Berserk Needs to Always Hit

Berserk needs to always hit. This skill should not rely on attack rating, considering that it is magic damage.

Along those lines, Barbarians combat skills, in general, need a huge attack rating boost. Two - Three pieces of otherwise useless Angelics set, at the sacrifice of other useful and important properties etc, should not be necessary for achieving satisfactory attack rating.


attack rating is such bs mechanic in d2, its the biggest reason casters are so good, they just dont have to deal with it

i say remove att rat mechanic from the game or give magic and elemental skills chance to miss based on energy


No, it doesn’t. Always hits is a stupid mechanic and should be removed from everywhere. Chance to hit\attack rating is much more interesting. It can be adjusted on the spells that are lacking the ability to hit.

Here’s an advice for you OP. Try Battle Cry. It drastically improves chance to hit the enemies.

Funny thing, melee fighters actually benefit from the chance to hit mechanic. It works both ways. Cast shout, then some taunts, and monsters can’t hit you.


no more than are harmed by it
this on top of chance to block monsters have


yes the monster block is quite awful and does feel unfair. I wouldn’t miss it. Animations and sound don’t really hint at blocking well enough

Attack rating or similar should be added to spells, that are projectiles, and don’t cover an area.

casters do have chance to “miss”. it’s call resist…

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why didnt i think that???

oh yeah, melee has to deal with resistences too


:thinking: :roll_eyes:

anyways, deal with your lack of attack rating and refusal to add dexterity the same way casters deal with resists, use a conviction merc.

let’s not even talk about the fact that you’re a barb, the class with the absolute best skill in the game to lower boss defense in battle cry… you should be ashamed you dont know that already, but now that you do, just apologize to me and never forget this conversation, simply pay it forward.

what a lameass game where one item is BiS for everything

the best skill in the game sure belongs to barb, but is Find Item, not BC

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Lol. Berserk was already OP as it was…then it got buffed synergy wise in 2.4 as well…yet it’s still not enough, eh? Also imagine calling Angelics set useless, +115 life and +2000 attack rating for an easy to find 3 item combo, some people man…how about use a Blessed Aim merc if you’re really need or want more AR. Hell, even A1 merc uses Inner Sight, Hell, even A3 merc can cast Enchant (or you could cast it yourself with a Demon Limb, anytime, easily). I mean, I would have taken you seriously, but…read all of the above. Sorry bro.

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Deadly strike has the potential to double your melee damage. There are also auras and items that grant enhanced or additional damage for melee.

no if you’re talking BEST skill in the game overall then that would be teleport and then static field second

Ä° think the latter is a better idea

Something like spell rating

And energy also gets a use

Ohh thats just stupid dont get us started on pysical immune.

The difference between max hit chance and always hit is literally 5%

On the caster side of things, every spell always hits if it lands in the vicinity of the target… Certain spells even continue to hit other mobs after it passes through 1 mob (looking at you blessed hammers). If you are going to make an argument about resistances for spells, all mobs in hell have 50% physical resistance. If you want to talk about spells missing, mobs can run out of attack range as well during animation.

Level 20 Breserk (+385% AR) + Level 20 Weapon Mastery (+192% AR) = +577% AR which still doesn’t allow you to connect on a regular basis.

You use howl to keep enemies off ya as a zerker. BC has a 3.3 yard range. You want OP to cast BC for each mob he kills? Which would normally die in 1 hit anyways? Effectively reducing his DPS in half? I suppose next you will tell Zeal pallies to use Conviction over Fant so they can connect more…

Sounds like someone who actually doesn’t play melee… :rofl:

Some of us play HC and have max block which means around 200 Dex and that still doesn’t even get you remotely to capping hit chance…

Yes, because lower defense magically fixes hit chance for melee…

  • Chance to Hit = min(max(200% * (AR / (AR + Dr)) * (ALVL / (ALVL + TLVL)), 5%), 95%)
    AR = Attacker’s Attack Rating
    Dr = Target’s Defense
    ALVL = Attacker Level
    TLVL = Target Level

Lets just assume you are level 85 with 2 angelic ring + ammy and +577% AR bonus from skills as well as 193 Dex for max block. Taking on Diablo in Hell (level 94) and you somehow managed to bring his defense all the way down to ZERO:

Your total AR would be 20242.
(200% * (20242 / (20242 + 0)) * (85 / (85+ 94)= 94.97% Hit chance
Now take into consideration that Diablo has a 50% block chance in Hell
So your effective hit chance is actually 47.49%

Diablo at full defense of 2534 in Hell:
(200% * (20242 / (20242 + 2534)) * (85 / (85+ 94)= 84.40% Hit chance
With block, your effective hit chance is actually 42.20%

Reducing his defense 70% (level 10 WC) brings it to 760 Defense:
(200% * (20242 / (20242 + 760)) * (85 / (85+ 94)= 91.54% Hit chance
With block, your effective hit chance is actually 45.77%

Without the angelic rings + ammy, your AR drops down to 6431, even with the 70% defense reduction:
(200% * (6431/ (6431 + 760)) * (85 / (85+ 94)= 84.93% Hit chance
With block, your effective hit chance is actually 42.47%

There is also the utilization of weapons with “Ignore Target’s Defense” which completely alleviates the need for WC or AR. Grief is one such weapon. It is also BIS for basically every melee build.

Static is capped at 50% damage in hell. Crushing Blow >>> Static

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Ignore targets defense has its limits. For one, it does not work vs bosses, or uniqe monsters nor does it work PvP. If you don’t like the melee mechanics, there us always Diablo 3.

It was a footnote comment after analysis of boss hit chance based on AR and WC. If it somehow implied that it works against Diablo than my apologies. The point was that both AR and WC become irreverent for most of the mobs in the game and they are only useful for limited applications when equipped with BIS.

Yes, because broken mechanisms shouldn’t be fixed. It’s not like the game hasn’t been dominated by casters for the last 20 years.

Devs should probably bring back Iron Maiden too right?

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No because IM was in place to balance the very OP Barbarian’s Whirl Wind on D2 Classic.

WW Barbs were never OP in Hell Classic… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: IM was a bigger issue for Zeal pallies than Barbs and even a worst issue for SS druids in expansion.

Prior to 1.10 there were no universal immunites and monsters had substantially lower HPs. Sorcs were always the dominant class for Classic.

Also, IM was removed in patch 1.13 which was released in 2010…