V Can't login and no queue (Switch)

Just updated today. Can’t login and no queue.

Its odd every morning around 7/8 am-11/12pm i cant log in online from my switch for about a week or so now. When i wake up at 4am i can log in and after 12pm usually i’m in no problem. Is this a common thing for you ppl too?

Yeah 8 am always gets me. But thats about the only time I have an issue

It’s Asia peak time and US before work time. is not the login que patch. 6 is. Switch was two updates behind.

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They added the queues to prevent morning downtime… now we have queues and morning downtime! It’s a 2 for 1 special update!

My game just updated and now it is unable to connect just gives me a internet error doesn’t try and I know it’s not my internet. They should allow you to boot it offline.

The offline characters suffer reverts also -_-

Guess, looking at the sticky is too hard for you, yes? :wink:

(Switch later) is written in the topic. Later = Not today. And not before today.

Same issue my system just updated Diablo and now I can’t play. They should have the option to boot in offline mode. So we can bypass the online proportion.

What helped before the new patch on consoles, was deactivating online functionality of the console, starting the game, starting offline mode and an offline game with an offline character, then reactivating online functionality of the console.

Yes, only a workaround, but better then nothing.

No… they should release the same patch at the same time for every console… this is fraud anymore. You can’t advertise an online mode and cut it off for a week lol and if you’re in a game on switch when the queues kick in for pc guess what… it’ll kick you out of your game and not allow you to play until the queues stop lmao

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It’s not fraud but definitely poor execution. Updates are always live on all consoles for Fortnite for example but Blizzard can’t get this right. Epic knows how to work this, wonder why blizzard just can’t do what it is the minimum work.

You are right, yes.
Blizzard messed the timing of the console patches and the activation of queuing up big time and did not have the guts to revert the activation over the weekend.
But as you can see, they didn’t care and gave no real excuse, only a general excuse like last time… so, they will do the same failures again and again.

Maybe blizzard needs staff from Epic or other developers which have experience with cross-progress and cross-play games, or they need a person who gets informed on all updates and lets no change happen if not all platforms can work with the change because patches are missing and stuff.

I have just bought the game for Nintendo Switch (v. And cannot even start it!
I have the same issue. I’ve contacted Blizzard Support.

Based on the answer, the Blizzard company doesn’t support any issues with games on the Nintendo Switch Platform.
They don’t care!

It is hard to say if the company is going to fix the issue asap or not. Here is the official answer from the support team:

“It’s a pity that you have encountered a problem in the game, however, we do not provide support for this device and the game on this device. Please contact Nintendo Support to resolve this issue."

I have also contacted Nintendo support and here is the answer: “We have multiple reports that the diablo 2 server is not working properly. We already report this issue multiple times.”.

Make sure to not let your switch go in sleep mode, i was 12 spots away starting at 100+ in the queue, now after my switch going into sleep mode and turning it back on im in 242 and the number isnt budging….