D3 S28 Patch is insane!

I recently saw the season 28 patch notes for Diablo 3 and I am simply blown away by how amazing they are. It has skill balance changes, item balance changes, game mechanic changes, added content, modified events, and superlative support. I’m honestly feeling a bit jealous of how much support D3 is getting lol.

I think moving forward we should use this level of quality, content volume and dedication towards all future diablo franchise patches. Absolutely amazing what the hard-working folks over at D3 have done. I truly hope we get the same level of quality and volume for one of my favorite games D2r.

Keep up the excellent work team!


It is very good and I likely will be playing it unless it overlaps with D2’s ladder too much. It has a cool side grind. Love that stuff.


Bodach, even my most ardent hatin’ D3 friends admit that at least by volume, D3 has set a good precedent for how a patch should look like. It has all the ingredients one could want. I mean wow, well done Blizzard. Looks like a polished work.


I don’t disagree with you for sure. It’s very encouraging!

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and all this from the “classic games team” which arent responsible only for d3

but im kind of disappointed that we didnt get a ssf mode

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Over hyped. Paid by Blizzard.


The Rites of Sanctuary certainly looks interesting.
A plethora of minor Seasonal-style buffs that the play can acquire and control 1x1 as they see fit.
No complaints there.

“Primordial Ashes” and Primals - My goodness they finally allow players to actually CRAFT a Primal. This was suggested - and derided - multiple times over the years. Pretty much this exact idea was proposed - Primal = X parts = reagents to Craft a Primal (or reroll via K-Cube with 100% guarantee of maintaining Primal Status).
Guess power creep to the 50,000% and 140-150’s being so ultra common meta Solo has changed many a mind or allowed for this addition.
No complaints either way. Still need to find a Primal to upgrade a leg to one.

The Nat’s set looks cool. Traps at last.
Unhallowed Essence - 1,700% up from 350% :face_with_monocle:
Though I assume it hasn’t been S tier for a bit.

Anyway yea - looks like a solid patch. Good for the standard 2-3 Weeks of play.


Horde of the Ninety Savages (6-piece bonus):

Frenzy deals 1,000% increased damage per stack. < previous value
Frenzy deals 2,000% increased damage per stack. < new value

oh boy, what an amazing power creep you have there /s

Jesus… no wonder rend is at 10,000% increase or whatever it is now. How is this riveting game play design? smh

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my last play are season 2 lol, i hae no idea the requarements of the pedestral is. all of them drop from regular / champion monster? hellfire amulet seems hard to get, i cant beat the uber solo

are this shrine will available to non ladder?

Wow, surprised no one has yet chimed in saying something about this not being the D3 forum…. Ahhh I ruined it! :laughing:

Yeah the upcoming D3 patch looks pretty crazy. Might as well go “all in” and smash the accelerometer to the floor as far as game pace before D4 releases. Heheh

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“Ladder” in Diablo 3 = Seasonal Mode.
Yes - this will be restricted to Seasonal Only.
Any issues you had waaaay back in Season 2 … the game has come a LONG way. Not saying it’s “evolved” or that it’s “better or worse” - it’s just…different and the same haha. Sorry that’s confusing.

Suffice to say - You can log in and be lvl 70 in a jiffy.

  • If you start late in the Season - join a Community Channel in game and request a Power Level(should you so desire) and you’ll be level 70 in 15 or so minutes(don’t request a Power Level in the first 1-3 days. People are generally busy with their own Journey).
  • Access to items is not an issue - you will be inundated in gear.
  • The “Ubers” are trivial unless you intentionally under gear yourself or take them on before you have a set completed. You will have no problem with them.
  • Once you’ve completed a Set for a Class - ANY set - your power level will basically skyrocket. The entirety of the game(outside of certain builds) revolves around Sets.

Anyway - if you do play, feel free to PM me in-game. I’m always willing and more than happy to help.
I don’t take D3 very seriously - it’s just a familiar plug & play game for me.


That’s what happens when people actually return for seasons.


This is sarcasm, right?


That said, I don’t mind being the guinea pig for a new type of d4 progression system, a la the seasonal theme. You d2 guys were the guinea pigs for the D3 reset talent tree system. Only fair.


h90’s buff is not even near raekor
so no power creep, barbs ceiling is not raised by that

just remember that you can beat ubers with 24h of play time in d2r
and you cant beat the hardest pve content in d3 with 24h of play time

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Yes, the patch notes are AMAZING! If nothing meaningful comes out in patch 2.6 Season 3 with the exception of these runewords, I will definitely give D2r a break and go back to D3. I cannot see too many people playing S3 if all that is being introduced are these runewords which will never be used in any end game builds.


D3 gets their biggest patch ever D2R 8 runewords.


The thing is, D3 is a polished turd. They HAVE to add to it and make drastic changes to keep people engaged. D2 is the oposite, the older D2 gets the better it is with little to no changes.

Diablo 3 will forever be a polished turd.


I would play diablo 3 except I played it so much for a span of years, it no longer even feels like playing a game.

I swear I just fall to sleep, its really weird.
No matter what the content is I just kind of space out and then drift off, making the game pretty unplayable…lol

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Sure you haven’t quoted the buff to UE set

No, in fact a lot of seasonal contents are seasonal only, as usual

Compared to d2r latest patch note, what do you think?

And most of them needs rework from the 1st look

In fact I’m not surprised blizzard chooses d3 instead of d2 as the stepping stone to d4. Total copies sold mean a lot.

P.S. Patch note is better than d2 definitely, but great? People for sure haven’t seen a typical grim dawn patch note. As least the d3 upcoming patch shows that UI is not that hard to change, thus the expectation of d2 UI change to adapt a currency tab is totally reasonable.

P.S.2. At least d3 dev has the gut to make new endgame powerful sets, as well as rework an entire existing set. Does d2r dev dare to? Druid set and/or paladin set anyone? And oh boy, natalya set in d2 is also a big joke.

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i don´t know, i am having so much fun with newly made phoenix dragon tailsin…
might stay in d2r like A GOOD DAMN SEXUAL TYRANNOSAURUS…

no the h90 buff sure is nice, so is the one for typhon.

i´m kinda turned off when i saw the required materials for the altar though. staff of herding, set dungeon, challenge rift… f those.