Blizzard Respond To Server Issues


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I mean, it’s good they finally have some transparency with us, but that doesn’t excuse the issues they’re having. We paid for the game to work, not for their development team to learn how to deploy and implement databases.

If Blizzard put the proper resources on this project to begin with, that post wouldn’t have been necessary, and it feels like a bit of a cop out to me. Although I am thankful that they’re not just brushing their hands and walking away from it.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for them to get through some online tutorials for this game to become stable.


Thing is it really doesn’t explain offline chars losing progression and shared stash and begs the question why they never prepared their server infrastructure during beta.


You’d think people at our age have developed patience. Nope. Spoiled adults complaining that they can’t play the game for a few hours or days. These things will be fixed, but it takes time and some of the players on here simply don’t understand the concept of work, and time. It’s quite comical actually.

This stuff bothered me back when I was 13 years old with nothing else to do. But now we have responsibilities and life. Life doesn’t revolve around a video game.

To people demanding a refund, it’s $40. Is $40 really that difficult to earn in 2021? That’s pocket change.


Dude, new game, 5 days we couldn’t play…when we could we lost items and progression.

Hardly spoiled adults…rather adults spending 40 bucks for something that has serious issues?

Whether we are 13 or 53 the fact is video games release from real life, they break us away from the troubles and stresses and for boomers like me who have kids, job, mortgage etc video games are utterly essentially to escape and recharge the mental health batteries.

Thus your comments are a tad out of sync to the audience of D2R.


we don’t need an explanation lol that’s just pathetic

blizzard is a multibillion dollar company with MANY release titles which almost all use networking features, these games and features have had years of testing and development

there’s absolutely 0 reason or excuse as to why they couldn’t get it right, not a single issue they encountered would have come up if they were competent in technical direction, they devs aren’t really to blame, it’s whoever their Technical Directors and Development Directors are


send me $40 then - venmo @mskaraman

when i was 13 i thought it was cool to tell people what they should care about and how they should feel, then i grew up and realized everyone has their own desires and priorities on life and it’s not up to me to get everyone to think like me


You really can’t anticipate server overload. Espcially with how many people I’m constantly seeing in the forums bashing Blizzard. We’re in a worker shortage to boot. So if you think you could do better, go ask them for a job.


Right so if server overload is an issue then stop people joining games like Error 37 like in D3 but that is not what happened…we got to play then got reverted and lost progression and that is infinitely worse than not playing.

If they didn’t know what server capacity is required then dont let the community play then mass rollback or fail to save their online save and lose gear and that is exactly what happened given their infrastructure.

It’s one thing to understimate the server capacity required but most will accept that if you can’t play but we could play and lost progression.

That is criminal and woefully inadequate and unacceptable.


i’m truly amazed by people with Dunning-Kruger

there are many ways they can anticipate population, the easiest being preorders and history of sales

blizzard has 0 worker shortages

i personally can and others can do better, doesn’t matter one bit that blizzard couldn’t do better,

you may have heard of this one game called apex legends that had 50 million unique users in the first 2 weeks and no wide spread network issues,

why don’t you ask them for a job? you can’t do better?


Anyone tell me why this game on console deleted my lvl 90 sorc today? or is there some other issue going on for xbox one

I’ve restarted the game several times and completely uninstalled the game and also unplugged the console for 5 mins to clear the cashes

sorry man she’s probably gone forever, i made a topic about how there’s 0 point to playing right now because if issues but it’s been buried by all the other topics talking about issues

just don’t play until you can visit the forum and see the latest posts are not about the game being terrible but just floods of trading, then the game is working

Thanks man good to know I lost a jah rune and decent sorc gear

From reading the whole thing, all I’m taking away from this information is they don’t have enough of anything and some things are doing too much. Like our characters being on the cloud, always saving to it when we bump in and out of games. All that character info constantly being pulled from whatever servers its being stored on. Mind everyone, I have no idea how any of that is set up, but would letting us have our characters not always being stuck online alleviate some load? I don’t know.

I also have to wonder why this is a problem additionally for consoles, seeing as joining games and having others join doesn’t really happen. I can’t sit in a game for ten minutes, drop items to mule, leave the game and come back to it like you used to. Once you leave the game its permanently gone. I haven’t played on pc yet, I would like to, but I’m finding it less likely now. However I have to wonder if this is still possible. If someone could clear that up for me I would like to know.

We don’t even have cross platform play, so my question is, are all the console characters info going to the same servers or where ever as pc players? I would assume so seeing as everyone has to link to Bnet, but if that is the case why would they have not created a separate storage for console info and pc? I don’t have that knowledge, so it could still be anything.

As for their hopefully temporary solutions, I hope those are just temp. It mostly just looks like them trying to control all our data is the problem. The cloud isn’t efficient for what they want it to do, and it isn’t for us. Just look at how Microsoft and Sony keep pushing for online streaming of games. Not everyone has fiber internet or is able to get anything close to being able to run those services like they think we can. They keep pushing for something that they don’t want to make, and won’t work for everyone because of it. At&t sure aren’t pushing to have fiber internet in my back country area, and they haven’t been for over 20 yrs.

Still not enough info about whats going on imo. Even if we are or aren’t privy to it.

***Edit - Forgot to mention how the response isn’t stickied to the console section, so the bias continues.



We are hating this game.


Blizzard’s response to this is like if NASA constantly had issues launching a modern drone 50 feet in the air… it’s unbecoming of their accomplishments and technical ability. This isn’t Blizzard’s first game and it’s certainly not like they don’t have 20 years of experience integrating with Battlenet.

The CEO of this company is a moron for not getting these issues solved yesterday. Although, we can really expect much considering they somehow didn’t think having their HQ in California that they could operate as a frat boy hangout and not get sued to oblivian over it.

You think you are the only adult with a life and responsibilities? You are so special and everybody wants to be you! I thought an adult would know that everybody have different issues and problem, everyone lives their life differently. Like most people, i like my stuff to work when i pay for it, specially when you pay 3 times the same game to play with other friends on other platform. If you like to give your “pocket change” to blizzard, good for you. But most of us like to have what we paid for. I want my game to be playable when i want to play it, since i paid for it.


Call the police then. What are you waiting for?


he was waiting for a time when you don’t make promises you can’t keep