Bug where high level decoys are killed by a single blow

As the title suggests, there is a bug that causes Amazon’s skill Decoy to disappear with a blow from a monster.
Normally, the decoy is very solid, but when some condition is met, this bug suddenly occurs and it disappears, unable to withstand even a single blow from a zombie walking in front of the rogue camp.
I have tried to investigate the conditions under which the bug occurred, but could not identify them.
I have played the past D2X and D2R ladder seasons often with bow/javelin hybrid build amazon and one thing I know is that the bug only occurs in the latest ladder season of D2R.
I almost died many times in hardcore mode because of this bug. Please fix it as soon as possible.

Class: Amazon
Skills: Freezing Arrow 20, Cold Arrow20, Decoy 20, Valkyrie 1, Pierce 4, Lightning Fury 20

RW Edge / rare javelin, RW Splender
RW Lore
RW Peace
+3 javelin Gloves
resist rare Boots
resist rare Belt
+1amazon Amulet
resist rare Ring1
resist rare Ring2


Yes, I came to write about it too. An Amazon decoy dies with a single hit after some time of the game. At first everything is OK, but after 5-10 minutes of the game, the mercenary begins to die with any hit. It only helps to re-create the game, or does it disappear randomly and then bug dissapear decoy becomes immortal.


I second this bug which was introduced with patch 2.7

Up to patch 2.6 Decoy was very stable but right now it’s dying faster from a single hit than you are able to recast it. This is especially devastating whem your build is based on having a stable lvl 30+ Decoy which is supposed to have 4 times your life i.e. 6000+ hp who could outlast Valkries of the same level…

EDIT: just checked Decoy in classic. The bug is also there, regardless of skill level. It’s pretty frustrating when some normal diff trash mob can one-hit Decoy.



I experienced also this bug. Every game play it happens after x minutes. :-/

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I just wanted to add that I’m also seeing this bug in Offline play.


I am seeing this in non-ladder play as well. I haven’t played in some months so this is a previous ladder character now in normal play. To me it seems as though you only get somewhere around 50 Decoy casts before this bug surfaces, but it might be something that triggers it. I sure hope they fix it soon but since this is a month old now I’m guessing it’s not going to be fixed soon.

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I have also seen this problem. I’ve noticed that sometimes the decoy reverts back again to its normal? state. I’ve been in games where it has swapped over from not dying to dying in one hit and back again multiple times in one game. Not sure what is triggering this.

I dont know how long it takes for the decoy to die normally but I cant ever remember seeing the "good’ decoy ever dying. I’m only playing single player but I havent seen this even once and its taken a pretty hard beating many times.


I am seeing this as well. It appears to come and go more or less randomly as @Rosstralia reported. I do not know what conditions are causing it. This is especially annoying and very possibly lethal in Hardcore. My all passives Tankazon survives by having a Merc, Valk, and Decoy around. Taking away the only one I can actually position is a huge problem.

I will add that it appears to happen more often around bosses and champions but I still can’t tell the exact conditions.

So, after testing it, it seems Decoy is just bugged all around. This was done in single player on a 1 point decoy with +6 from items, total lv 7 with me having 1000 hp.

When first summoned, the decoy will take damage upto a certain unknown point, far higher than the total life it should have, and then, after reaching that unknown total damage taken, any decoy summoned afterwards will be killed in a single hit.

Allowing it to be damaged further up to another unknown point, by constantly resummoning, will result in an invincible decoy that will not be killable no matter how damage it takes, and only die if unsummoned or if the time expires.

As far as I tested this decoy will remain an immortal god being until leaving the game.

My guess? it’s total HP is not calculated correctly, overflows to negatives for some reason, and then again into probably billions of health points.


most likely. good thoughts. ill get around to testing it and figure out where the formula is going wrong. i’d assume it has overflow protection as most signed variables in d2 do (if <0 set to 0).

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It happens randomly I guess and sometimes goes back to normal. But on Hell is a real pain in the a**.

But what’s more annoing is that Blizzard never once mentioned that they recognize this bug and try to fix it. What the hell?

Yep, as of 23rd October, this bug is still present.

I’ve only found it turning up in NM onwards (so far), and it seems mostly connected with ‘underground’ style map areas causing it to activate, and ‘open air’ ones where it wears off. But I don’t play Amazons very often, so my experience of where the skill could potentially go wrong is limited.

This makes playing an Archer on HC very precarious…

Aye … i found the workaround to be getting Valk ASAP.

Just noticed this bug running hell pits. For the entire pit run, the decoy is normal. Then I wanted to run around cold plains to check for a gem shrine and suddenly it’s dying in 1 hit from white trash mobs. This is on hardcore so it’s a serious problem.

Still buggy in Feb 2024.

It’s not just high level decoys. I recently received my decoy skill and it has 3 points in it and I was hoping to max it out because it’s a very useful tool and almost free at that point. I play hardcore so it was distressing when suddenly my decoy could no longer tank for me.

Please fix this problem. Season 6 starts soon, so I’m hoping there will be a fix then.

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Feb 20 2024 - STILL BUGGED

I’ve been playing online Non-Ladder, mostly solo. Decoy worked fine through normal, nightmare, and Act 1 Hell. Continued to work perfectly through the sewers while killing Radament, but then as soon as I left Lut Gholein and headed out into the desert, decoy has become a one-shot chump. I literally killed a group of sand leapers near a chest, then popped the chest open while my decoy was standing there. Chest was rigged to summon a ghostly sword, and I watched a stupid chest-sword one-shot my decoy into the dirt.

I don’t know what the gremlin in the code is, but I haven’t changed gear or changed skill points. It just randomly decided to just not work. I’ve exited and restarted a few times, and no joy.

Still bugged on the HC ladder season 6. Can we get eyes on this please

For those curious Bonesy has done some research and provided an explanation on why Decoys die in one hit after patch 2.7, he asked me to post on the forums in his stead so I did so above.

Has anyone found any work around for this? This bug is still happening for me in single player hardcore. Same as all others mentioned, it starts happening in act 2 hell.

I found my workaround to be
a) once the Decoy bug starts happening to re-cast Decoy as much as possible until it’s stable again and
b) getting Valkyrie - by skill or Peace runeword - ASAP.

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