Bone-Mancer possible changes?

I was just thinking about this. But wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic if they were to remove the synergies Bone Wall and Bone Prison from Teeth, Bone Spear, and Bone Spirit and then buffed those three skills to compensate ?

I just feel it would allow the Bone-Mancer to pick up different abilities such as curses or Skeletal Minions or a maxed out golem all while retaining Bone Spear/Spirit damage.

Any thoughts? Has this been thought of before?

I believe the point of the max points in bone skills was to make the bone necy not able to use other skills or to sacrifice min max damage to get those other skills. This is more because the bone skills are direct damage vs a minion build or a delay damage build - poison.

Lets take a bone necy with +10 to bone skills (relatively easy to do), Assuming maxing the primary 3, 1 pt in decrep and bone armor, nothing more. By lvl 90 you have 35 more pts to put where you want.

If you drop all those pts into synergies you get a lvl 30 bone spear doing 2604-2758, 6626 dps at 10 frames.

If you pull three pts to get a clay golem and summon resists your bone spear does 2501-2663, 6396 dps at 10 frames. For a sacrifice of about 100 damage per spear/300 dps, you get a golem to help slow.

Taking 6 more pts (9 pts total) to get revives your bone spear now does 2336-2474, 6013 dps at 10 frames. For a sacrifice of @280 damage per spear/@600 dps , you get 11 revives and an iron golem.

I know I’m old school and I recognize that the current trend from the Devs is to give unlimited power to different classes so we can all farm up P8 without thinking, to me this is balanced. You can max your bone spear damage but it comes at a cost of minions/curses. Conversely you can sacrifice some damage to get minions or curses that will potentially help in other ways.

Now if they just want to unlock the necy so it competes on Mosaic level. Just let CE scale.

I have a full list of skill synergies here

I’ll summarize my bone suggestion. Basically the idea to make 3 playstyles of bonemancer. Bonespear, bone spirit and full bone.

I’d like to mention some other things to consider too.
The bonewall and bone prison are great crowd control and defensive skills btw. Also synergies have diminishing returns too.