Can't connect to server after Switch Update

Same problem here. I can log in on PC but not on switch after I updated this morning! I don’t suppose there is a way to roll back the version is there?

Issue over while communicating with server.


Failed to authenticate

So does anyone think Blizzard is actually trying to fix console problems or are they just hoping no one notices while they only focus on PC.

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Same. Can get on PC after queue just fine, if it doesn’t crash right after…

Nintendo will issue refunds if you call and speak to a supervisor and explain the game is unplayable.

Sorry for posting links to my own comments, but with so many posts for the same problem even a community manager would capitulate.

First: Ready Stickys like this one…

… or look here >> V Can't login and no queue (Switch) - #9 by Geridian-21759

Second: Try this for Offline gaming, should even work on the Switch >> V Can't login and no queue (Switch) - #11 by Geridian-21759

Online mode will not work on the Switch because the Queue patch will arrive sometime later, as the community manager wrote in his blue post = Sticky.

  • Actually, Switch gamers are just in the same boat as all console gamers where over the last weekend.
  • But now the patch which enables the Switch version to handle queuing is not yet available. If this is due to Blizzard submitting it late to Nintendo or due to Nintendo needing time for testing, only Blizzard knows.

In the meantime, you have a little chance to connect to Online mode on the switch when the login servers for your region have no queue. This could happen when you try to establish a connection to D2R online mode, when not that many gamers try to access the Online mode at the same time as you do.

Greetings from me, a frustrated console player on PS4/PS5.

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The question is… what is Nintendo testing? Patch doesn’t even work. So clearly whatever the wait on Nintendo’s side is, isn’t for testing anything. The community manager message was from over 2 weeks ago… we have no idea what patch number he’s even referring to at this point. It was probably what was released last night, but not necessarily the latest which ‘may’ fix our ability to play on Switch.

I don’t understand how a queue is even a half-acceptable solution to their failings, here.

Just let people play online characters offline. At least folks can then have access to content they paid for while they sort their mess.


… And then the character needs to be synchronised from the console to the regional server, then to global server… This would cause only more issues then we have now.

No good idea.

Also afaik, the patch level of D2R on the switch is two patches older then on other console.

If this persists they need to offer a refund or something this is ridiculous

I think they need to offer everyone a mule full of high runes. And then actually say sorry instead of pointing out what caused different problems they did not anticipate. A lot of people love this game. I will be patient and wait for this to pass, however not everyone is that patient and that could have been a potential teammate.


Nah, a char file is tiny. Synchronization is across a cloud service. It’s nothing to update it.

You think so, but do you have any knowledge of the server architecture they are using? Me neither, but I know the server architecture in the company I work for. Even small tasks can create much stress on server, if there are many small tasks incoming at the same time.

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SAme here… not buying blizzard games anymore

Same on PC after update game doesn’t run at all. its a bummer my refund requests all got denied.

All of the Nintendo Switch users losing your minds.

You are refunding or (pretending/threatening) to refund a game where the fix for connection issues has been implemented On Playstation & Xbox Networks. The patch works.

You are quitting 10ft from the finish line.

You’re motivated enough to post but can’t hold on a bit more with actual proof of a fix working? It makes no sense.

What can be said except bye. We PS/MS players will be here killin demons.

100% the patch is not working for xbox and ps networks. Still plenty of connection issues

Guys, please wait for the D2R’s 1.0.66578 patch for Nintendo Switch. It should be out before this Saturday with queue function and you will be able to play online again.

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I strongly disagree. I’m connecting with ease and the number of posts from PS/Xbox users about connection issues has dropped significantly.

True. Even on vanilla release PS4 everything is working fine now with D2R online mode.

But when people are using toasters as a router with UPNP disabled and nothing on the router configured, they wil be confronted with disconnects ingame.

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