AVX Issues / Game Launches, then Crashes on Older Processors (CPU)

Funny how all the streamers and content creators don’t have this issue…


держись брат !!!

Im not a good technical person but i have made sure to update all my drivers, and did everything i could troubleshooting wise.

I would imagine that the popular streamers more than likely have new rigs/components. Would be why. Although a few of them did have the crash issue.

Has anyone tried reinstall?

As mentioned by other posters, the team’s identified the problem and is working on a patch for it at the moment. We don’t have an exact ETA on when it’s going to be released but it should resolve itself for most players with a machine that meets the system requirements.

Please note that if you do not meet requirements, the patch for this will NOT fix your crashing error. It is also only to address the crashes which occur before the game client launches at all. If you see the client launch (even with a black screen), you are having a different issue and would need to troubleshoot that instead.

Edited: Had the wrong link for the system requirements, sorry about that!


yeah no luck with that

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beautiful! sounds like i might play by tomorrow!

Sweet music to my ears after a really long day playing “update forum”


Not the game we expected, or deserved!


Thanks for the update.

Thank you for the update, but as Dash well said this is a YOU issue, so please fix the problem.

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As others posted, I’ve an I7-920 and have had no reason to upgrade the pc…I run SSDs through a PCI-express addin card to get SATA3 and bypass the intel southbridge entirely and have an RTX 2070 SUPER…nothing pushes the GPU yet…I do plan to build a new pc once DDR5 is available. I also put in a refund 2 days ago. I’ll buy if they fix the issue but refunded as I now have my doubts.

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Thank you for your help

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Thanks for the update.
Please give us an update with an ETA as soon as you can.

It is kinda annoying not to be able to use something you payed for, because of a reason what was not specified. Having a PC with 2 xeon cpu, 96GB of RAM and a decend 8GB GPU should somehow meet the minimum requirements, even if it is an old setup.

Thanks for your support. Keep it up!


You actually have that much RAM? That’s insane :astonished:

omg that was my first reaction too

If AVX is the cause and “System Requirements” do not fix it, can I still get a refund?


Many things to note here:

  • System requirements say i3 is minimun requirement and I have a i7-950, wich is better in terms of benchmark (but sadly doesn’t support avx, so it’s a trick question there)
  • How come D2R BETA had run on my pc flawlessly without avx support, but live client won’t? did they add that last minute? I can’t understand
  • I will have to check for every new game that comes out, even if I have the latest GPU, if the game has or not avx for it to run on my pc? Cyberpunk came out without avx support and then they added it on a patch later.

Props to the team that is working hard on this, much love, I won’t refund until if a later patch solves the issue :slight_smile:


I played Beta on this computer, no problem. Same thing, cant get the game to launch. So disappointed in Blizzard.

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