team
  • VV is assigned to d2r and d4

That game has its own team + NetEase. Who knows how long that relationship will last after the bruehaha with NetEase and WoW.

There is no more “Classic team”. That’s what I mean by retooled. They were repurposed since all of Blizzard’s games outside of WoW and Overwatch 2 are essentially considered “classic” and thus all under the same umbrella. The Diablo franchise is under a specially purposed subset of the remnants of the Classic team from what I understand, with the members of Blizzard Albany (formerly Vicarious Visions) handling D4 and D2R directly. They’ve got some seriously good talent on the team as a whole so it really wouldn’t surprise me if Blizzard Albany is now tasked with D3 as well, but again, I suspect that MissCheetah will have a more granular breakdown of who does what than I do.

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hopefully MissCheetah will be able to completely clarify this