[Bug] Terrorized zones are not calculating hit chance properly

TL;DR my chance to hit a Terrorized zombie 2 levels above me in Blood Moore is 95% when it should be 83.62%.

Terrorized zones trash mobs should be 2 levels above you.

My barb is level 86, which makes trash mob zombies level 88. His AR with Whirlwind is 5861.

(TLVL = target level)

Hell zombie’s defense is: 1067

Chance to hit formula:

Chance to Hit = min(max(2 * (AR / (AR + Defense)) * (ALVL / (ALVL + TLVL)) * 100% , 95%), 5%)

(TLVL = target level)

Plug and chug these values:

2 * (5861 / (5861 + 1067)) * (86 / (86 + 88)) * 100 = 83.62%

Game was created on the level 86, so it cant be that a lower level created it.

Testing again

Current terror zone is Outer Steps. Same character AR, everything. (Note: these will be closer together since DKs normal level is 82.)

Doom knight, chance to hit: 80%

Doom Knight defense is 1837

Plug and chug:

2 * (5861 / (5861 + 1837)) * (86 / (86 + 88)) * 100 = 75.26%

As you can see, I should only have a 75.3% chance to hit the Doom Knight.

Now, let’s check the same calculation with defense.

In game chance for DK to hit me: 41

My defense: 7995
DK’s AR: 5929

Plugging in values for Doom Knight’s chance to hit me:

2 * (5929 / (5929 + 7995)) * (88 / (88 + 86)) * 100 = 43.07%

Shows that it should be higher than it is.

Now let’s use Doom Knight’s original level of 82:

2 * (5929 / (5929 + 7995)) * (82 / (82 + 86)) * 100 = 41.56% 

Which is a match of what i’m seeing in game

Not sure if this has any impact on XP gains from the monsters, as I dont have a baseline expectation of leveling in rando areas to compare the XP gains to (but I also assume someone would have caught this by now if it weren’t working).


  • Character screen is not displaying the numbers properly, but the actual hit chances on both ends are accurate
  • Levels used for calculation are the original levels, but levels used to calculate XP gain are the new ones affected by Terrorized zones

Also, (since I cant post links) to get the AR/Defense/default levels for these monsters, Google “d2 beastiary” and follow the Arreat Summit link - which is a primary Blizz source of truth for D2. Then follow act 1 → Zombie for first example, and Act IV → Oblivion Knight for second example (but look only at the Doom Knight rows)

I had screenshots of char screen too, would be great if anyone knows a way I can post those :frowning:


This is a known bug. The character screen shows monster stats using the monster level column in monstats.txt. Nightmare and Hell do not use these values, they use area level values instead. Unless the level in monstats is the same as the value in the level they’re in in Nightmare or Hell (rarely happens), all monster related stats shown in the character screen are wrong except for Normal (but also doesn’t show properly for dynamically changing levels, such as champions, uniques, or TZ in Normal).

Then why does their chance to hit me and my chance to hit them closely reflect the character screen? I.e., when sitting there, why does do they never hit me in say terrorized Moore, and why can I usually hit me?

Shouldn’t I see average reflect real chance to hit if the character screen is lying, over enough input?

its just how the math works. they have a base monster value and a multiplier based on their level. if its a monster with a low base value, the multiplier wont do much. idk how that has to do with what you quoted though