Blizzard Respond To Server Issues


PezRadar crits you for Wall of Text.

Will have a read later in any case, im sure it’s all interesting.

I tried playing “online” last night started act 3 and I’m finding my way thru that overly large forest/marsh and BOOM, you have been disconnected… no biggy, i get kicked to my character selection, click play and I start running thru the map and i see the warp point, I’m just about to get it and BOOM, you have been disconnected… load up/repeat/ get the way point this time (of course its in a different part of the map) and port back to town and just about to id stuff with cain, BOOM - disconnected… I load up again (glad i have a ps5, it loads in only 2 seconds compared to 40 on my ps4pro) and run to omar to check for a teleport stick as im hovering over each one - BOOM disconnected… run to omar again - able to check his stash and ran to cain - id’d my stuff - started to explore the map again but this time the game let me play for over 20 minutes! I even got into the flayer dungeon and made it to the end of level 1 just about to go into level 2… BOOM disconnected… This time I gave up and went to play new world to relax. Not sure how new world came out the same time as d2r and yet new worlds is leaps and bounds 100% up/looks really good.

I hope d2r gets stable soon, id love to be able to play for just an hour without any loss of progress or disconnects. Although, I’ll take a disconnected over loosing items/progress, nothing sucks more when you get alot done and feel good about the stuff you got in the way of drops only to load up the game later on and its all gone and your back to some random time before

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verry bad DB design and they are fixing it by trolling the player with a queue?!


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I got disconnected once last night but that is because patch 1.005 came out…I actually had no crashes in 3 hours since the update was applied although in Act 4 I had a few enemies who simply would not die…they took no damage and I had to port away to a different area and come back to kill them.

To open this is a video game and I am not going to take it too seriously. However, if you are going to tell me that they based the whole always online connection setup on a 20+ year old framework and then were surprised that it couldn’t handle the load of a players that a modern day can bring, is kinda comical. So much so I may need to pay someone 10 cents to T9 text my thoughts on my nokia brick. Wait, that may too advance, do I need to bring in my screaming robots and use AIM?


sounds very promising! Cant wait to get home and give it a go and see if i can get thru act 3 on my paladin… those little shaman f’rs and swarm of pygmes nearly killed my paladin 3 times and i was even in “walk” mode on so i could take full advantage of blocking. I have to play extra slow since its hard mode and I dont really want this guy to die off haha. My luck we are only allowed 10 characters for d2r on console and dead characters count toward that number (lol)

@Vanegas No offence, but if you don’t know what you’re talking about, I suggest you don’t speak.

I’m not defending blizzard by all means, but as a developer myself I know how hard it can be to maintain a massive database. Writing data from regional to global database too often is a bad design and definitely created unwanted traffic so I’m happy to see they’re working on it to make the servers more stable.

The bigger issue is something else though. You can blame them for not anticipating a huge number of games created but hear me out. No number of beta players, pre orders or sales history can you give the answer on how to make servers stable for release.

Way before release blizzard said they are getting rid of regional servers, so people from Asia can play with US etc. I reckon this is why there are regional and global databases. It’s a new thing they created and it turns out it cannot handle huge traffic. People saying “oh it’s a 20 years old game and it doesn’t work!!!” have no idea about things like that. With expanded player base from pc only to 5 consoles in addition, new, badly designed system in place, and let’s not forget - ability to create new games without temp ban like in original D2, you can only imagine how much data is being sent to the global db in the end. Lots of people AND bots creating games only to kill pindle, exit within 15s and create new game. Number of db requests in peak times must be too big to handle.

And again, some are saying “this problem doesn’t exist in call of duty, you can exit and join games all the time”. To those I say you cannot compare the two. In D2R, one player creates new game every 15s. In call of duty, 30 players play on the server that exists for hours…

Blizzard made some mistakes, yes, and I’m still very disappointed with the state of this game, especially console version. Tons of graphical glitches, crashes, lack of lobbies, no mk support and other issues. Plus of course constant server issues.

Plus lack of communication… until now. I think we should all appreciate that blizzard for once explained what’s going on and shared a lot of details with us. Personally I think it’s a bit late, but all in all it’s a good sign, and I truly hope that once server infrastructure gets sorted, they will work on other stuff I mentioned earlier.

Blizzard, you made a good step towards diablo community, please keep it up! Communicate with your player base as often as possible, be honest and people will be more forgiving and understanding. And please, tell us something about your plans with lobby browser, chat, and mk support on consoles. This is second most important thing after servers issues. Crucial part of this game, multiplayer, is dead on consoles.


So your solution for people voicing their opinions and thoughts is…to not? Don’t wonder how something works, don’t try to understand or ask how and keep your mouth shut? I wish I could live in your world where everything is wonderful all knowing leader. Jeezus.


I feel you, lost a Jah rune myself :c :broken_heart:

Theres like so many bots spamming ads all over how not to crash?

Actually I would Refund and spend it to the Ghost of Tsushima DLC or Genshin Impact wishes or Final Fantasy 7R DLC or what ever Software that is actually working fine.

Diablo 2 at Consoles is a direct fck you in the face from Blizzard. I really would like to know, why they hate their customer lately so often.


So what’s their excuse for being down again, on the fourth Saturday morning in a row?

No official communication - not even on Twitter.
Seem like they put the same amount of energy in Game stabilisation that they put in community management - none.


Because PC can play with queueing. That basically means no issues to Blizzard. rediculus

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They probably shouldn’t have all consoles on a mega server for each region since they can’t cross play anyway, and should have dedicated servers per console per region instead…


The servers are not down…they are throttled to protect those currently connected. You are in a queue but on Console we cannot see that queue until next weeks patch.

But if you keep trying you will get in and then your connection should be stable. I’ve been playing for 3 hours now fine and it took me 5 mins to get in.

Five minutes for you, going on four hours for me and even longer for many others… this “explanation” is garbage boot licking, especially since they are also rate limiting connections for people that have multiple consecutives connection attempts. IE making games to quickly, or “flooding” servers by trying to continuously connect.


5 mins? U r blessed…mate. i have heard people tried to connect for like 8 hours and still trying…


Well from my perspective I only get a few hours to relax and enjoy playing and every time I go to play servers are down yes I expected some issues but wow


It took me 5 mins last night and this morning (I’m in EU) but now it is afternoon in the EU the waiting times might indeed be going up…I’m not logging off lol.