Can't connect to servers "Failed to authenticate please try again"

Receiving failed to authenticate please try again message when trying to connect to
I am connected to the internet and my account is linked through

I am receiving the same message too I just bought this game and can’t even play on my account I want answers

Yes, me too I have been stuck like this since 25 Feb 2024 here is my link try some of the things i have tried and they might work for you

and you could try this as well

Blizzard Support - Failed to authenticate. Please try again. (

it’s not game’s problem… Your internet has to “git-gud”, when you loose 2 much packets, errors like this start to crop up

It’s not an error and has nothing to do with my internet please read my full post and follower the link I left there you will understand what I have done through this process.

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